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The Best of the 2020 Oscars Memes & Reactions

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I love a good meme around here and awards shows never disappoint! The 2020 Oscars certainly did not lack for great meme-worthy moments – and you know we gotta share some of them. Here are the best of the 2020 Oscars Memes and Reactions from the ceremony. 

Oscar statuettes Oscar memes from 2020 show

The Best of the 2020 Oscars Memes & Reactions

I love awards season, I love memes, and I love when the two meet and make babies. 

A lot of last night was, “What the….?!” which is always the best response when millions of people are watching a live feed of your face, right Billie Eilish?

billie eilish oscars 2020 memes

Billie Eilish reacts to Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wig singing at the 2020 Oscars. Instant internet reaction meme from the 2020 Oscars that will live on forever.

But she wasn’t alone. 

The reactions as things played out, were, as always, entertaining. 

I wish I had a camera on myself to capture my reaction when Eminem showed up on stage, because it was a little like Idina’s. 

idina menzel oscars 2020 meme reaction

And it wasn’t the performance, and it wasn’t Eminem- I loved both. It was just… kinda… why?

A 2003 song (that admittedly did win an Oscar) plopped into the middle of the 2020 Oscars ceremony? Sure, why not. 

Life is weird, why not make the awards shows weird too, I always say. 

Why Eminem Was At The 2020 Oscars

I did find out why Eminem was this huge surprise- so here you go! 


Martin Scorcese Reactions and Memes From Oscars 2020

While The Irishman was shut out of any wins (and for that, I want to thank the Academy…) Scorcese was still the big winner of the night when it comes to meme-able moments. 

Like this for example:

Martin Scorsese listening to Eminem VS Martin Scorsese listening to the Best Director acceptance speech from Bong Joon-ho

This sight and sound: 

Eminem 2020 Oscars performance Meme

Received this reaction from the great director:

martin scorcese oscar 2020 memes


Where this moment- when Bong Joon-ho gave the classiest acceptance speech (and mentioned Martin, of course)

bong joon ho 2020 oscars meme

had Martin Scorcese reacting this way:

martin Scorsese 2020 Oscars

I’m guessing we know which artist he was more impressed by! 

More Memes From the 2020 Oscars

I mean, some of these from Twitter are just so spot on it hurts! 

cats oscars 2020 memes


bong joon ho oscars 2020 memes



who is Eminem Scorsese meme 2020 oscars




john wick 4 oscars 2020 memes


Did you have a favorite 2020 Oscar meme moment? Let me know what needs to be added because you know I’m all about the meme life! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.