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The List of Accessibility Features Available on Disney+

The List of Accessibility Features Available on Disney+

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Disney+ has a lot of cool things coming our way and you know we can’t wait to experience them all. During the Netherlands beta test of Disney+, a lot of great info has come out about the new streaming service. One aspect we were interested in are the accessibility features available on Disney Plus. Guest and accessibility guru Theresa Mabe tell us what she knows and why we should all appreciate the steps Disney+ is taking. 

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The List of Accessibility Features Available on Disney+ | Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast

Hey hey hey- we have a guest!

Please welcome Now Streaming Disney Plus’ first guest, Theresa Mabe.

Theresa is a writer and web accessibility advocate and educator and she’s sharing what she knows about the Disney+ Accessibility features.

What is Disney+ Accessibility?

From Disney+:

At Disney+ we are committed to bringing magical and inclusive experiences to all of our guests. Our dedication includes continuously striving to adhere to best practices and standards in accessibility.

We diligently work on improving our guests’ experiences, and work with third parties to stay informed on best practices and standards. We want Disney+ to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone! There are a variety of accessibility options our guests can use to enjoy the experience in the app.

Theresa shares more along with a full list on her blog: and

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