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What Is The Age Rating For Beast (2022)? Parents Guide

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Beast is a keep you on the edge of your car seat thriller! But is it safe for teens and tweens to watch in the theaters? Is it kid-friendly? What is the age rating for Beast (2022)? This parents guide will help you decide if your older kids can see this one in theaters.

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About Beast (2022)

Sometimes the rustle in the bushes actually is a monster.

Recently widowed Dr. Nate Daniels and his two teenage daughters travel to a South African game reserve managed by Martin Battles, an old family friend and wildlife biologist.

However, what begins as a journey of healing soon turns into a fearsome fight for survival when a lion, a survivor of bloodthirsty poachers, begins stalking them.

Watch the trailer for Beast (2022) here.

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age rating for beast parents guide. man and girl holding hands through an open window of a car looking concerned.

What Is The Age Rating For Beast (2022)? Parents Guide

Teens seem to love scary movies these days, and with this one reminiscent of Cujo (and starring the always amazing Idris Elba), they are probably asking to see it in theaters.

But is Beast (2022) ok for kids? Is this one kid-friendly?

This parents guide for Beast will help you decide if your family can handle the gore, violence, language, sex, romance, and nudity. We’ll also give the Beast age rating and age-appropriate recommendations.

age appropriate rating for Beast. Is it kid-friendly? parents guide. Man in car with a broken window behind him looking scared.


Beast does have some language to be concerned about, but, cmon… wouldn’t you let a few swear words fly if a lion was stalking you?

Of course, you would.

Some of the language your kids will hear:

  • g-d d@mn
  • h@ll
  • friggin
  • d@mn
  • son of a b!tch
  • @ss
  • sh!t

Age Rating For Beast: Is It Safe For Kids When It Comes To Sex, Romance, and Nudity?

There is no sex, nudity or romance in this one.

Age rating for Beast (2022). 4 people in a car looking distressed.

Is Beast Ok For Kids: Mature Topics

Characters drink alcohol and are seen drunk.

But the biggest possible trigger concern here is the discussion of the death of a parent from illness.

If your family has been through a loss like this, it might be too intense for children to watch.

There are some important elements to discuss as far as poaching and conservation as well.

Violence and Gore: Is Beast Too Scary For Kids Under 17?

This is the biggie: violence is rampant in this movie.

Animals are hunted and slain for their pelts. Guns and knives are seen throughout, along with a fair share of blood. Well, more than a fair share.

Animals attack humans, humans attack animals. Neither really “wins” in this movie as plenty of both lay dead or maimed on screen.

Is Beast Scary?

Listen, this lion is scary in Beast. And he’s shown with the blood of his victims matted around his mouth often enough to stay with you.

It uses jump scares to get you jumping out of your seat!

There are intense battles between the characters and animals.

Beast Age Rating: What Ages Can Really Watch This One?

Beast (2022) is rated R for blood, violent content and language.

So can your kids under 17 actually see this one?

Is Beast Appropriate For Kids Under 17?

If your family is into scary movies and doesn’t mind animals being the antagonist, this one could be ok for your kids.

Lack of sex and romance is a big factor in deciding the age appropriateness of Beast for your teens and tweens.

We think most high schools age 14 and up could potentially handle the movie if the above factors are not a worry for your family. Younger kids can handle it if the death of animals and blood isn’t a huge stressor for them.

It is predictable, so there are no surprises there, but the acting is excellent and might be worth a matinee watch.

Beast (2022) age rating and parents guide. two min outside holding hands up.

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