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What Is The Age Rating Of Ms Marvel? Parents Guide and Review

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We predict there’s going to be a new favorite superhero in your house when Kamala Khan comes to Disney+. Being a teen is hard, but being one who just doesn’t fit any clear boxes is almost impossible. Throw in a healthy love of an Avenger and you know you’re destined to be the weird girl. Before you let your younger kids watch this one, you’ll want to know the age rating for Ms Marvel- and if it’s ok for kids. This parents guide will help you decide if the newest Marvel show on Disney+ is safe for kids.

age rating for ms marvel on Disney Plus. parents guide

About Ms Marvel On Disney Plus

Marvel Studios’ “Ms. Marvel” is a new, original series that introduces Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager growing up in Jersey City.

An avid gamer and a voracious fan-fiction scribe, Kamala is a Super Hero megafan with an oversized imagination—particularly when it comes to Captain Marvel.

Yet Kamala feels like she doesn’t fit in at school and sometimes even at home—that is until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s always looked up to. Life gets better with superpowers, right?

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Get the best dialogue and quotes from Ms Marvel on Disney Plus.

ms marvel age rating. Is Ms Marvel ok for kids? parents guide.

What Is The Age Rating Of Ms Marvel On Disney Plus? Parents Guide and Review

Ms Marvel might be a new character to your Marvel-loving family, so you probably have questions.

The basics: She’s a teen who loves making comics, doesn’t quite fit in with her peers, has some solid besties, and has a traditional Pakistani family.

All of that makes growing up in a contemporary world a bit of a challenge for the headstrong girl who absolutely loves Captain Marvel.

When she discovers she has superhero powers, her entire world shifts.

Is Ms Marvel ok for kids in your household? Is it too scary or intense?

This parents guide for Ms Marvel will help you decide if your family can handle the gore, violence, language, sex, romance and nudity. We’ll also give the Ms Marvel age rating and recommendations.

Please note: this is based on the first 2 episodes of Season 1. We will update as we watch more if something changes our age rating and recommendations.

Kamala Kahn and her family in Ms Marvel on Disney Plus. Is this one kid friendly?

Language: Ms Marvel Parents Guide

Ms Marvel doesn’t have a ton of concerning language, but there are some phrases that might not make it kid-friendly for your family.

In the first 2 episodes, there have been a few instances of “Oh my G-d.”

There is also a moment when two girls say, “d@mn” at the same time, an instance of “bad @ss” and one instance of “everything sucks” and “cr@p”.

Overall, language doesn’t feel like a big problem in Ms Marvel.

is ms marvel ok for kids? Parents guide and review

Age Rating For Ms Marvel: Is It Safe For Kids When It Comes To Sex, Romance, and Nudity?

So far, there really isn’t any sex or nudity to speak of and we can’t see that changing too much for this show.

One scene takes place in a girls’ locker room, but the young girls are all pretty modestly covered.

Girls appreciate a shirtless boy who comes out of a pool and specifically comment about his appearance. There are emoji-type responses that go up around him.

There are some romantic storylines (a young adult couple is planning their wedding, Kamala’s parents joke about the kids being out of the house and giggle at the thought of some alone time).

Kamala and her best friend Bruno have an intimate conversation that hints at maybe something more in the future (at least on Bruno’s end!) but there isn’t any kissing or embracing between the teens.

And Kamala has a clear crush and love interest in the new boy in town, Kamran. They have a car date and hold hands.

Ms marvel parents guide: what is the age rating for Ms Marvel?

Is Ms Marvel Ok For Kids? Mature Topics

There is a teen party scene where kids are shown drinking alcohol.

One teen jumps from a roof into the pool which is clearly risky behavior.

Kamala and her parents- her mother in particular- bump heads when it comes to religion and the desire to raise a traditional Pakistani Muslim in America. There are discussions about religion and what it means to the characters as well.

There is a storyline where Kamala’s family history in Pakistan of war and escape that could be too intense for some children.

Kamala plans out an elaborate lie and plans to go to AvengersCon (also, why is this not a real thing?!) against her parent’s wishes.

Ms Marvel: Similar To Disney Channel Shows

If your family enjoys the pop culture references and irreverent jokes that you see on some of the popular Disney Channel shows, then you’ll find comfort in Ms. Marvel.

There are some jokes about things like joining a death cult and doing cocaine that are clearly teenagers pushing some limits and are not meant in all seriousness.

AvengerCon in Ms Marvel. Is this one safe for kids?

Violence and Gore: Is Ms Marvel Too Scary For Kids Under 12?

Please note: we have only screened the first 2 episodes. And the way the 2nd one ends leads us to believe the future episodes are where more of the “superhero-type action” will take place.

There are some very light violent situations that occur in Ms. Marvel. So far, there has not been any gore to see. There is a moment when Kamala is hit in the face during gym class and has a bloody nose after some bullying.

Some examples: a character falls from a tree, there’s a car crash, a convention center hall falls apart and is essentially destroyed in a spectacular fashion, drones chase characters through the streets, and kids are put in perilous situations including one who is falling from a tower.

As we noted above: we expect more on the intensity and violence to come in the next few episodes.

kamran in Ms Marvel parents guide.

Disney+ Ms Marvel Age Rating: What Ages Can Really Watch This One?

Ms Marvel on Disney+ is rated TV-14. It was originally given a PG rating, but the current Disney+ website shows TV-14 for the series.

So far, it is absolutely the most kid-friendly of the Marvel shows on Disney+.

There’s very little language, sex, romance, or violence in the episodes we screened that would give much concern to parents.

As always, you know your child best!

Photosensitivity warning: There are moments of flashing lights and strobes that may trigger some photosensitive children.

Age rating for Ms Marvel: can kids under 12 watch Ms Marvel?

Can Kids Under 12 Watch Ms Marvel?

What ages can really watch Ms. Marvel?

We actually think Ms Marvel is kid-friendly if parents don’t mind a teenage high school storyline.

Since Kamala is starring in her own coming-of-age comic, there will be teen-specific hurdles to tackle in the future episodes.

Kids ages 8 and older should be fine seeing Ms Marvel, and in some households, kids as young as 5 might find it entertaining.

Again: this is based on the early episodes, so you may want to screen each one before watching with kids in the future.

What ages can watch Ms Marvel on Disney Plus? Parents guide

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