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Age Rating of Spirited: Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

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Your teens and tweens might be asking if they can see this one. The star power is there- Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds! But can they? What is the true age rating of Spirited? Can your kids watch this one? We’re coving the 7 big things parents need to know about the age rating for Spirited in this parents guide.

spirited age rating and parents guide

About Spirited (2022)

Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) selects one dark soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits. But this season, he picked the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds) turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present and future.

For the first time, “A Christmas Carol” is told from the perspective of the ghosts in this hilarious musical twist on the classic Dickens tale.

From Director Sean Anders (“Daddy’s Home,” “Instant Family”), written by Sean Anders and John Morris, with original songs by Oscar winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (“La La Land”) and production numbers choreographed by Chloe Arnold (“The Late Late Show with James Corden”), this modern retelling is a sweet and spicy holiday treat.

Watch the Spirited trailer here.

parents guide spirited age rating

Age Rating of Spirited: Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

A new musical take on the Christmas Carol story.

Can your kids watch this one? What is the age rating of Spirited?

This parent’s guide will help you decide if your family can handle the seven big issues with movies and shows: mature topics, gore, violence, language, sex, romance, and nudity. We’ll also give the Spirited age rating and age-appropriate recommendations.

age rating spirited parents guide


There’s a bit of language- and almost language- in Spirited.

Your kids will hear:

  • @ss
  • d@mn
  • h@ll
  • pr!ck
  • b!tch
  • b@stard
  • G-d, Oh my G-d
  • F— not completed, but used in various “almost” forms (FO as well)
  • Son of a — not completed
  • @rse
  • sh!te
  • J@sus
  • d!ck
  • sh!t, sh!tty, bullsh!t
  • whore
  • Kiss my D!ckens
  • flipping off the camera
will and ryan age rating of spirited

Age Rating of Spirited: Is It Safe For Teens When It Comes To Sex, Romance, and Nudity?

There’s an implied sex discussion but nothing sexual plays out on screen. Some suggestive dialogue plays with this scene, however.

A man takes a shower but you only see his chest and head.

There is some kissing, but nothing super passionate.

A character grabs another by the crotch to throw them around.

There is no other nudity in Spirited.

Violence and Gore: Is Spirited Too Scary For Kids Under 13?

There are a few moments of peril in the show, but overall this is not what we’d call a scary movie.

The Ghost of Christmas Future is a little scary to look at, but he has good intentions and that goes a long way.

A man is killed in the movie but it’s not gory.

ghosts from Spirited

Is Spirited Ok For Kids: Mature Topics

There are a few mature topics covered in the movie.

Bullying, child neglect, death of a sibling and parent, and child death by suicide are all topics in Spirited.

Characters drink alcohol.

You know the drill: take a terrible person and show them what their actions are doing to others.

Age Rating: What Ages Can Really Watch This One?

Spirited is rated PG-13 for language, thematic elements, and some suggestive material.

So can your teens and tweens see this one?

parent guide for spirited

Parents Guide: Is Spirited Appropriate For Kids Under 13?

As always, you know your child best.

We think Spirited is best suited for kids 11 and up; possibly younger if language is not a deal breaker in your family. That’s really the most concerning content in the show.

There are no fully formed F-bombs or nudity/sexual content, and we think that helps make Spirited more kid-friendly.

age rating spirited

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