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Age Rating Of The Menu: Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

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Teens might be asking if they can see this one. The star power is there! Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy are starring. But can they? What is the true age rating of The Menu? Can your kids watch this one? We’re coving the 7 big things parents need to know about the age rating for The Menu in this parents guide.

Age rating of The Menu: Parents guide. Can your teens see this one? The Menu movie poster. Man in chefs coat in the center surrounded by people eating and drinking.
Anya Taylor-Joy in the film THE MENU. Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2022 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved.

About The Menu

A couple, Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult) travel to a coastal island in the Pacific Northwest to eat at an exclusive restaurant, Hawthorn, where the reclusive, globally celebrated Chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a lavish tasting menu for select special guests.

Joining the couple are three young, already inebriated tech bros, Bryce (Rob Yang), Soren (Arturo Castro) and Dave (Mark St. Cyr), an older wealthy couple and repeat clients, Anne and Richard (Judith Light and Reed Birney), renowned restaurant critic Lillian Bloom (Janet McTeer) and her slavish magazine editor Ted (Paul Adelstein), and a famous middle-aged movie star (John Leguizamo) with his assistant Felicity (Aimee Carrero).

Hosted by the immaculately dressed front-of-house staff led by general Elsa (Hong Chau), the evening unfolds with increasing tension at each of the guest tables as secrets are revealed and unexpected courses are served.

With wild and violent events occurring, Slowik’s motivation begins to rattle the diners as it becomes increasingly apparent that his elaborate menu is designed to catalyze to a shocking finale.

Watch The Menu movie trailer here.

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age rating of the menu

Age Rating of The Menu: Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

The trailer is intriguing and with a lack of new movies in theaters, it’s likely on your teens radar.

Can your kids watch this one? What is the age rating of The Menu?

This parent’s guide will help you decide if your family can handle the seven big issues with movies and shows: mature topics, gore, violence, language, sex, romance, and nudity. We’ll also give The Menu age rating and age-appropriate recommendations.

one of the courses from The Menu age rating


Language is a big issue in The Menu.

If your family does not like hearing swear words, then you can let the kids know that The Menu is not kid-friendly for them.

Your kids will hear:

  • F@ck and its derivatives more than 20 times. We stopped counting after 20 minutes. Ahem.
  • sh!t
  • J@sus, J@sus Chr!st
  • b!tches
  • h@ll
  • G-d d@mn, oh my g-d
  • @ss and @sshole
  • pr!ck
  • wh@re
the menu age rating

Age Rating of The Menu: Is It Safe For Teens When It Comes To Sex, Romance, and Nudity?

There is no sex, romance or nudity in The Menu.

There is, however, discussions of sexual situations.

A character is discovered to be a sex worker and she discusses a client masturbating in front of her. Incest and adultery are also plot points in the movie pertaining to sex.

the menu age rating . Man and woman standing together talking.

Violence and Gore: Is The Menu Too Scary For Kids Under 17?

This is a thriller and there are violent and bloody scenes.

The gore is not off the charts, however.

Characters are chased, held captive, mutilated, and killed on screen in a variety of ways.

Guns and knives are the primary weapons used in these moments, with a fair amount of realistic blood resulting from their use.

The Menu has some scary moments but not in a traditional horror film way. We don’t want to give away too much by way of the plot so we’re going to leave it at this.

the menu parents guide. Guests walk through a garden during daylight.

Is The Menu Ok For Kids: Mature Topics

The Menu has some moments that parents should be aware of that could be triggering.

As mentioned above, there are sexual discussions in the movie. It’s not very detailed or drawn out, but your kids will hear about the sex work profession.

There are also multiple incidences of murder and suicide in the movie.

age rating of the menu

Age Rating Of The Menu: What Ages Can Really Watch This One?

The Menu is Rated R for violence, gore, and language.

Is The Menu appropriate for kids under 17?

Parents Guide: Is The Menu Appropriate For Kids Under 17?

The Menu isn’t too sexual or even too gory for a somewhat horror movie.

We hesitate to call it a horror film because while it checks some of the boxes, it doesn’t feel like one in the end.

If your kids are in high school or even mature middle school aged, we think they could handle The Menu *if* the language and general violence and gore issues aren’t a hard no for you.

Out of all the thrillers and horror movies we’ve seen in 2022, we rank The Menu up there as one of the most entertaining and clever movies of the year.

a parents guide the menu

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