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Age Rating of Willow (1988): Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

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Willow, an 80’s Gen-X parent favorite, is getting a Disney+ reboot. You may want to watch this one with your kids, starting with a re-watch of the 1988 original movie. It’s rated PG which means Willow (1988) should be safe for kids. But is it? 1988 PG movies are very different than 2022 PG movies. What is the true age rating of Willow (1988)? Can your kids watch this one? We’re coving the 7 big things parents need to know about the age rating for Willow (1988) in this parents guide.

willow 1988 parents guide

Age rating of Willow (1988) parents guide.

About Willow (1988)

A young farmer is chosen to undertake a perilous journey in order to protect a special baby from an evil queen.

Starring Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Warwick Davis.

Watch the Willow (1988) trailer here.

age rating willow 1988 parents guide

Age Rating of Willow (1988): Parents Guide (7 Big Things)

We all have fond memories of the 80s, especially the movies.

But as parents, maybe we need to take a second look before allowing our kids to watch some of the PG rated movies from back then.

With Willow coming to Disney+, this is one of those movies you may have some nostalgia for.

Can your kids watch this one? What is the age rating of Willow (1988)?

This parent’s guide will help you decide if your family can handle the seven big issues with movies and shows: mature topics, gore, violence, language, sex, romance, and nudity. We’ll also give the Willow (1988) age rating and age-appropriate recommendations.

willow age rating 1988 movie val kilmer


There’s not too much by way of concerning language in Willow (1988).

Your kids will hear some slurs and unkind things towards Willow and his people, the Nelwyns.

They will also hear h@ll and jack@ass

Age Rating of Willow (1988): Is It Safe For Teens When It Comes To Sex, Romance, and Nudity?

There are a few moments that may have your young kids asking questions or seeking explanations.

There are some kisses between the characters.

One character is having an affair with a married woman. When her husband finds them together, he mistakes the man who has dressed as a woman for a disguise.

The husband says, “Want to breed?” and gropes the man in costume. He says this in full view of his wife.

There is some romance and a love story involved in the plot. But there is no nudity in Willow (1988).

queen willow 1988 parents guide

Violence and Gore: Is Willow (1988) Too Scary For Kids Under 8?

Willow is fairly intense as it’s a dark fantasy.

We seemed to love that kind of thing back in the 80s!

Willow has some scenes that may be too scary for kids under 8.

The opening has a description in text telling the background and states that the queen is out to kill the baby. The opening scenes include the queen, in fact, trying to kill a baby.

A baby is secreted away and separated from her mother.

While Willow is relatively bloodless, there are some big fight scenes and deaths that are fairly gruesome to watch.

A woman is mauled to death in the distance. A dog-like creature is stabbed multiple times on screen, there are deaths with arrows, swords, knives, hot tar, and dragon attacks.

A troll meets a pretty disgusting end via a two-headed dragon who bites the body in half.

There are certainly some concerning imagery and deaths that could make Willow too scary for kids under 8.

age rating Willow 1988

Is Willow (1988) Ok For Kids: Mature Topics

The plot revolves around a queen who is seeking to kill a baby. That can be pretty intense for some kids to take in.

There is a scene where the characters are drinking alcohol in a pub.

You’ll also see some potty humor with puking, peeing, and animal poop jokes.

Willow (1988) Age Rating: What Ages Can Really Watch This One?

Willow is rated PG for mild language, sex references, and fantasy violence.

Can your younger kids see this one?

Parents Guide: Is Willow (1988) Appropriate For Kids Under 8?

Willow is a fairly family-friendly movie, as long as your kids don’t get too scared by the darker fantasy elements.

We think kids 7 and up should be fine, and younger may be ok as long as they do not scare too easily.

The biggest issue is that Willow (1988) runs just over 2 hours, which may be a pretty long movie night for a little kid. But thanks to streaming, you can always pause and come back to it as needed.

age rating willow 1988

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