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Avengers: Assemble! All the Marvel Movies On Disney+ Day 1

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Fangirling the MCU is something I take seriously- like it’s my job. Okay, so it kinda is, and my job is about to get a whole lot easier with Disney+ streaming service. The Marvel movies are coming to Disney+ and that means I’ll have (most) of my faves all in one place. Here are all the Marvel movies coming to Disney Plus on Day 1 (and I’m including the new Marvel Disney+ shows, too!). And if you need a parents guide to Disney+, I have that covered too. 

The Infinity Saga Logo announced at Marvel Panel San Diego Comic Con

You know the age-old family battle over family movie night? At my house it goes something like this:

The little kids want a cartoon like Ralph Breaks the Internet, the older kids are hoping for something like Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, the husband is into weird (nothing was weirder than Joker, y’all!) and I just want something we can all enjoy.

Avengers: Assemble on my TV, please! 

And thanks to Disney+, it’s about to get much easier. 

Iron Man movie poster coming to Disney Plus Day 1

Avengers: Assemble! All the Marvel Movies Coming To Disney+

Just announced is the list of all the Marvel movies coming to Disney Plus starting tomorrow. 

This includes Expanding the Universe, the original series coming to the service. 

Ready to watch the Marvel Movies in order? Check that post for the proper timeline and sit down with Disney+ for your Marvel Movie Marathon. 

Day 1 Disney+ Marvel Movies

Captain America Civil War movie poster coming to Disney Plus day 1

  • Avengers Age of Ultron
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Thor
  • Doctor Strange
  • Captain America Winter Soldier
  • Iron Man 2

Ant Man Poster Marvel movies coming to Disney Plus Day 1

Marvel's Expanding the Universe coming to Disney Plus Day 1

When Are The Disney+ Marvel Movies Releasing?

We have to be patient for these, but they are coming. 

Here’s the full timeline of Disney+ Marvel shows coming to the streaming service.

Things are about to get GOOD, y’all! 

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