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Award For Best Dad Quotes From Defending Jacob Goes To…

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Are there memorable dad lines and quotes in Defending Jacob? Absolutely. And any parent will attest that the writing and deliverly of these quotes is award worthy. These are the best quotes from Defending Jacob. 

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Award For Best Dad Quotes From Defending Jacob Goes To…

Chris Evans. Of course. 

What’s hotter than Chris Evans in a beard?

Dad Chris Evans.

Who knew?

While the entire series has minor issues and might not be *the best* thing on TV right now, the performance by Evans as a conflicted father struck a chord with me as a parent of teens. 

Side note: Teens are haaaaarrd, y’all. In case you haven’t gotten there just yet. 

And Evans- not a father himself- totally embodied that conflict and teen parent struggle.

It’s a powerful performance- but is Defending Jacob safe for kids? Read that parent review if you need to determine if this one is right for your teens to watch. 

Here are the best dad quotes from Defending Jacob that made me fangirl Chris Evans even a bit more than I already do.

Is Defending Jacob safe for kids? Parent review

Emotional Defending Jacob Quotes and Moments From Chris Evans

1. Why would you ask me? – Jacob
Because I have too. -Andy

2. I was protecting him from his own stupidity. I was being a father. – Andy

3. Jacob seems like a nice boy, you and Laurie must be really proud. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for him, nothing in the world, right? – Ben’s dad
(Andy nods in silence)

4. It’s not a crime to own a knife or be a stupid teenager. Thank god- or we’d have to lock up most of them. – Andy

5. Have you arrested him? Lynn, have you arrested my son? – Andy

6. You’re ruining his life, you know that? You’re going to destroy it. – Andy

7. Don’t f@ck this up, Pam. I mean it. Do your job. – Andy
I will. -Pam

8. We’re not answering any more questions tonight and that includes Jacob when he shows up. I don’t want anyone grilling him. He’s a minor, he has a right to a parent being present. So don’t try to pull anything. -Andy
Jeez, Andy, Nobodys gonna do anything without you – Pam
I know, I know… Just… don’t. -Andy

Quotes from Defending Jacob Chris Evans

9. It could help him. -Pam
Cmon… who are you talking to? -Andy

10. He didn’t do this, Pam. I know you and I aren’t going to talk much after this so I want you to hear it from me. He didn’t do this. – Andy

11. We believe you. – Andy

12. It’s a mistake, we’re gonna figure it out. – Andy

13. My only job now is trying to protect our son. – Andy

14. Lawyers have boundaries. I don’t. Not anymore. – Andy

15. Good- he should be scared! I’m scared! – Andy

16. There was no normal to go back to. There was just before… and after.  – Andy

best defending jacob quotes from Chris Evans

17. You aren’t the least bit concerned about your actions?
No, I knew my son. -Andy

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What’s Defending Jacob About?

A family’s lives are irreparably disrupted when the son is accused of murdering a fellow classmate in this dramatic legal thriller. Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martel star in this series streaming on Apple TV+.

 Runtime: 8 episodes; the first three are out now with a new episode coming out every Friday through May 29.

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