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Can You Name a Character In Avatar? Disney Announces 4 Avatar Sequel Release Dates

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Can you name a character in Avatar? Me either. But we have four more Avatar movies coming our way and plenty of time to catch up!

I’m a pretty big Disney movie fangirl. You say Disney Studios and my eyes light up with hopes and dreams of being transported into an amazing story. For the most part, their movies fill my soul, make me laugh, make me cry, and generally hit all the right notes. 

Visiting the Disney Studios lot in Burbank was peak Disney fangirl for me. You can’t see it in the picture, but I was legit shaking over finally being on the lot. 


Disney Studios Partners Statue


But I’m over here scratching my head over this decision to go ahead with 4 more Avatar movies over the next 8 years. The Walt Disney Company announced the Disney Studios movie timeline with release dates out to 2027- and Avatar is slated to get 4 movie sequels. 

It’s not a surprise, actually- they announced these plans years ago. So I’ve known this news was coming- but honestly hoped someone would change their mind.

Or if not, I’m cool if they want to show me the numbers- not the previous box office record (I get that), but the real live year 2019 numbers of people who are begging for Avatar to return to the big screen.

Because… I’m not so sure they exist. And I’m the perennial 3-year-old who’s always asking, “Why?”

avatar movie navi

Disney Is Making More Avatar Movies- Here’s Why

I actually don’t know all the details as to why, but I can take a few guesses based on what I know.

Fact: Disney is smart. So in the end, this post and my rage tweets will probably not age well. Ahem. 

That’s ok- it’s my blog and I gotta get this out. 

Because… right now? I’m just not feeling it and wish the money, talent, and creativity was going toward a new franchise. Pretty much any franchise, to be honest. I never was and never will be an Avatar fan I guess. 

So why would Disney make more Avatar movies- and not just more, but planned out for multiple sequels?

First of all, you can’t deny the box office record it’s due.

Avatar does indeed hold the record for the most money made worldwide. A big, ol’ 2.7 BILLION dollars, though I’m personally hoping Avengers: Endgame wipes that record out


Then there’s Pandora: The World of Avatar at Walt Disney World.

People absolutely love this land and the details that Disney has put into it.

While I do not fall into the Pandora-land fangirl category (I go in, I ride Flight of Passage with my FastPass, and I leave- byyyyeee) I do appreciate the level of care that Disney World put into this land.

It is #amazing to look at. 

In order to support the land and to keep it relevant to park goers for years to come, they are going to add more movies. 

Makes total sense to do that. 

avatar movie poster

But, No, Really… Why 4 Avatar Sequels, Tho?

Four more Avatar movies? Really?

I’m just not so sure the story is there for all that. Especially considering the original movie was a complete story- and a highly forgettable one at that. The real star in that movie was the groundbreaking special effects. And erryone knows it.  

As I was venting out my surprise & frustration yesterday, my dear husband- who literally remembers everything about everything (except when I ask him to change the laundry over) was playing devil’s advocate. 

He pointed out the numbers, he pointed out the details, he gave James Cameron a lot of credit as a brilliant movie maker, and he rattled off the names of all the stars from the original Avatar film, citing how their name recognition will help boost the films. 

Fair, fair… but, hey, can you name a character in Avatar?

zoe salanda at avatar movie premiere

“Sure… Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weav-” 

“NOPE. Not the actors. The characters. Tell me their names. Just their names will do”


And this is a true story.

Y’all, if my husband who has a head full of useless facts (like, why isn’t he on Jeopardy already?!) couldn’t pull out a single character from 2009, then I think there’s a disconnect with this whole franchise idea. 

And I know he’s not the only person who can’t name a character in Avatar. Without scrolling or Googling: CAN YOU?

I’m super curious here- my Twitter and Facebook timeline says they can’t, but there’s a good chance we’re in the minority. 


Like I said before- Disney is smart. I can’t imagine they haven’t done the research and they know these movies will be as iconic as Star Wars and the Marvel movies and Harry Potter and I just need to have faith and trust in the (blue) pixie dust. 

name the characters in Avatar

Name a Character In Avatar (A Cheat Sheet)

Just in case you need to win an argument online, I’m providing a little refresher and cheat sheet for you. 

Here are the names of the characters in Avatar (2009) that just might win you a bet someday!

  • Jake Sully
  • Neytiri
  • Dr. Grace Augustine
  • Colonel Miles Quaritch
  • Trudy Chacón
  • Parker Selfridge
  • Norm Spellman
  • Mo’at
  • Eytukan
  • Tsu’tey
  • Dr. Max Patel
  • Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
  • Private Fike
  • Cryo Vault Med Tech

Does that help ring any bells?

Nope, not for me either.

But the next Avatar movie isn’t scheduled until December 2021, so I guess there’s time to put in a re-watch.

Scheduled Release of the Avatar Movies

  • Dec. 17, 2021 – “Avatar 2” (Fox)
  • Dec. 22, 2023 – “Avatar 3” (Fox)
  • Dec. 19, 2025 – “Avatar 4” (Fox)
  • Dec. 17, 2027 – “Avatar 5” (Fox)

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