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Chris Evans In A Sweater: The Sweater Game Is Afoot In Knives Out

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Chris Evans in a sweater is one of my favorite Chris Evans. I mean, the guy knows his way around some knitwear, something Rian Johnson used to max effect in Knives Out. Oh sure, the movie is really good too and you can read the Knives Out review– and honestly, there are other sweaters in this movie that do their job. They are all stars. But Chris Evans sweater game was truly on point. And that deserves to be celebrated across the internet. Here’s the receipts and where you can find the Knives Out sweaters (or close knock-offs!). Affiliate links included in this post.

chris evans cable knit sweater knives out

Photo: Lionsgate

See Knives Out This Thanksgiving For The Sweaters

Knives Out, a whodunnit murder mystery opening on Thanksgiving, has a clear breakout star.

Which, in a star-studded cast, was probably not easy to pull off considering how many fabulous actors are in this film: Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Katherine Langford, Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer… !

Winning this movie and stealing every scene: Chris Evans’ sweaters. That’s right: the sweaters.

Evans was great, as always, but the sweaters?

*chef’s kiss*!

And it’s all people are talking about after seeing the film. 

Chris evans in a sweater knives out

This creamy cable knit sweater on Chris Evans in Knives Out is so dreamy. Photo: Lionsgate

Mostly because we can talk about the sweaters Chris Evans wears without giving away any Knives Out Spoilers. And we’re trying to be cool and respectful so you can enjoy the movie too. 

Cause I can’t stop talking about this film. I’ve seen it twice already and I’m buying tickets again next week because I’m a wee bit obsessed with the whole dang thing right now. 

PS: on the subject of Chris Evans in a sweater: my love is nothing new. I’ve been a fan since I discovered how nicely he wears them in 2015 at the D23 Expo. See also: when my inner fangirl first came out. This content was bound to happen at some point and I thank Rian for giving me such a treasure trove of riches. 

D23 Expo 2015 Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie and Kevin FEigie talking about Civil War

D23 EXPO 2015 – D23 EXPO, the ultimate Disney fan event, brings together all the past, present and future of Disney entertainment under one roof. Taking place August 14-16, this year marks the fourth D23 EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center and promises to be the biggest and most spectacular yet. (Disney/Image Group LA)

So without further ado, the cast of Knives Out, including Chris Evans, in sweaters collection to make your holiday week merry and bright. 

I’ve included some Amazon affiliate shopping links in case you need to pull off these Knives Out sweater looks. 

TL:DR version: How do you buy Chris Evans sweater in Knives Out? Here’s the Amazon link.

Knives Out: So Many Sweaters! What Does It Mean?!

I’m not a fashionista so this isn’t the normal post from me. But I am observant when it comes to costumes in films.

And this was something that jumped out to me since we are in the midst of sweater weather over here, and I’ll confess, I’m shopping some of these looks myself. 

Side note: It’s a pity Daniel Craig didn’t find himself wearing something blue and, let’s say, cashmere? But I’m sure Rian can make that up to us with a sequel. 

Because we need more Benoit Blanc. Hint, hint, Rian. 

Cast of Knives Out sporting knitwear.

Cast of Knives Out sporting knitwear. Look at it: SIX sweaters in one picture! Including Evans in a Sweater. Photo: Lionsgate

There are a lot of great knitwear options in Knives Out with almost every cast member sporting a sweater at some point in the movie.

What does that mean?!

That the old house was drafty and cold? That Harlan Thrombey was a cheapskate at heart and wouldn’t pump up the furnace? That the costume designer got a killer deal on the knitwear? 

No one knows, but we’re super grateful. 

We got a lot of great sweaters looks out of it, so I’m not complaining. (Except a little about Daniel Craig as noted above. Ahem.)

How Many Sweaters Were In Knives Out?

31. That’s right, THIRTY-ONE sweaters (by my count) made an appearance on the cast of Knives Out.

What? You don’t sit in a dark theater marking down how many sweaters you see on screen? Weirdos. 

Anywho, some 2nd tier faves include: 

knives-out-Richard - Character Poster

Half-zip sweaters were Don Johnson’s signature sweater in Knives Out. Totally Lands End material here. The blue one he wears? Don Johnson should ONLY wear blue.  Also: Yes, THAT Don Johnson. I kinda missed him, tbh. Photo: Lionsgate


knives-out-Marta - Character Poster

Marta has some of the prettiest and most comfortable looking knitwear of the group. Loved this lilac on her and that scarf! ZOMG need! Photo: Lionsgate


knives-out-Walt - Character Poster

Walt is the only argyle-loving family member, which is a shame because this look is so classic. Need more argyle, Rian!  Photo: Lionsgate


Meg and Marta Sweaters in Knives Out

Knives Out Marta and Meg rocking their best sweater looks. Marta was wearing this Neopolitan ice cream striped look (adorbs!) and Meg had a flowy black and white sweater. Looked like a hood and pockets which, tbh, has me all in. Photo: Lionsgate

Chris Evans In Sweaters 

I know why you are here. You know why you are here. 

You googled Chris Evans in Sweaters, didn’t you?

No shame, my friends, no shame at all. You are in a safe place to enjoy all the deliciousness that is our favorite Chris in fabulous knits. 

The good news? He seems to be a fan of these looks as well as evident by some previous wardrobe choices.

Chris Evans in a sweater camel color


chris evans casual sweater


Chris-Evans-blue sweater peoples choice

Image Source: Getty / Frazer Harrison

Even better news?

There are three solid sweater looks in Knives Out that Chris Evans absolutely rocks. And they all get plenty of screentime, thanks to our benefactor of Evans in Sweaters, Rian Johnson. 

Here are the three sweater looks from Chris Evans from Knives Out that should convince you to head to the theater this weekend. 

chris evans sweater cardigan knives out

A little angry Chris- but a lot of great sweater action in this long flowy cardigan. Photo: Lionsgate


chris evans smiling cable knit sweater

Ahhh… THE sweater. The one most people are talking about on Twitter. How do you buy Chris Evans sweater in Knives Out? Here’s the Amazon link. You’ll have to fray your own collar and add a well-placed hole if you want to make it matchy matchy, however. Photo: Lionsgate


chris evans cream colored cable knit fishermans sweater knives out

Chris Evans cream-colored cable-knit fisherman’s sweater Knives Out. According to interviews, Chris kept every. single. sweater. And I hope this is true because these looks are too good to never see on Chris again! Photo: Lionsgate


Chris evans in a blue sweater from knives out filming

Chris Evans in a blue sweater from Knives Out filming. Not a scene from the movie, but the sweater is absolutely in it!


Chris evans in a blue sweater from knives out filming

Chris Evans in a blue sweater from Knives Out filming. Note the distressed collar. Pretty sure this sweater does not come that way, so you’ll have to make that happen yourself if you want the exact look.


Did I really just write 1100 words about Chris Evans in a sweater? I did. 

Did you really just read them all? You did. 

And this is why the internet was invented, people. You’re welcome and may your week be blessed with Chris Evans’ knitwear daily!

One last recommendation: after you’ve seen the movie, check out the Knives Out Spoilers Without Context– you won’t know, until you go! But these are a lot of fun to check out when you get back. 

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