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D23 Expo Online Reservation Tips

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Disney is known to “plus” things and the D23 Expo Online Reservations are just another way to plus the experience. You can register for advance spots in your favorite panels starting on Friday and here are the D23 Expo Online Reservation Tips you’ll need to know!

D23 Expo Online Reservation Tips

D23 Expo Online Reservation Tips

2nd UPDATE: The reservation system will now open at 3pm ET/Noon PT on Saturday, August 17th

UPDATE: The reservation system will open at 4pm ET/1pm PT now at this link

We’ve been waiting for more details on just how the D23 Expo online reservations would work. 

This is all new for D23 Expo in 2019 and I’m hoping the whole process goes smoothly on Friday, August 16 at noon PT/3PM ET.

Here’s some information and tips to help us all make the most out of the D23 Expo online reservations. 

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Disney is known to



Steps To Making D23 Expo Online Reservations

  1. Activate your D23 Expo badge online- here’s how. You can’t get an online reservation for the Movie Panels or the Disney+ Panel if you don’t active the badge! D23 Expo sent badges and instructions by mail and instructions via email as well. Check your inboxes. 
  2. Have your badge number and email ready. You’ll need these when you log into the system to book your reservations. 
  3. Use ONE source to login. D23 Expo says having multiple screens or devices logged in with the same badge number could cause issues. So just pick your fastest connection and May the Force Be With You. 
  4. Know what you want! Things are going to go fast and it’s first come first serve. Plan ahead, know what your goals are, and be ready to roll. 
  5. One reservation per time slot: Don’t pick overlapping sessions! It won’t work and you could be disappointed. 
  6. Decide if you are bringing a friend. You do not need to include a name or badge number when you pick this choice on the reservation page.
  7. Select a time slot to hold your reservation. You need to do this as you make the rest of your choices; after you complete your choices you can click “I’m Done” to confirm your spots. 
  8. Clicking “Confirm Reservations” locks in your choices. You won’t be able to make changes!

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D23 Expo Online Reservation Cheat Sheet

How many and what types of reservations can you make for D23 Expo? Here’s the cheat sheet you’ll want to keep in mind as you log in on Friday. 

  • StorePass: 1 Reservation per day at Disney Dream Store, Mickey’s of Glendale or the Disney Store
  • StagePass: 2 Reservations per day for Hall D23, D23 Expo Arena, Archives Stage, or Stage 28. Each reservation must be at a different stage.
  • TalentPass: 3 Talent Passes per day at Talent Central.
2017 D23 Expo Stagepass

The 2017 Stagepass was paper; 2019 is going to be digital!

5 Important D23 Expo Online Reservation Tips

D23 Expo put out a bunch of videos this year with helpful information. 

Be sure to check out the “Know Before You Go” series and get up to date. 

Here’s the one you definitely want to watch if you’re trying to get some advance reservations for your 2019 D23 Expo experiences. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.