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Disney+ Founders Circle D23 Expo Details

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We learned recently that Disney+ would be offered early for D23 Expo members. Now we have details on just what that special offer will entail. Here are the Disney+ Founders Circle D23 Expo Details.

Disney plus logo for the Disney+ streaming service at d23 expo

Disney+ Founders Circle D23 Expo Details

The Disney+ Founders Circle details have been announced.

And for D23 Expo attendees, it’s a sweetheart of a deal!

D23 Expo starts on August 23, 2019, at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

How Much Will the Disney+ Founders Circle Cost?

There will be a $23 discount on the annual subscription- but it will require a 3-year commitment.

Each year will be priced at $47, which is around a 33% discount. 

You will need to pay for the service upfront so add $140 to your D23 Expo line-item budget.

Since many of the original content isn’t launching until 2021, it might be a smart move to lock in prices now if you can!

Disney+ at D23 Expo

What Else is Included in the Disney+ Founders Circle?

D23 Expo goers will also snag a free Founders Circle pin- assuming you sign up before they run out!

D23 Members Have Online Registration Option

While the D23 Expo offer will only be available throughout the event, there is an online deal as well for D23 Members.

This offer is available online from August 26 through September 2 exclusively for D23 Members- check your emails for deets!

If you don’t get an email, go to and log in.

If you aren’t a D23 Member? What’s stopping you?!

There are free and paid versions, so head over and sign up for the free version. It takes about 36 hours for your account to update with the Disney+ offer. So don’t wait!

Valid for US residents with US payment method only.

If you aren’t at Expo and are not a D23 Member, you will be looking at $69 for the year or a monthly $6.99 for Disney+ when it launches on November 12. 

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