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Now Streaming Disney+ Podcast

Now Streaming Disney+ Podcast

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We’re Andrea and Patty, two moms & entertainment critics who are passionate about entertainment. And we’re the Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the Disney+ Streaming Service.

Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast

Now Streaming Disney+ Podcast

This podcast is a dedicated source for all Disney Plus streaming news including big announcements, breaking news, programming plans, price options, Disney Classics, documentaries, and whatever Disney decides to throw our way. 

Because we know you care about what your kiddos watch, we’ll share Disney+ tv and movie reviews from a parenting standpoint. As well as our opinions on #allthethings happening on this new streaming service by Disney.


Where can you find the Now Streaming Disney Plus Team?

Andrea: and @andreaupdyke on all socials

Patty:, The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast on all major podcast apps, and @noguiltlife on all socials

Don’t forget to subscribe, leave 5-Star reviews, and tune in to hear all the Disney+ streaming service news and reviews!

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