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Fangirling BH90210 (And a Little Brian Austin Green, Too!) #BH90210

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Fandoms can start when you’re young and last throughout the years. That’s when you know you hit on a big one. One of my first mega fandoms was the hit 90s show 90210- and since this is 2019 and it’s the thing to do, we’re experiencing a reboot. Fangirling BH90210 (and a little Brian Austin Green, too!) on the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast. 

BH90210 cast in the Peach Pit


I’m a Gen Xer which means I was raised on Dylan and Brandon and the whole 90210 gang. From Prom night to Color Me Badd to the Pitch Pit to David & Donna’s wedding: I was THERE for it. 

And still am, because let’s face it, this fandom isn’t going away!

No disrespect to the Millenials who love Luke Perry & Riverdale, but he was *our* Luke Perry/Dylan McCay first!

On the show today I’m joined by Emille Crawford, a fangirl of #allthethings but especially David Silver (aka Brian Austin Green). We talk about our love for the original and how we are super into what they are doing with BH90210, the 2019 reboot of the series. 

BH90210 cast selfie

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s why you should:

On Wednesdays, We Watch BH90210



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