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Fangirling Downton Abbey- Why, Yes, That *Is* A Tiara On My Head

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The Downton Abbey movie is in theaters TONIGHT and I hope you’re ready for a royal visit! The King and Queen of England are visiting Downton Abbey, and everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. For such a royal occasion, two podcast episodes were needed.

Downton Abbey Movie Poster

First up is the one where the Fangirl’s BFF gets to say “I TOLD YOU SO. Tania is back and we review the new Downton Abbey movie.

The second episode features a new friend to the Fangirl, Duckie Rowell. She’s a lot of fun and I think you guys are going to love her as I do!

Fangirling Downton Abbey 1: Where Tania Gets To Say “I Told You So” (again…)

Sometimes I don’t listen to the people around me who tell me about awesome things. And Downton Abbey was one of those times.

6 seasons worth of “eww, PBS!” pretty much came out of my mouth.

Dear PBS, I apologize for my shortcomings!

Tania from is back and as she quickly points out- she totally TOLD ME over and over (and over) again to watch the show.

So, yes, I’m the worst and took way too long to get on board.

We talk Downton the series and also the movie today in celebration of the national release.

Catch up with this Downton Abbey Recap before the movie (seriously, 10 minutes and you’ll be up to speed!)

Fangirling Downton Abbey 2: Where Duckie TOTALLY Gets the Podcast and Validates My Parenting

So obviously, I LOVE HER.

Hey everyone, meet Duckie! You can find her at and @Magicalalamode on Instagram.

She’s actually the first “non-friend” I’ve had on my show- when we recorded this it was the first time we officially met! But we’re totally friends now and take a listen- you’ll see why. 

Dalin “Duckie” Rowell is a film student in NYC who also works on reality TV shows and is a wee-bit Disney obsessed.  LOVE HER! (Did I say that already?!)


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She adores Downtown Abbey and the Dowager (but of course!) and shares her favorite moments and thoughts about the Crawley family.

And I’ve already begged her (basically) to come back and chat some more, so she’s sent me homework to learn about some show called Gargoyles? I know, I know… I missed that whole 90s Disney Channel thing.

But we’ll get that all sorted when Disney Plus arrives on November 12. 

Get caught up with the Downton Abbey Recap here and let me know when you see the movie!

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