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Fangirling Halloween Movies & Spoopy Shows

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With Halloween coming up, we wanted to talk about some of our favorite movies and shows to watch this time of year. Dalin Rowell is back to fangirl Halloween movies & Spoopy Shows. What’s spoopy? Yeah, I had to google it too… see also why it’s good to have younger friends. Ha! Affiliate links are included in this post. 

Fangirling Halloween Movies & Spoopy Shows

“Spoopy” is defined by the internet as something scary and funny at the same time. Who knew? It started out as a meme (which I totally should have known since I love them!) and now here we are, describing a time of year and a bunch of movies this way. 

And that’s the kind of Halloween show that’s right up my alley (Zombieland: Double Tap is Spoopy, right? Right!)

Dalin is back and we’re talking about some of our old scary movies that we love to revisit during this time of year.

If these scary, spooky and, sure, spoopy shows aren’t on your must-watch list, you’re going to want to add them. 

Shows and Halloween experiences we discuss:

Gargoyles on Disney+

Curious creations of Christine McConnel

Links mentioned in the episode you’ll want to check out:

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