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Daily(ish) Fangirl: Fangirling the Disney+ Streaming Service

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Disney, Disney, Disney! Yeah, I talk about it a lot. But when you are a fangirl like me, you tend to do that! Today’s Daily(ish) fangirl is all about the newest Disney streaming service, Disney+. It’s going to be awesome, and we can’t wait to give it a try! Here’s what we know about Disney Plus. 

Daily(ish) Fangirl: Fangirling the Disney+ Streaming Service

I promise this podcast isn’t going to always be about Disney. But Disney is a big thing around here (in case you hadn’t noticed!) and they are making some big announcements.

Today: it’s all about Disney+

disney plus streaming at D23 Expo
We’re starting to hear a lot about Disney+ (or Disney Plus depending on how you search for it) which is the new Disney specific streaming service coming soon.

Need more info on it? We’ve got you covered!

Andrea Updyke from Theme Park Parents joins in to talk all things Disney+. And she’s going to stick around for a while as this is likely going to be an ongoing segment (or maybe even its own show? Who knows!)

Here’s what we know so far and why we’re both majorly on board with the new Disney streaming service.

If you have ideas for a name of the segment, hit us up and let us know (twitter @andreaupdyke or @noguiltlife or leave a comment here!).

Where Can You Find the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast?

Am I happy that I added another fandom? Well, sure. I mean, it’s Disney… so yup! 

Love all things Disney. And they probably know that about me. 

Subscribe, review, or throw some of those 5-stars up there! Help other fangirls like YOU find the podcast- it’s no fun fangirling on your own, amirite?

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