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We’re Disney People: What Do You Mean There Are Other Vacations?

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Being a fangirl means a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, it means loving something or someone so much you just can’t stop yourself from talking about them. And if you’ve ever met me, you know I’m a massive Disney Parks fangirl. This week we’re fangirling all the Walt Disney World Parks (don’t worry, Disneyland, your time is coming!) in the “We’re Disney People: What Do You Mean There Are Other Vacations?” podcast mini-series. 

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle at sunset
We’re Disney People: What Do You Mean There Are Other Vacations?

Look, despite what some angry mom on Facebook or some lame writer from the New York Post has to say, a Walt Disney World vacation is for everyone. 

You may not fall in love with the whole culture and the whole experience, but if you take some time to appreciate all that’s come together in one- yeah, I’ll say it, MAGICAL- location you’ll at least appreciate it. 

Walt Disney World is the fangirl focus for this week and I’ve got a few Disney-loving guests to help me out. 

fangirling walt disney world

How We Fangirlled Walt Disney World

We know Disney World is huge, and there are whole blogs and podcasts out there devoted to the subject. That’s not what we’re about. 

We’re talking about what makes the place special, why we love it, and why we keep going back. 

If you have a Disney heart or wonder why we’re like this, then this is the mini-series for you to binge!

Meet Lindsey, Jane, Theresa, Lisa, and Amy– all Disney fans who have a favorite park and aren’t afraid to fangirl them a bit. 

Fangirling Magic Kingdom Park With Lindsey Paris

Lindsey loves Magic Kingdom and she knows all the tips, tricks, and little details that you might miss!

Here’s why Magic Kingdom is always on her must-do list when she’s in Orlando and the one word she use to describe the park: empowering. 

Lindsey Paris and the Dapper Dans on Main Street, USA

Fangirling Hollywood Studios (aka MGM Studios) With Jane Mayo

Jane loves Hollywood Studios- especially when it comes to Christmas.

She absolutely loves how the park celebrates the holidays- and Christmas isn’t even her thing! 

She describes the park as nostalgic and she’s also willing to let me yell and scream a bit about how fake Facebook drama and journalists are lame. She’s a good friend like that. HA! 

Jane Mayo fangirling Hollywood Studios at Christmas

Fangirling Epcot With Theresa Mabe and Lisa DiNoto

Theresa (most recently fangirled D23 Expo with me) and Lisa are both lovers of Epcot, for different reasons. 

One is down with new things like Guardians of the Galaxy roller coasters, one… not so much. Here how they describe Epcot and why it needs to be on your Walt Disney World list of things to do!

Theresa Mabe in China Pavilion at Epcot

Theresa Mabe

Lisa DiNoto at Spaceship Earth in Epcot

Lisa DiNoto

Fangirling Animal Kingdom Park With Amy Albers

Amy’s one-word answer for this park? Peaceful. 

She obviously doesn’t remember my screams from the top of Expedition Everest! 

Amy loves Animal Kingdom and it’s her first stop whenever she is in charge of park plans. Here’s what she loves about it and why it’s got a place in her mama heart. 

Amy Albers in Animal Kingdom Park

Catch Up With The Galaxy’s Edge Fangirling

We are super excited around here for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. To help with the hype, I talked to some friends who have had their fair share of Batuu in their lives. 

You wanna check this out: Fangirling Galaxy’s Edge

Where Can You Find the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast?

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Subscribe, review, or throw some of those 5-stars up there! Help other fangirls like YOU find the podcast- it’s no fun fangirling on your own, amirite?

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