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Football Movies To Stream Instead Of Actual Games

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Look, we know your team isn’t always playing during the holidays. There are only so many teams playing on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or even in the New Year’s Bowl Games. Every year. Unless you are a Cowboys, Lions, or Alabama fan (or both!) you may be out of luck for holiday football games. Here is a list of football movies to stream rather than actual football games. Affiliate links may be included with this post.

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Football Movies To Stream Instead Of Actual Games

We love a good football game- and even more so when our team is winning.

But some years things just don’t work out (looking at you, AGAIN, Texas Longhorns) so we have to find ways to watch football without actually watching a game.

There are only so many times we can stand seeing Alabama win, amirite?

So here we go with the big list of football movies you can stream instead of a game this holiday season.

These go well when you need to avoid the New Year’s bowl games, Thanksgiving games (bless those Lions- they keep trying, don’t they?), and of course, the NFL Christmas game.

Netflix Football Movies and Shows

Netflix really doesn’t have a ton of Football movies to offer this year, but we made a list anyway.

Some of these are documentary types, so if that’s not what you are looking for, head over to one of the 80,000 other streaming services to find the football movie you need.

Don’t worry, we’ve got those covered as well.

But here’s what you can stream as far as football movies and shows on Netflix.

  • Greater – Netflix football movie
  • Undefeated
  • Colin in Black and White
  • Friday Night Lights- Netflix football series
  • All American
  • Coach Snoop
  • Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez- for all you true crime lovers out there
  • Triumph of the Heart
  • Quiet Victory
  • Born To Play – Netflix documentary on women’s professional football

Football Movies And Shows To Stream on Hulu

Hulu has a few football movies and docs you’ll love as well.

Here’s what you can watch if the half-time score isn’t looking promising.

  • Peyton’s Places
  • Our Time- Oklahoma State Football
  • The Game
  • Brian Banks
  • Man in the Arena: Tom Brady
football shows and movies on hulu: The Game

Watch These Football Movies and Shows On Peacock

  • Coach Carter
  • Leatherheads
  • The 60-Yard Line
  • Turkey Bowl

Disney Plus Football Movies and Shows You’ll Love To Stream

Disney Plus has some of the most family-friendly football movies you will find!

Go ahead and pull these football movies up on Disney Plus and enjoy with the whole crew this year.

  • Goofy: How To Play Football
  • The Game Plan
  • Safety
  • Remember the Titans
  • Invincible

All The Football Movies and Shows on HBO Max

HBO is staying relevant with the Max subscription, especially for football lovers.

We found a ton of great football movies and shows on HBO Max to watch this holiday season.

Or anytime, really.

Here is your list of football movies on HBO Max to watch this year.

  • Friends: The One With All The Football (this is just one of the best TV Thanksgiving episodes out there!)
  • The Blind Side
  • Hard Knocks
  • Wildcats
  • We Are Marshall
  • Varsity Blues
  • The Cost of Winning
  • The Many Lives of Nick Buoniconti
  • Namath
  • Semi-Tough
Jack Lengyel (MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY) leads the team out onto the field in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ inspirational drama, “We Are Marshall,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.

Stream RUDY, the Best Football Movie, On Amazon

And no football movie list would be complete without including RUDY, but this one isn’t streaming with a network.

So go ahead and use this affiliate link to order it from Amazon.



(gets us every dang time)

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