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Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction

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Jon Snow finally knows something: and did something about it. Warning: if you haven’t watched the Game of Thrones last night, you might want to skip this post. Or you might want to read it so you can skip the show. Either way, probably works, TBH. This is full of spoilers as we discuss the Game of Thrones Series Finale reactions. 

So there we were- in a burned out Westeros, ash falling all around us like snow. 

Arya: pissed. 

Tyrion: pissed.

Jon: pissed. 

The Mother of All War Crimes- errr- Dragons: ELATED. 

The Mother of Dragons Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction

She won, she was going to continue winning, and no one was going to stop her. 

And how was this all going to end up? Kinda… meh. Which I think is what’s bothering me most about the whole episode. 

Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction

Sansa, Queen in the North

First of all, I was team Sansa all the way. And as far as how her story arc ended up going in the Game of Thrones series finale, I’m probably as happy as I can be on that level. 

I never really thought she’d end up taking the Throne, but I wouldn’t have minded that happening. I did absolutely love that she held true to her people and she got what was best for them: an independent and sovereign North. 

Which she also happens to be Queen of. So that’s cool

Sansa Queen in the North Game of Thrones Series finale reaction


Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction Daenerys Targaryen, Forever Jon’s Queen

And probably Greyworm’s. But everyone else realized she had flipped that crazy gene and that it was time to back away from her. 

It just took Jon a beat or two longer to get there (because he loveeeed her and blah blah blah). 

I knew she had to go. My only question was if she would go before or after she eliminated Jon and Tyrion- because both of them proved a threat and she couldn’t let that last. 

Her big arc was apparently brought to an end in Episode 5 so nothing was shocking here as far as how she was acting. That she was gloating to her troops was to be expected- that she was going to fry up some Dwarf was also a little expected- and that she finally got her Iron Throne was definitely expected. 

Yet… she never sat on it. And that part of the story made me kinda happy. Because after what she just did to the people she was swearing to protect, and what she admitted she planned to do all around the world… girl, no. 

You don’t get that throne, even though your crazy-pants ancestor created it. 

Watching it melt away was also super satisfying. Good job, Drogon, for doing something that probably could have solved a lot of problems all along. 

drogon melting iron throne on Game of thrones series finale

Jon Snow: Knows a Little Bit, I Guess

I’ll give the dude some props. He tried to stay loyal as long as he could. 

Until Tyrion laid it all out and finally got through his thick head: she cray and YOU are literally the only person who can do anything about it. 

Jon always did the right thing- even when it cost him. And in this last act of loyalty to the people, it cost him quite a bit. 

I didn’t love him going back to the Wall because he was forced to go- I kinda wanted him to beg to go back because that seemed to be where he was most comfortable. It felt like a punishment (as it was intended to be) when I really felt that was his “home” all along. 

And I guess that’s the whole deal: Bran knew he wanted to go there and Bran knew he would leave with the Wildlings. Which it looks like that’s what he did. So IDK- I guess this was ok, but I just didn’t like the way it felt. 

And he got to pet Ghost and was reunited with Tormund and I’m cool with that as well. 

jon petting ghost game of thrones series finale

Tyrion, Reluctant Hand of the King (Again) | Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction

Overall, I was happiest with where Tyrion finally ended up. 

I mean, this season he was DUMB and I didn’t love that. But finally he (or the writers anyway) remembered who he was: the Imp that also happens to be the smartest man in the whole dang kingdom. 

And he came through. 

First, though, he broke my heart when he went to find Cersei and Jamie in the rubble. I didn’t want to feel bad for those two- because they were truly awful people- but… he loved them. So I did hurt for him, just a bit. 

His final punishment was pretty perfect as well: he was forced into service he didn’t want, with the hopes to fix things he helped put into place over the past 8 seasons. And Bran was all- I wanna go find Drogon so here, Tyrion, YOU DEAL WITH THIS ISH.

Here: I was totally satisfied. 

Arya Goes Christopher Columbus On Us

I’m not sure what I wanted here, but… this wasn’t it. 


And her character was incredible through the full series so I won’t dwell too long on the final ending for her. Maybe it’s set up for a spinoff as some have suggested?

I will say this: the scenes with her and Jon HAD ME WEEPING. I loved their relationship all along, and I loved that we got them together at the end. 

All Hail King Creepy Bran The Broken

Okay, look. This wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t a kingdom won in fire and sword. 

It was creepy Bran sitting there just waiting for people to get around to giving him the crown. 

Meh. Really pretty weak and defeats the whole purpose of the 7 seasons before it. 

But Tyrion does tell a good story- and his point about why Bran would make a good king rings true. Except, like, everyone has a good story. 

He’s just… blah Bran and I felt that way through 8 seasons. 

So IDK. I get it- it does make sense when you think about it- but supppper Meh ending to what was one epic battle of wills, brains, and battles through the years. 

bran on the iron throne Game of Thrones Series Finale reaction

Game of Thrones Series Finale Reaction What I Wish Would Have Happened

I wanted Catelyn Stark to come back as she does in the books. Somehow, someway, I hoped every season would be the one where she reappeared. But it didn’t happen. 

At the same time, I also liked how her kids rocked Westeros without her. 

Sam: Sam’s story made me happy though I cringed a little when they tried to make him the father of democracy. And even Sansa laughed at him, which felt like the right reaction given the setting of this story. 

I also wanted something more epic to happen to the Starks. I was even willing to lose one of them (Jon or Bran would have worked here- don’t you touch my Stark girls!) 

I know, I know, what’s more epic than being the King of Westeros and the Queen in the North? 

That’s what’s killing me- I wanted something but not sure what exactly. So I guess I’ll just take what happened and be at peace. 

The 7- I mean, 6- kingdoms are united again under a fair and just ruler. 

Our Watch has ended. 


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