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Hilarious Quotes From Borat 2: Subsequent Moviefilm

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I honestly cannot remember a time when I gasped and laughed so much than when I watched the first Borat film back in 2006. Sacha Baron Cohen is genius as this character, Boart. On October 23, we get to do it all again because there’s a sequel. Get ready with these hilarious quotes from Borat 2- Boart Subsequent Moviefilm.

borat 2 movie quotes and poster

About Borat Subsequent MovieFilm

To be more specific, this is the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.


Hilarious Quotes From Borat 2: Subsequent Moviefilm

All of these Borat 2 quotes are from the man himself unless otherwise noted. 

1. I go to America!

2. People make recognize my face.

3. This man, sex criminal?
– no, no sex criminal (worker at Halloween store)

4. I will take this to be fat like American man! this is a good one- where is his crumb?

5. Only man and bears are allowed inside cars.

borat 2 movie quotes thumbs up in car

6. I’m here to give my daughter a gift to someone close to the throne.

7. Very nice.

8. Let us present Sandra Jessica Parker Drummond. – announcer

9. I have a baby inside me. – Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev

10. Where is everyone?
-they want everyone to quarantine so they don’t spread this virus (man in parking lot)
Could I stay in your home?

11. I hope quarantine never ends.

12. What is more dangerous? This virus or the democrat?

borat 2 quotes killing virus

13. Killing some of the virus… (banging pot on wall)
-no, you can’t see the virus (man in cabin)
No, it’s still there.
-If you see the virus, go like that (man in cabin sprays Lysol)
That makes the virus sleepy- then when it’s sleeping (bangs pot on the wall)

14. My daddy is the smartest person in the whole flat world. – Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev

15. Michael Penis- I brought the girl for you.

Y’all, Borat. 

He’s back and he’s bringing 2020 just what we need: a lot of laughs with these Borat 2 movie quotes!

borat 2 quotes on street

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