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Monday Movie Minute: Hustlers Review & Downton Abbey Movie Review | #Hustlers #DowntonAbbeyFilm

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Totally different movies, but with an important subtext: women with stories to tell. The No-Guilt Fangirls movie reviews this week are for Hustlers and the Downton Abbey Movie. 

Downton Abbey and Hustlers movie reviews

Monday Movie Minute: Hustlers and Downton Abbey Movie

Thanks for joining the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Monday Movie Minute for September 16, 2019.

This is where we talk about the movies we saw last week and give a quick review to let you know if you should see them too. Plus we cover the top 10 at the box office, which is always fun to take a look at!

Topics this week (including parent movie reviews- you gotta know if these are safe for kids, right?! Right!)

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Transcript For Monday Movie Minute: #Hustlers #DowntonAbbeyFilm

*Please note: this is unedited and transcribed by AI- so it’s not perfect. But, hopefully, it is helpful for those that prefer or have a need to read rather than listen.  – Patty

Unknown Speaker 0:04
Welcome to the no guilt fan girls podcast. Where liking what you like is never a bad thing. Here’s your host and head fan girl in charge. Patty holliday.

Patty Holliday 0:18
Hey, y’all, welcome to the no guilt fan girls podcast. I’m Patty holliday, your headband girl in charge. And this is the Monday movie minute for September 16. Every Monday, we chat about the movies that came out what we saw last week and what’s happening in the box office. Sometimes it’s short and sweet. Sometimes we talk about old movies that we’re revisiting. And sometimes that’s all the new stuff that came out the theaters that I couldn’t wait to see and tell you all about. And that’s what, that’s what this week is. I have two movies that I saw in this in the theater this week. And they’re pretty much polar opposites of each other. pole, polar. Hint, hint. Okay. So I saw hustlers and Downton Abbey.

We’re going to cover both of these movies. And I’m also going to give you a little parent movie review as well. But first, as always, I like to talk about the box office and see what is happening there. So this week, it Chapter Two is the number one at the box office yet again, hustlers came in at number two. Now hustlers brought in $33 million, which is just pretty good for an R rated movie, especially an R rated movie that’s like all female-driven. That doesn’t tend to happen. I think, I think I hope somebody is paying attention to those numbers and recognizing the fact that, I don’t know, maybe we need more movies like this. And I got a caveat to that because I am going to review it here in a minute. It wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t my favorite. But I still respect the hustle. I still respect what they were trying to do here. And yeah, we’ll talk about that in a minute. Okay.

Number three is Angel has fallen. Number four is good boys. Number five is the Lion King. Number six is fast and furious hubs which are purpose presents. Seven is overcome or eight is The Goldfinch. Nine is the peanut butter, Falcon and 10 is Dora and the last City of Gold. Now, just as a side note, Brittany runs a marathon also opened this week. And it was at the number 12 spot for for what that’s worth. I hope I hope more buzz gets out on this one. Because it feels to me talking about it last week, you know, I loved it. So maybe next weekend, it’ll be a stronger movie, maybe what’s everybody saw hustlers they’ll go and watch Brittany. Like I mentioned it was Downton Abbey versus the hustlers for me this week. two totally different movies, different stories, different vibes. But they also had something important in common and that basically are these are these are storylines with women who had stories to tell, and who took command of their own lives and their own loves. And both both were compelling ish in their own ways. Okay. Somebody put, hey, women role in both of these, both of these stories. And I love that aspect as as a woman, as a mom, as a mom to girls, as a big fan girl. I am out there trying to support and hope that we see some more of movies, where women are the focus.

It’s a lot of fun. And there’s some really cool chicks out there. So let’s see more of this on the big screen guys. You know, I mean, from the 80s when I first remember watching movies like nine to five with, you know, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda to these women of Downton Abbey and of hustlers in 2019. You know, they’re they’re living their lives and their most true to themselves ways. Okay? The best ways that they know how the most honest well, can’t say exactly honest ways, but maybe living their own truths. Maybe that’s a better way of wrapping that little, little coin or phrase around that. Because there’s definitely some dishonesty going on in hustlers anyway. I don’t know, guys, it’s just I feel like it’s important for the future of cinema that that women’s voices are heard. And their stories are told. And that’s impart what I’m trying to do here with this discussion. When I got into podcasts, and started kind of looking around for fandom and to see what was out there to listen to myself. There’s not a lot of women’s centered or women driven podcasts talking about entertainment. And I’m hoping we can change that. That’s, that’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m doing this. So yeah,

it as you can tell, it’s important to me, and I hope it’s important to you, I hope that’s impart while you’re here, you want to hear a different voice weighing in on some of these things. So you know, if the stories are out there their stories that need to be told, from the Dowager Countess, to stripping single moms. It’s all good. It’s all important. And I want more Hollywood, I want more. And I hope those numbers from hustlers, like I said, are getting some folks attention out there. Because like j Lo’s huge will give her that. But I definitely think the content is what people were going for, to some extent. So all right. Now, we got to talk about these movies separately. And I gotta say, we’re going to start with hustlers. And it was fine. It was good. It was it was beautifully shot. The actresses were a lot of fun. Lots of great energy on screen. Jayla was a blast, Jennifer Lopez really was a lot of fun to watch. I mean, she just chewed up the scenery chewed up the stage, whenever she was on it. She was impressive. But my issue with the is that there was a lot of hype out there, there was a lot of hype. And I bought into the hype as I sometimes do. Sometimes it’s in a trailer. Sometimes it’s by word of mouth by early reviews. This one kind of fell flat for me, only based on what the hype was and what I was expecting. It’s kind of like, I don’t know if you guys remember from earlier in the summer when I watched a book smart, and I expected to be blown away by book smart based on these early reviews that people were giving it.

And it just didn’t do it for me. It was fine. It was good. I didn’t hate it. It’s not what I’m saying. It’s kind of the same thing with hustlers. It was fine. It was good. It was interesting ish at points. But at points, it was also kind of kind of hard for me to, to totally, completely buy in and get into what I think they were asking of us as the audience. And that was that was basically because of the storyline. Okay, guys, I’ll get to that in a second. But the reason why this was kind of a movie that was really hot this weekend was the Toronto International Film Festival went on last week, and they premiered hustlers at the film festival. And people came out of this movie, screaming all over the internet, that Jennifer Lopez needed an Oscar nomination. Like, whoa, right. Jenny from the block is going to get an Oscar. All right. All right, you’ve got my attention. You totally had my attention. And so sure enough, I went I went, guys, I hate to disappoint. But my issue with it was that she’s playing herself. She’s playing a version of herself. I mean, she’s a scrappy dancer who takes no crap from no one and uses her sexuality to get ahead in life. I’m not sure there’s really a stretch there. I’m not sure that it’s Oscar levels of acting Exactly. going on. She’s entertaining. She’s good. I liked her. But I just I can’t get behind the Oscar buzz guys. I just I can’t do it not She’s good. Just that golden statue. Good. Okay. Now constant blue is also in this and again, I thought she was good too. I love seeing her get a little messy in this movie.

Definitely. If you’ve seen if you’ve seen crazy rich Asians, you know, she was the lead in that. And this was a complete different experience than crazy rich Asians. And I liked her I really did enjoy her as well. The music in this movie is fabulous. The cameos by cardi B Liz Oh, Julia Stiles. Oh, there’s this one. There’s this one moment that Julia gives this look and so look to die for it and I loved it and I was just good. Good reminder of how how good Julia Stiles is. Anyway, they were all they were all a lot of fun. Like I again, it was fine. It was fine. It was fine. It was fun. It was fine. That’s hustlers. Okay. 2000. They’re a close, loved it costumer straight up on point here. Maybe there’s an Oscar talk there. I don’t know. But I just can’t. I can’t with the jello guys. And I like jello. I grew up with Jayla, I remember. I remember her story when she was on living color as the fly girl backups dancer, right? I mean, like I am up that level of I have watched everything that she has ever done, and I’ve enjoyed everything she’s ever done. So it’s not a jello negativity. It’s just I don’t see the Oscar buzz. I just, it’s not there. For me. It’s not there for me. And maybe the reason why it’s not there for me is because the story like I mentioned before, the story is what gave me the biggest like full stop. And it’s probably what I just couldn’t get past.

This movie is based on real life events. Okay. The plotline involves basically strippers that were dragging customers running up their credit card bills up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars will have these people were just drugged out of their mind and didn’t know what they were doing. And it’s just gross guys, since it’s kind of gross. And I don’t mean like the sex was gross, or the stripping was was that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying like, the abuse was these guys were gross to no doubt, but I can’t celebrate the actions of these women. And I felt like that’s what the movie was, I don’t know, wanting me to do or asking me to do and I just couldn’t get there with it. So that’s kind of that’s that’s, that was a big obstacle for me in my enjoyment of this overall movie that the storylines where I had to step back and say, Nope, this one is not for me. Parent movie review parent movie, because I always talk about this. This is a rated R movie. Again, this is not for me, not for my kids.

The sex, the dancing the language, we’re all you knew going in this was a movie about strippers. So you knew that there was going to be some nudity. And there was going to be a lot of you know, questionable activities going on right? there but the drugging and the overall lack of morality, or even lack of real consequences that the story tells were worse true. sticking points for me. So I’m not even going to say that my teens are okay to see this one. Definitely stick to that R rated level parents, in this case, bring a friend of age who’s a little salty, maybe and doesn’t mind seeing boobs and penis on screen because yes, you do see that as well. And have a good time. Because, you know, that’s what this was a good time. But but not a great time, guys. Just not a great time. Not the best thing ever. I gotta stop with that nonsense. Because it’s not it’s, it’s fine. It’s fun. It’s good.

Okay. Alright, moving on Downton Abbey. Now think, think about the thing that is pretty much the 100% opposite of Jennifer Lopez on a stripper pole. Maybe you would come up with this aristocratic family in the 1920s. Maybe? I don’t know. Totally, totally opposite movies. Hey, guys, I like it all. Okay, I like it. Anyway, this movie picks up after the ending of season six of the PBS series Downton Abbey. And if you are a fan of that series, then you’re going to love this movie. Okay, it’s pretty much I can sum it up by saying it’s an extra long episode of Downton Abbey. And it’s, it’s fine. It’s good. It’s just what you would expect out of the Downton Abbey series. Okay. Now, if you need to catch up on the series before the movie, maybe you haven’t seen it at all, or you need a recap, because it’s been a while since you watch the show. I have a quick 10 minute option for you. It’s on the blog, I will link that in show notes for you know, guilt fan girl calm. Go check that out. Because you’ll definitely want to see this even as a recap even as a refresher before you walk into the movie, just as a reminder, right? But if you love this series, then I think you’ll you’ll be happy with the movie.

Now the question is, did we need to see this on the big screen? And I’d say that now we didn’t need to say it. I mean that the story they continue is definitely one for the fans. There’s a lot of fans service, it’s being told, because they love us and it’s there they’re saying thank you in a way I think but not because like there was some compelling story that must be told in the Downton Abbey storyline I’m glad they did it anyway, I I became a fan recently and so I was totally down with this movie on the big screen. The way they drove the narrative gave us updates on all of our favorites from the family and from the downstairs staff. But the way they did it also didn’t give us you know quite enough depth to really make a meaty movie out of it all in one storyline if that makes sense. And again, I was I was mostly okay with that as well. I felt the series treated some storylines similarly. So it just was a very you know, carrying on from from from how the series treated episodes and and certain characters. So overall, you know, same feel same stunning cinematography. Same to Howard your Countess one liners. Oh my gosh, Maggie Smith is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Always and forever. I heart, Maggie Smith, especially in this role. She’s fantastic.

I’ll wrap this one up by saying I was amused and even even enthralled at times, but I wasn’t walking out of this one screaming for Oscars either. Though, I could always put Dame Maggie Smith down on the nomination list for any movie she’s ever been in. She is just genius. And she continues to be genius in this role. So sorry, jello. I’m voting for Maggie. Bad. Sorry. Okay, for a parent movie review on this way. Now, if your kids have gotten into the series, regardless of their age, that I think this is very much on par with what you’d expect. As far as language and violence and sex. It’s very PFC feeling. Okay? Bring a friend. Bring a friend one that likes sarcasm and beautiful things and have a good time because that’s what this is, too. It’s a good time. Okay. Not the best movie ever. But you’re going to have fun, especially if you’ve been a fan of Downton Abbey.

Now, if you haven’t ever seen any of the episodes, you can still see this movie and enjoy it for what it is. So don’t shy away. If it’s on your list or your yes are you want to check it out. I do recommend checking out that blog post that I’m going to link for you first. But other than that, I think I think you can go and you’ll you might miss a little continuity of things. But overall, you’re going to be able to follow the plot and understand what’s happening in this movie. So also Downton Abbey, I have one and possibly two Downton Abbey episodes coming this week. So there’s definitely more to talk about with this series. We’re going to fangirl out over Downton Abbey on Thursday. So tune back in on Thursday, make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss that notification when it comes out. For that more in depth discussion and conversation about the Crawley family. Alright guys, that is the Monday movie minute for this week. Like I said, tune back in on Thursday. have to check I think there’s going to be two episodes on Thursday. I think there is I have to check and make sure that audio quality works for the second one, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

I am introducing a new friend to the podcast andDuckie Roland. She is a fangirl I hope to have on the show more in the future. She’s adorable. And she was a lot of fun to record with. So I hope you guys tune in and listen to Jackie. And then the other one the other recording is my BFF Tanya, who I wouldn’t saw the movie with and so we do a quick review as what was talking about why we love Downton Abbey. Okay. Don’t know we don’t know, this movie comes out on the 20th which is Thursday. So I think actually the 20th is Friday but you know it comes out on Thursday nights. So Mark your calendar if you are a fan Don’t forget to subscribe. Don’t forget to throw those five star reviews up there. It helps other fan girls find the show and it is always appreciated by yours truly. Alright guys, thanks for being curling with me on the no guilt fan girls podcast. Hope you’ll come back to fangirl again real soon.

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