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Is Bill & Ted Face The Music Safe For Kids?

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Bill & Ted are still reminding us to be excellent to each other, even as they are pushing 50-years-old. There are plenty of Dudes and Whoas to keep the nostalgia alive but is Bill & Ted Face the Music ok for kids? Parent movie review will help you decide if this is a safe and kid-friendly movie for your family.

bill-ted-face-the-music ok for kids?

What’s Bill & Ted Face the Music About?

Bill & Ted, teen time travelers in 1989, were supposed to save the universe by writing one perfect song.

30 years later, the San Dimas duo are middle-aged dads still trying to find their sound.

They set out to write the song that will bring harmony to the universe with the help of the next generation, their daughters. Plus some historical musicians to help bring the world into sync. 


Bill & Ted Face The Music Parent Movie Review

If you’re here for the nostalgia, you will not be disappointed. 

And in these times, most of us are looking for entertainment that envelops us in a familiar hug.

And what better way to be hugged than by Bill and Ted, am I right, Gen Xers?

The boys are back, but, whoa, dude- they are dads with full-grown daughters. 

(insert Ted head shake here)

Bill and Ted Face the Music safe for kids

Don’t worry, they aren’t, like, real dads. They’re still struggling musicians who have passed their love of music onto their daughters. 

It’s a dang good thing they rescued and married the princesses all those years ago as it turns out they are the only employed ones! 

Does it feel familiar?

Absolutely. And that’s not a bad thing in this day and age. 

While Keanu Reeves doesn’t seem quite as Ted-like as he once did, Bill’s daughter played by Brigette Lundy-Paine more than makes up for it. 

bill-ted-face-the-music-Brigette Lundy-Paine, Kid Cudi and Samara Weaving star in BILL-TED FACE THE MUSIC kid friendly

Alex Winter makes a most triumphant return as Bill S. Preston, Esquire. 

Face the Music is the movie we needed to see right now; its a decent rental or matinee if your theater is showing it. 

Want a chance to feel “normal” again?

This movie and its sweet message that music can unite the world and bring order back from chaos will do just that- at least for the 96 minutes run time. 

Its comfort food and silliness for an hour and a half.

Paying the $20 to rent it isn’t bogus!

Bill and Ted Face the Music ok for kids parent movie review

Is Bill & Ted Face The Music Safe For Kids?

For the most part, Bill & Ted Face the Music is kid-friendly and appropriate for kids over the age of 10.

I know, I know, it does have a PG-13 rating. 

And that may have some parents wondering if Bill and Ted Face the Music is safe for kids. 

If your kids have seen the previous Bill & Ted movies (Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey) then this is the most kid-friendly of the trilogy. 

Gone are the gay slurs that were common in the late 80s and there really wasn’t a lot in the way of curse words in this one at all. 

Language-wise, you do have characters calling themselves d-cks, but outside of that, nothing super problematic. A few additional swears, but the F bomb was not something I picked out.

Ted does pick up a drinking problem along the way, so if your family is sensitive to alcohol or drinking issues, please know that it is clearly noted. 

bill and ted face the music safe for kids? parent movie review

Bill’s stepmom is back, and you remember her history from a previous movie, right? 

Well, things just got more complicated- and right off the bat the guys are tasked with explaining it. 

That’s something else you might need to break down to the younger crowd if you allow them to watch this one with you.

Violence isn’t too intense in Bill & Ted Face the Music.

There is a killer robot that plays more for laughs than scares, a visit to hell, and a gun is pulled on a character- but honestly, its played completely over the top for laughs. 

More silly than serious for sure- but, whoa, it’s Bill & Ted!

What did we expect?

bill-ted-face-the-music-Keanu Reeves, William Sadler and Alex Winter. what ages can watch Bill and Ted?

What Ages Can Watch Bill & Ted Face the Music?

I let my 9-year-old who’s seen the other Bill & Ted movies watch with me. 

And we had no regrets- either one of us! 

While it is rated PG-13, I’d say most kids over the age of 10 can handle what Bill & Ted are dishing out in this version.

There are a few moments you might need to explain- or gloss over- but really, the content isn’t anything super shocking. 

Party on, dudes!

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