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Is Black Beauty Safe For Kids? Parent Movie Review

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Disney+ is adding a familiar title this week, one that kids are going to want to watch! But is Black Beauty safe for kids? This parent movie review will help you decide what ages will most enjoy this classic tale. Black Beauty comes to Disney+ on November 27th.

black beauty movie poster parent movie review

About Black Beauty 2020 On Disney Plus

This timeless reimagining of Anna Sewell’s classic novel follows the life of Black Beauty— a wild horse born free in the American West.

Beauty’s world is turned upside down when she and her family are cruelly rounded up and taken away from their home.

Beauty is sent to live in a dusty corral which she fears she may never escape.

Beauty’s fortunes are destined to turn, however. When the quiet, gentle horse whisperer John Manly arrives from New York to adopt a mustang, he notices Beauty’s fiery spirit.

black beauty ok for kids parent movie review

Adopting her for his training program at Birtwick Stables, John is unsure if Beauty can ever be tamed.

Soon, John’s world is upended when his niece, seventeen-year-old Jo Green, shows up on his doorstep.

Similar to Beauty, Jo has just lost her parents, and her spirit is close to breaking.

It is through the profound connection between Beauty and Jo that both girl and horse begin to heal.

The two forge an unbreakable bond that will last for both of their lives — even when Beauty’s journey takes her away from Jo, on a series of adventures with different owners.

Is Black Beauty 2020 Safe For Kids?

If the title is familiar to you, kids of the 90s, it should!

This movie has been done before, but with male leads (horse and Joe vs Jo) back in 1994.

But as we know, everything old is new again, and Black Beauty has undergone a reimagination to include some modernizations.

Joe is now Jo (Mackenzie Foy), and Black Beauty is a girl (voiced by Kate Winslet).

black beauty ok for kids? Jo and Black Beauty

There is also some updated discussion about words used in the industry- “breaking” a horse vs “partnering” with a horse. (To be fair, this might have been in the original source material or movie, but I am not familiar with them to say!)

The movie is a grand and sweeping story, covering many years in Black Beauty’s life.

If you love horses or a good animal story, then this movie is going to hold your interest as an adult. But … kids might be another matter.

black beauty parent movie review

Is Black Beauty Ok For Kids?

First, let’s talk ages of kids that can enjoy Black Beauty.

This movie is long, this movie is slow, and this movie is a lot to take in emotionally at times.

That means the youngest kids may not be able to sit through or understand the full movie.

Yes, its got beautiful horses, stunning cinematography, and an understandable plot and dialogue.

But it lacks excitement and pacing.

What Ages Should Watch Black Beauty 2020?

This movie’s slow narrative is going to be a challenge for the under 9 crowd to stay engaged.

what ages can watch Black Beauty on Disney Plus

Black Beauty will be best for kids 10 and up, with the tween and early teen years as the sweet spot.

Animal Cruelty and Death In Black Beauty

Parents do need to be aware that there are instances of extreme peril for horses and humans in this movie, that might be intense for sensitive kids.

Animal cruelty is shown and discussed in a frank manner which could lead to excellent discussions in the home.

One character clearly loves having horses and being a rider for the prestige, not necessarily for the love of the horse. She treats Black Beauty poorly, and thankfully, is called out on it.

Kids may not pick up on this nuance, but it could be an opening for parents to mention when they start asking for a horse of their own!

is black beauty safe for kids

There is one off-screen horse death, but nothing happens on screen that should scar kids of most ages.

Bullying and Love Interest In Black Beauty

There are also some instances of light bullying from other teen girls at the stables in Black Beauty.

It’s fairly tame as far as bullying goes, which is kinda adorable.

Jo also has a love interest in the film that mostly develops offscreen.

Both topics are sweet and gently treated, but I felt it important for parents to know they do exist in the film.

black beauty bullying and a love story

Final Thoughts On Black Beauty

Black Beauty isn’t actually a Disney movie- and it shows.

This one was acquired to provide more original content to the Disney+ streaming service, which is an appropriate home for the film.

It lacks that pixie dust gravitas that most Disney movies hold and it misses the mark of pure human emotion.

But for a Friday night family movie? You could definitely do much worse!

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