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Is Disney Pixar Soul Safe For Kids? Parent Movie Review

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Is Disney Pixar Soul safe for kids? The latest Pixar movie begins streaming on Disney+ this week- just in time for Christmas! If this one is on your list to watch as a family, check out this parent movie review to decide if Pixar’s Soul is ok for kids. Before you press play, be sure to get the spoiler-free details on language, violence, and content. And after the movie, peep the Pixar’s Soul movie quotes and download the free Soul activity sheets.

disneypixar soul poster is soul ok for kids?

About Disney Pixar Soul

What is it that makes you…YOU?

Pixar Animation Studios’ all-new feature film “Soul” introduces Joe Gardner (voice of Jamie Foxx) – a middle-school band teacher who gets the chance of a lifetime to play at the best jazz club in town. But one small misstep takes him from the streets of New York City to The Great Before – a fantastical place where new souls get their personalities, quirks and interests before they go to Earth.

Determined to return to his life, Joe teams up with a precocious soul, 22 (voice of Tina Fey), who has never understood the appeal of the human experience.

As Joe desperately tries to show 22 what’s great about living, he may just discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Pixar’s Soul Trailer can be watched here.

is soul ok for kids? parent movie review
ALL THAT JAZZ – In Pixar Animation Studios’ upcoming feature film “Soul,” Joe Gardner is a middle-school band teacher whose life hasn’t quite gone the way he expected. His true passion is playing jazz, and he’s good. But when he finds himself in another realm helping someone else find their passion, he discovers what it truly means to have soul. Jamie Foxx lends his voice to Joe. Directed by Academy Award® winner Pete Docter (“Inside Out,” “Up”), co-directed by Kemp Powers and produced by Academy Award® nominee Dana Murray (Pixar short “Lou”), “Soul” will debut exclusively on Disney+ (where Disney+ is available) on December 25, 2020. © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Is Pixar’s Soul Safe For Kids? Parent Movie Review

Pixar’s latest, Soul, is an ambitious project that is unlike anything we’ve seen from Pixar before.

That’s a very good thing- and kinda a disappointing thing for a parent.

Not all of it works for a younger audience.

What ages can watch Disney Pixar Soul- and enjoy it? Will younger kids understand it? Or will the pause button get a really good workout during this one?

All good questions for this parent movie review to answer.

If your intent for this movie is to gather the whole family around for some feel-good Disney Pixar entertainment, heads up: not everyone will finish this film with the same impressions.

In fact, I think there’s going to be a lot of younger kids who don’t finish this film at all.

Here’s what you should know to decide if Disney Pixar’s Soul is ok for your kids.

is soul safe for kids? joe gardner playing piano in Disney Pixar's Soul

The Visuals In Soul Are The Best Of Pixar

Visually, Pixar Soul hits all the right notes.

Its stunning, its gorgeous, it absolutely delights the senses. The colors pop, the movement is WOW, and I couldn’t stop staring at the costumes (because, yes, that’s what they call the clothes worn in animation!).

Pixar’s animation continues to push boundries.

Movements and textures that wouldn’t have been possible in animation 10 or 20 years ago are seamlessly created here. The animators played with the abstract of the Great Beyond characters contrasting them gorgeously with the realism of the folks on earth.

Soul will inspire the next class of animators to push the limits of their creativity.

Jerry and Terry what ages are ok for Pixar's Soul parent movie review
“Soul” will debut exclusively on Disney+ (where Disney+ is available) on December 25, 2020. ©2020 Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.

High-Level Thinking Plot & Content In Soul

While I don’t think any of the Pixar movies are dumbed down or gimmies when it comes to content, this one just might win “the most thought-provoking” title.

In 2020, this one is either the movie you needed or the movie you just can’t connect to- depending on how your headspace is looking at the time.

The meaning of life and death certainly isn’t a small thing, and Pixar’s Soul doesn’t shy from expanding the scope of this topic.

It’s also part of the reason why this movie scored a PG rating, the 2nd Pixar film this year to earn that rating (Onward was the other).

Following along could be challenging for some kids who may not get the jokes about 22’s list of mentors or why their failures were particularly hilarious (and they were!).

Be prepared to think and pause and explain a lot during this one.

Is Pixar's soul ok for kids? parent movie review
©2020 Disney/Pixar. All rights reserved.

Language In Pixar’s Soul

Pixar’s Soul is kid-friendly enough, meaning that despite the high-level themes employed, there really isn’t too much in this movie to concern a parent.

Pixar Soul is safe for kids- as long as language doesn’t trip you up too much.

This is a case where context matters.

Here’s the thing: there are multiple uses of the actual word H-E-double hockey sticks (Joe knows his audience and tries to soften this one!). The young souls around Joe pick up on this one real quick and repeat it over and over again.

Its not used as a swear but as a place and description.

Considering this whole movie is discussing what happens when you die, the use of H*ll should be expected.

While not offensively used or really even overly used, parents: please note that it is there.

disney pixar soul safe for kids parent review

But something to note about Soul’s language outside of a curse word is the vocabulary used in this movie.

There were a few phrases we had to stop the movie and look up to give a kid-friendly explanation to. They go deeper than expected at times.

So, thanks, Pixar, for the vocab lesson!

What Ages Can Watch Disney Pixar’s Soul?

As always, you know your kid best!

Your 3-year-old may have a deep love and passion for jazz that keeps them glued to the couch for this one.

But most young kids don’t skew that demographic, so I’m giving my age recomendations for Pixar’s Soul.

I watched with my 9-year-old and noted that she wasn’t quite as engaged with this one as she normally is with Pixar.

And she had a lot of questions.

A. Lot. Of. Questions.

Especially about 22’s previous mentors: who was that? What did they do? Why is that funny?

But she proclaimed it “amazing” and “oh sooooo good!” and repeated the basic plot back to me competently enough that I knew she had, indeed, watched a movie that entertained her.

Joe Gardner Pixar Soul movie quotes
ALL THAT JAZZ © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

But I’d say under the age of 9, you might be in for a bit of a struggle to keep their attention.

Pixar’s Soul kid age range will hit the sweet spot with those over the age of 9 but Soul is safe for kids of most ages. It’s just a matter of them staying engaged and interested.

Middle School & High School band loving kids with a musical heart will also connect to this one.

Adults: you’ll love this one if you’re in the right headspace for it.

Look, 2020 has been hard and this movie was a lot, so I’m just saying: it’s ok if it doesn’t work for you or your kids now.

The movie is still one of Pixar’s best, most creative, and most powerful films. So revisit in 2021 if this one just doesn’t quite grab you.

Is There An End Credit Scene In Pixar’s Soul?

Go ahead and stick it out through the credits.

I laughed when I saw the one referencing how this movie was made (even Pixar couldn’t escape the 2020 need for home offices!).

But there is a small end credit scene in Pixar’s Soul that is worth hanging around for. To be clear, we aren’t talking The Mandalorian level end credit importance, but still… wait it out!

Is Pixar’s Soul Ok For Kids?

With a PG rating, Soul might be ok for kids in your household but it comes with a lot of heavy lifting.

And some slow moments (including the start and mid-section) that might give your pause button a workout while watching at home.

Action-adventure, this movie is NOT. And at one hour 40 minutes, I wish there was a little more to move things along.

disney pixars soul ok for kids parent movie review

But while I mourn the loss of going to the theater’s right now, that’s the beauty of a Disney+ release: pause away, friends!

Pixar’s Soul isn’t going anywhere so if you or the kids need a break, take it and come back to watch the rest.

It’s kid-friendly and Soul is safe for most kids, with some dedicated and delicious voice acting and music to keep the older kids and parents entertained.

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