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Is F9 Safe For Kids? Fast And Furious Parent Movie Review

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It’s dumb, it’s fast (duh) and your kids who have seen the other Fast and Furious movies are going to love it. But is F9 safe for kids? This Fast and Furious parent movie review will help you decide if this one is right for your family. This movie is as absurd as a true Fast & Furious saga lover could ask for, and the Dom Toretto quotes from F9 are just what we need in 2021. And catch these Fast and Furious family memes as well!

is F9 safe for kids? fast and furious parent movie guide

About F9: The Fast Saga

No matter how fast you are, no one outruns their past.

F9 is the ninth chapter in the Fast & Furious Saga, which has endured for two decades and has earned more than $5 billion around the world.

Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto is leading a quiet life off the grid with Letty and his son, little Brian, but they know that danger always lurks just over their peaceful horizon.

This time, that threat will force Dom to confront the sins of his past if he’s going to save those he loves most.

His crew joins together to stop a world-shattering plot led by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they’ve ever encountered: a man who also happens to be Dom’s forsaken brother, Jakob (John Cena, the upcoming The Suicide Squad).

is F9 kid friendly and ok for kids? fast and furious parent movie guide

Are There End Credit Scenes In F9?

Marvel fans know you never leave the theater before the very end, so we’re all getting used to the idea of waiting for mid-credit and end-credit scenes in movies.

Do you need to stick around for the mid-credits or an end credit scene in F9?

You do!

There’s a great mid-credit scene in F9 that you won’t want to miss, so stick around for that one. Especially if you are a big #JusticeForHan follower.

is F9 ok for kids? fast and furious movie review

When Can You Pee During F9?

When you head into the theater to watch this gorgeous film on the biggest screen you can find, knowing when you can pee during F9 will save you from missing precious plot points or action sequences.

Here are some suggested times to rush out and go pee during F9.

Make it Fast and Furious if you gotta go!

  • 25 minutes in after the team is on the plane
  • 46 minutes after the race when Dom sees Buddy
  • 1 hour 7 minutes after the fight in the apartment in Tokyo
  • 1 hour 40 minutes after Roman says the speech about rockets
is F9 kid friendly and ok for kids?

Is F9 Safe For Kids? Parent Movie Review

First of all, as always: you know your kids best.

If the Fast and Furious saga is a family favorite, then you can go ahead and assume that F9 is safe for your kids.

F9 is rated PG-13 for violence and language.

But if this is a new series of movies for you (and you need to know where to watch the Fast and Furious movies in order to catch up) be sure to check out this F9 parent movie review and guide to decide if your family can watch it.

Language In F9

There are some language concerns in this PG-13 movie.

F9 cusses a lot- with plenty of uses of words like @ss, P!ss, D@mn, and the usual “friendly” slams between characters. I lost count of the times they were said, but they were sprinkled throughout the movie.

There wasn’t any use of the BIG ONE (F word) for parents who find that as a deal breaker.

is f9 safe for kids parent movie guide

Fast and Furious: The Violence In F9

Parents should know that F9 sticks with the tried and true Fast and Furious formula.

Flames and collisions and guns and fights are all over this movie, just as they are in all the others.

Reality this is not. It’s so over the top that you really can’t take it seriously.

I mean, F9 is even over the top for the Fast and Furious saga.

Parent Guide For F9: Parental Deaths

If your family has suffered the loss of a parent or your child has high anxiety over this issue, be warned that F9 may not be safe for your kids.

There are two instances where parents die on screen in front of their children in firey explosions.

fast and furious F9 safe for kids

Nudity and Sex In F9

There is no nudity or sex in F9 which makes this one ok for kids on that level.

There are the obligatory scantily dressed women, however, in this movie.

Again: it’s on par with the other Fast and Furious movies, so if you are ok with that level of skin, F9 is ok for your kids.

What Ages Can Watch F9? Parent Movie Guide

As mentioned before, F9 is rated PG-13 for violence and language.

If your family has watched the Fast and Furious movies at a younger age, then this is no different than the others.

Kids ages 9 and up should be able to follow the action and spy thriller of F9 plot well enough.

Kids under the age of 9 might struggle with the fast pace and length of the movie.

F9 is long, and probably could have ended 20-30 minutes sooner.

But then we might have missed out on some awesome Car-Space dialogue, and well, to keep F9 as out of this world absurd as possible, we definitely needed it.

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