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Is HBOMax’s Peacemaker OK For Kids? Parents Guide and Review

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There’s a new series featuring this one-of-a-kind superhero on HBOMax. Peacemaker is back and straight off The Suicide Squad mission. Your teens and tweens might be asking to watch it. Is HBOMax’s Peacemaker OK For Kids? This Parents Guide and Review will help you decide if it’s safe or kid-friendly for the children in your house.

Is DCs Peacemaker on HBOMax kid-friendly or safe for kids? Parents Guide

About DCs Peacemaker on HBOMax

Peacemaker explores the continuing story of the character that John Cena reprises in the aftermath of James Gunn’s 2021 film “The Suicide Squad” – a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it.

Watch the Peacemaker trailer here.

john cena as peacemaker. Is HBOMax's Peacemaker ok for kids? What ages can watch it? Peacemaker Parents Guide

Is HBOMax’s Peacemaker OK For Kids? Parents Guide and Review

The short answer is: NO, Peacemaker is not kid-friendly or safe for kids in any way.

But if you have a comic book-loving teen at home asking, here’s what you need to know before letting them watch this series on HBOMax.

In this Peacemaker parents guide and review, we’re breaking down the language, sex/nudity, and violence that happens in the series to help you determine if Peacemaker is safe for kids in your home.

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Is Peacemaker Safe For Kids? Language

If you are totally ok- and we do mean TOTALLY ok– with 4 letter language in your house, then, sure! Peacemaker might be considered safe for kids.

Here’s a smattering of the Peacemaker quotes you’ll hear from the show.

But for most parents of young kids and teens, the number of F-bombs in the first 10 minutes (we stopped counting at 11) puts this show in the probably not safe for kids column.

James Gunn and John Cena do not shy away from using every swear word in the book in the first 3 episodes.

In addition to the swear words, there are various crude sexual references about c@mming, “scissoring” between women, p@rn, masturbation, threesomes, and @nal sex.

We don’t expect that to change through the course of the show, so consider this a huge red flag if language is a concern for your teens and tweens.

Concerning words and language include numerous racial slurs, f@g, sh!t, d@mn, g-d d@mn, Jesus Chr!st, h@ll, @ss, and the previously mentioned F-bombs.

Easily one of the crassest TV shows you could stream right now.

Leota: is Peacemaker ok for kids? Parents guide and review

Violence and Gore: Is Peacemaker Kid-Friendly?

Absolutely not. But is it worse than The Suicide Squad?

We actually think it might be a smidge milder (so far, anyway!) when it comes to violence and gore if you want to compare the two shows.

But don’t let that fool you: it is still an incredibly violent and gory show.

Bodies explode in a bloody fashion, guns and knives are used frequently, and up-close images of dismemberments are shown.

One scene has a police officer picking up a blown-off face, thinking it’s pizza. Ewww.

Another scene has a disturbing torture experience.

Is peacemaker safe for kids? Parents guide

Parents Guide: Is There Sex and Nudity in Peacemaker on HBO?

You know Cena loves to show off that hard work from the gym!

So yes, there are plenty of nude scenes in Peacemaker that may not make this show ok for your teens and tweens to watch.

Sex is not only alluded to and discussed openly by characters, but there are visuals of the act as well.

There was one full-on sex scene in the first 3 episodes where full nudity was shown.

In another scene, a photograph of a vagina is also displayed and a sneak peek of Cena’s bare bottom is shown during a hospital scene.

Age rating for Peacemaker: is this one ok for teens and tweens?

What Ages Can Watch Peacemaker On HBOMax? Parents Guide

Peacemaker is rated TV-MA and that’s a pretty solid recommendation.

The age rating for Peacemaker is for adults only, and we’d advise that parents watch at least the first episode before deciding if their teens or tweens can handle it.

While this isn’t the absolute worst thing on TV, it definitely does not fall into the kid-friendly category.

Families that have watched and enjoyed The Suicide Squad together should, however, be perfectly happy with this show. You may fall into the category that decides Peacemaker is ok for kids.

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