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Is Senior Year Ok For Kids? Parents Guide and Review

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Who doesn’t love a good Rebel Wilson flick? She’s one of this generation’s most talented comediennes, after all. So your teens and tweens may be asking about this one. Is Netflix’s Senior Year Ok For kids? This parents guide will help you decide if this Rated R movie is safe for your kids to watch.

Rebel Wilson dressed as a cheerleader. Is Netflix Senior Year ok for kids? Parents guide and review

About Senior Year

Stephanie Conway is the most popular girl at Harding High. She is captain of the cheerleading squad, she is dating the quarterback and she is well on her way to becoming the prom queen.

Girls want to be her and guys want to be with her. She has it all — until a disastrous cheerleading stunt lands her in a coma. Fast forward 20 years later and Steph finally wakes from her coma as a 37-year-old woman.

She goes back to her high school and tries to assume her role as the star of the school. Most of all, she is still set on winning the crown as prom queen.

Watch the Senior Year trailer here.

Rebel Wilson in Senior Year. Parents Guide
Senior Year. (L to R) Joshua Colley as Yaz, Avantika as Janet, Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway, Michael Cimino as Lance and Jade Bender as Bri Loves in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022

Is Netflix’s Senior Year Ok For Kids? Parents Guide and Review

Bankable and likable Rebel Wilson is a big draw for most teens (see The Hustle for proof!).  

So it may not be surprising when your teens ask if they can see her latest movie on the big screen.

But is Senior Year ok and safe for kids?

In this parent’s guide and review, we’re breaking down the language, sex/nudity, adult themes, and violence that happens in the movie to help you determine if watching Senior Year is safe for kids in your home.

Language: Senior Year Parents Guide

If language is an issue in your household, then Senior Year is not ok for your kids.

This one has a bunch of raunchy language and expressions throughout.

The Fbomb is dropped along with other similar swears like @ss, b!tch, sh!t, and d@mn.

There are also plenty of good ol’ fashion 1990-era slurs including ret@rd, sl@t, dong, hoe-bag, and spazz.

The language in Senior Year is not kid-friendly.

senior year parents guide. Is this one ok for kids? Cheerleaders doing a cheer.
Senior Year. (Featured) Angourie Rice as young Stephanie Conway in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022

Is Netflix Senior Year Safe For Kids? Sex and Nudity

As many high school movies tell us, all these kids have on their minds is sex.

And this movie is no different.

Wilson’s character talks about rubbing her vulv@ (and uses the terminology) and rubs her nipples. There are also a few dance numbers in the movie and they do include provocative moves of a sexual nature.

You can expect a fair amount of talk around sexual acts (bl@w jobs included).

A boy assaults a girl by grabbing her breast.

Passionate kissing happens as well.

rebel wilson senior year parents guide. 2 people dressed for prom
Senior Year. (L to R) Sam Richardson as Seth and Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022

Violence in Senior Year: Is It Ok For Kids?

The biggest plot point of the movie is a violent drop during a cheerleading stunt.

The actual impact is not shown, but it’s still a pretty significant and startling moment in the movie.

Bullying is also a prevalent theme, but hey, it’s a high school movie- so that is to be expected.

Is Senior Year Ok For Kids? Alcohol and Drug Use

Underage kids are seen drinking and doing drugs.

Some do get caught and face real consequences when police bust up a party.

Is Senior Year on Netflix safe for teens and tweens to watch? Parents guide. Rebel Wilson in a red convertable car.
SENIOR YEAR – (Pictured) Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway. Cr: Boris Martin / NETFLIX © 2022

Senior Year Age Rating

Senior Year is rated R for sexual material, language, and brief teen drinking/drug use.

If you are fairly permissive with sexual talk and swearing, then your kids could watch this one from 13 up.

If you are still being mindful when it comes to these two areas with your tweens, stick to the Rated R rating and ages 17 and up.

Netflix's Senior year: Is this kid-friendly? teens walking through hallway at school.
Senior Year. (Featured L-R) Jeremy Ray Taylor as Neil Chud, Rebel Wilson as Stephanie Conway, Avantika as Janet and Joshua Colley as Yaz in Senior Year. Cr. Boris Martin/Netflix © 2022

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