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Is Ted Lasso Safe For Kids? Parent Review

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Our current national pastime obsession is Ted Lasso. And maybe a little Roy Kent (he’s here, he’s there, he’s every effin’ where!). This series is considered a comedy and does indeed have some of the funniest quotes from Ted Lasso, Coach Beard, Rebecca, Keeley, Roy and the whole gang. But is Ted Lasso safe for kids? This parent review will help you decide if its appropriate for your teens and tweens to watch.

Roy Kent quotes from ted lasso

About Ted Lasso on Apple+

Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer.

Watch the Ted Lasso trailer here.

is ted lasso safe for kids? parent tv review

Is Ted Lasso Safe For Kids? Parent TV Review

We love a good sports series, don’t we?

Kids do too!

And Ted Lasso is the ultimate underdog, a US college football coach hired to be a professional football (aka soccer) coach in the UK.

He knows nothing about the game of football but takes on this monumental task hoping to make a change in his life.

How can you not love this guy? The answer is that it’s impossible (everyone loves Ted!), and as the show makes its way through season 2, you can be sure that your teens and tweens are asking to watch it.

But is Ted Lasso ok for kids to watch? This parent review and guide will help you decide if this show is something your teens and tweens can handle.

We’ll cover the language, violence, sex, and nudity levels in the show to help you decide if Ted Lasso is kid-friendly.

We’ll also talk about the TV-MA rating and how that may affect your decision on what ages Ted Lasso is appropriate for.

is ted lasso kid friendly and ok for kids to watch? Jamie and roy

Is Ted Lasso Safe For Kids: Language

As Roy would probably say, “F@ck NO!” if language is something your family is concerned about.

The main parental concern in deciding if Ted Lasso is kid-friendly would be the language they are exposed to in these episodes.

There’s a handy chart shared on Twitter that counted how many times the F word was said by Roy Kent alone (through episode 7 of season 2) that shows “a minimum of 2 Fs given each week.”

And that’s by just one character. Yikes.

There are multiple uses of all the big swears in just about every episode including G-d D@mn and the aforementioned F-bomb.

The language is mostly appropriate for the characters (all adults using the swears for the most part) and their position in life on a professional sports team. Is that stereotypical? Perhaps, but it’s also pretty darn true if you’ve been around locker rooms at all.

is Ted Lasso ok for kids to watch? Teens and Tweens parent review

Violence in Ted Lasso: Is It Appropriate For Kids?

This show doesn’t have a lot of violence in it, but it does have some fistfights.

The action happens between football players and some father/son interactions, which could be concerning to some families. Keep that in mind when deciding if Ted Lasso is safe for kids in your family to watch.

Sex and Nudity in Ted Lasso

There’s a whole lot of talk about sex and sexual acts in this show.

There isn’t much nudity, but there are some scantily-clad female characters and shirtless men in locker rooms, as well as a few bum shots.

Why Is Ted Lasso Rated TV-MA?

As mentioned above, the language alone would land it in the MA level of TV ratings.

Add in the sex and nudity, and you have a pretty adult feeling show.

The content of the episodes would also lead to an adult rating, as much of the themes explored are heavy, real-world, real-person problems. Content in Ted Lasso includes complicated father/son relationships, messy and sad divorce situations, suicide, panic attacks, depression, and verbally abusive relationships.

Reading all that, you may be wondering how this can be considered a comedy, but that’s what makes Ted Lasso relatable. Sudeikis and his team of writers have put together a brilliant, Emmy-award-winning show that goes deeper than cheap sports-themed laughs.

What Ages Are Appropriate For Ted Lasso?

There are so many healthy and positive messages in this show that we want to say LET EVERYONE WATCH!

But the reality is there are some families that this show is just not kid-friendly or ok to let kids younger than 14 watch.

We feel that kids in high school could handle most of the content in the show, as long as the language isn’t a huge heck no in your household.

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