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Is The Invisible Man Safe For Kids To Watch? Parent Movie Review

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The Invisible Man crept into theaters this week and if you’re a parent with teens, you might be getting questions about seeing this movie. It looks a little scary but how scary is it? Is The Invisible Man safe for kids to watch? This parent movie review will help you decide how kid-friendly and what ages are appropriate for The Invisbile Man. 

Is The Invisible Man safe for kids? Movie Poster

What is The Invisible Man About?

When Cecilia’s abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax.

As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

Will her friends and family understand and support her? Or will they, too, turn against her?

Rated: R

Run Time: 2 hours 4 minutes

The Invisible Man Parent Movie Review

When you leave The Invisible Man, you’ll leave thinking about the performance of Elisabeth Moss. She totally redeemed herself for me after the bomb that was The Kitchen and gives a nuanced turn of an abused woman fighting to survive an invisible foe. 

She turns in a compelling, honest and relatable turn as Cecilia, the woman being hunted by a terror that no one can see, but she knows is there. Her performance is raw, real, and intense and you love to see it. 

As a victim: she’s no one’s victim. Fearless and physical and raw were the three things that jumped to mind while watching her work through a boring and lazy script. The writing was not up to her performance by any means. 

She does the most with the least as far as dialogue in this movie. If that had been punched up a bit, this would easily be one of the best horror movies in years. 

The Invisible Man parent movie review handprint on the shower door while woman is in the shower

I’ll admit, I like horror movies like The Shining and even Child’s PlayThe Invisible Man was easily the most interesting of the three by comparison. 

This story wasn’t anything super surprising: and if you’re a fan of the genre, you might be disappointed in that aspect of it. But what the script and dialogue lack, the actors and director made up for in spades. 

The pacing plus the acting from everyone on screen it tied it all together, especially the first half of the movie. 

The best moments were when the director has us viewing The Invisible Man from Cecelia’s standpoint: there’s when you start thinking, WHOA. And it’s awesome. 

The 2nd half of the movie tried to be something it’s not; by trying to push a ton of physical action scenes into what was a quiet psychological thriller, it loses a bit of the intensity that was hard-won by the first half. 

Yet, the movie stands as a shining point in an otherwise weak February. We had great acting, great direction, and a pretty fun ride through a taught thriller.

When Can You Pee During The Invisible Man?

First of all, this movie is scary enough that you want to be as comfortable as you can in the movie theater. 

But you also don’t want to be running in and out to the bathroom during pivotal scenes. 

Check out the guide on when you can pee during The Invisible Man so you won’t miss too much from this intense thriller. But also so you don’t pee your pants, cause it’s scary, y’all!

Is the Invisible man kid friendly and safe for kids? Elisabeth Moss looking over shoulder in bathroom

Is The Invisible Man Safe For Kids? 

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know this one is going to appeal to the thrill-seeking teens outs there. 

It’s intense and it’s just the right amount of scary proving once again that the most terrifying things out there are the ones you cannot see. 

But is The Invisible Man kid-friendly in any way shape or form? Is this movie safe for older teens who love a good mystery, thriller or horror movie?

I break that down on the podcast as well, but here are more details for your family to decide if this movie is right for them. 

Elisabeth Moss looks around a corner of a dark house Is The Invisible Man Kid-friendly? <a href=

What Ages Could See The Invisible Man?

This movie is rated R which is intended for mature audiences. Do your kids qualify for that in your eyes?

As far as what ages might be able to handle The Invisible Man, I’d feel ok saying high school and up. 

There is no sex and no nudity in this movie, though they make that up by adding a heaping amount of scare jumps, brutal and gory deaths, and overall intensity. 

Language In The Invisible Man

Parents need to know about the levels of salty language used in movies like this before deciding if they consider this safe for teens or kids.

I was pleasantly surprised that the 4-letter-words type of language was actually on the lower levels of use in this horror movie. 

Me? I’d be screaming a lot of them if I was in Cecilia’s position. Ahem. But overall, the language wasn’t a large concern with this movie. 

I can’t go so far as to say The Invisible Man is safe for kids, but I also don’t think this is a movie that will scar most older teens or even had gore levels that would require a heck no from me. 

So. Why is this one rated R?

Is the Invisible man kid friendly? three people sitting in a police station at a desk

Why Is The Invisible Man Rated R?

Because it’s scary on multiple levels. 

Cecilia is being tracked, tortured and messed with by someone that she can’t see. And no one will believe her, which heightens the intensity of the fear. 

If you’ve had a teen who witnessed or was even in an abusive relationship, this movie could be triggering for them. The subject matter is heavy duty and that alone could be a reason to keep your teens from watching this one. 

There is also a teen figure in the movie who is put in peril throughout the movie. This could easily be something that teens could relate to and should be noted for parents concerned about dealing with nightmares after the show. 

The Invisible Man parent movie review: woman holding a large knife in an attic

Monday Movie Review Podcast: The Invisible Man Review


The Invisible Man Review Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the no guilt fan girls podcast. Where liking what you like is never a bad thing. Here’s your host and head fan girl in charge. Patty holiday.

Patty Holliday 0:18
Hey y’all Welcome to the no guilt fan girls podcast. I’m your host and head fan girl in charge Patty holiday. This is the Monday movie minute for March 2 2020. And we’re going to be talking about the Invisible Man.

Patty Holliday 0:30
This is a new thriller, a new horror film that just came out in the theaters this weekend. And as always, is this safe for kids to watch? I know I know. It’s a rated R movie. So you’re all thinking No, of course it’s not. But I have teens in my teens absolutely are dying to see this movie.

Patty Holliday 0:51
So I always like to see them in advance and then I make my judgment call on what is actually appropriate for my family because radio Are can range all over the place right and I like to share that with you Just in case you want to know what level of scary is this? What exactly makes it rated R? What’s the sex? What’s the language? What are all those things about? I’m going to fill you in on that. Okay.

Patty Holliday 1:16
But first first let’s talk about the box office.

Patty Holliday 1:19
Hey, Looky there number one. Number one this week is the Invisible Man. It raked in $29 million at the box office. Alright February you’re going out with a bang. Sonic the Hedgehog came in at number two called the wild came in at number three. My Hero Academia heroes rising was number four bad boys for life. Number five Harley Quinn birds of prey number six which is making me happy that we’re still all going to see that movie because it was a lot of fun. Number seven is impractical jokers the movie. Number eight is 1917. Number nine is Brahms. The boys to And number 10 is Fantasy Island. Hmm, that one I might have to see I’ve heard it’s absolutely terrible and basically trash but I don’t know sometimes do you want to go see those movies right? Hey, it’s my money don’t judge All right.

Patty Holliday 2:17
Let’s talk about the Invisible Man. There’s a quick little synopsis of the movie is basically the story about Cecilia she went with the movie opens, she is running for her life, and to get away from an abusive boyfriend situation. Now, spoiler she gets away. I mean, that’s not really a spoiler, but she has why, however, that’s when things start getting really crazy. This x takes his own life and actually leaves her his fortune. She doesn’t buy it even from the beginning. She’s a little leery and she’s just can’t, can’t believe that he’s actually gone. And she suspects that his death was a hoax, as a series of events happening Ben and get increasingly more and more dangerous and then actually, death occurs. Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by somebody that no one can see.

Patty Holliday 3:17
Alright. The cast in this I’m just going to call out some of their names because they were phenomenal. Elisabeth moss. I first met Elisabeth moss when she was on admin. And I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Elisabeth moss play Sicilia that the main main character, Oliver Jackson cone is Adrian Harriet dire is Emily which is Elizabeth sister. She plays a pivotal character in this story. All this Hodge and storm read our James and Sydney linear who were also both just so great in this movie. In fact, the whole cast was pretty great, actually. Elisabeth moss. Oh, she’s so good. Yeah, she’s so good. She turns in such a compelling performance and after being so let down and so disappointed in the kitchen this summer. Did anybody else go see that one? It was so awful. It was so awful. And they there were some great actresses in it and it just did not happen for me not in any way shape or form.

Patty Holliday 4:16
So I loved I love seeing her in this. And I love seeing her run through all these emotions in this this two hours that we get to see her just kind of chew up the scenery in this movie. She’s fearless. She’s physical. She’s so raw. She’s, you know, she was she was commanding and intense from start to end. And you just you’re rooting for her. You are rooting for her. But you also don’t see her as a victim at least I I never saw the victim in her. Which obviously being abused for a period of time by a boyfriend that she lived with. She absolutely was one. But she ain’t playing it. All right, she ain’t playing it in this movie.

Patty Holliday 4:59
We are dropped into the life of Sicilia. Right off the get go. The first opening scenes are set at night. It’s dark. It’s scary. It’s so intense. Cecilia is trying to run for her life. She’s literally running away from this sleeping boyfriend. who, you know, we don’t even see or know what he’s doing. But you’re, you get this intensity out of the whole situation that you’re scared for her that I mean, it just starts right off the bat. Okay, she does get this narrow escape. She starts pulling her life together.

Patty Holliday 5:38
She’s staying at a friend’s house with this adorable teen daughter who’s storm raid. And that’s when she gets the news of agents suicide. And she also gets the news that he’s left her all of this money. All right now, things should be looking up you would think you know have breathe some fresh air like he’s gone. You can live now. You know, that sort of thing.

Patty Holliday 6:01
But of course, that’s when things start getting really scary and creepy and weird. And, yeah, that’s when you really are like, okay, pay attention and you’re at the edge of your seat. Now I’ll admit, I like I like horror. I like horror books. I love horror movies. I’ve seen a lot of these. So for me, the story, you know, wasn’t super surprising. And if you’ve read a few horror books around the world, or if you love this kind of genre, you probably wouldn’t find it that surprising either. I mean, I had most of the twists figured out. There was one really big huge exception that if somebody has seen this movie, I got to talk about it with you because I need to know exactly what I missed. I’ll get to that in just a minute.

Patty Holliday 6:47
The pacing, the acting from everyone on screen, it really was just also well put together tied together. I mean, even when you’ve pieced together the moments and the things that that are coming next, you were still, you were still on the edge of your seat, you’re still waiting for that to happen. Libra now wrote this. And he also directed it. And I thought the best parts of the movie from a direction standpoint, we’re when we’re put into Cecilia’s point of view, that’s really where, you know, as the audience we are, we’re brought into this movie and that tension is just, it’s like, ratcheted up to 20 you know, on a scale of one to 10. Overall, though, this this movie I liked, I really liked it. I can’t say I loved it, but I really liked it. There was great acting great direction, me the script and the dialogue, but the rest of it keeps you pulled, you know, pretty tightly throughout the film. And there were definitely some some jump moments.

Patty Holliday 7:47
So you know, that was there. It’s it made for an enjoyable couple hours at the movies. Now, earlier I mentioned that I missed the big, one of the big reveals and this isn’t going to be a spoiler here, so don’t worry about that. But I like to write posts that help people know when they can get up and pee during the movie because well, that’s basically my life. During a two hour film, I probably have to get up and go at least once. I hate missing anything, but when you gotta go, you got to go by I tried to keep notes on this and try to gauge when the good time to go is. Usually I make myself sit through the whole movie so that I don’t actually miss anything.

Patty Holliday 8:27
But this one, this one, I got up, I thought I found a safe place to get up and go and not miss anything important. So I left. I ran out. I did my thing. I washed my hands. Thank you very much. And then I walked back into the theater during the pivotal turning point of this movie. And the dude who was sitting like just down the road from me, he was totally judging me on this. He was looking at me he was shaking his head like whoa, like you totally miss some shit. Girl. Yeah, yeah, so I did.

Patty Holliday 9:04
If you want to know when not to get up and pee, let me just put this out here. This is not a spoiler. Don’t worry again, I wouldn’t do that to you without a big warning, do not get up and go during the dinner scene when she meets Emily at a restaurant, so I’m gonna stay, stay put. Okay, and then when you watch it, tell me what happened because that’s the part I missed. Yeah, that’s what I missed. Now, for the parent movie review Part of this, how safe is the Invisible Man for teens. This one is intense. from a psychological standpoint. There’s also a lot of physical violence involved. You know, particularly when you are looking at it from the lens of an abusive relationship.

Patty Holliday 9:48
So if you have a teen struggling in that kind of a situation or has seen that before or your family you know is that’s a definite Whoa, and probably don’t go see this movie, okay. There was a lot of physical violence, a lot of hand to hand fighting a lot of combat like that. But it was also kind of one sided there was only the other person and in the action scenes was invisible. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I need to see it again.

Patty Holliday 10:22
If that made it better or worse, you know, from a reality standpoint, like did it get too real for me? Probably not. Because I didn’t see you know, a man actually like reaching out and hitting Elisabeth moss. I just see her recoiling and you know, being hit. Ok. So I guess that’s just a think about how your team processes things. And if that would make a difference or not to them, there’s absolutely some blood. There’s a lot of death, a lot of death and a whole lot of jump scares. But I will say like, not a lot of language to this movie, which really surprised me and No sex and no nudity either. In the end, I’ll say that I would have no problem letting my teen daughter she’s 14. She loves scary movies, though, but I would have no problem with her watching this one, especially if she was watching it with us. Just in case you know, to compare it I’d say it’s kind of on the same track and intensity as get out. But it never really reaches that brilliance.

Patty Holliday 11:25
So it’s not as good as get out. I mean, get out was so good. But it still is a pretty fun movie, if you are into that kind of horror thing. Okay. So in my house, the teens would get an okay for me. Definitely my my oldest he would be, he’d be easy to go into this one as well.

Patty Holliday 11:42
All right. That’s all I have to say for this week. And as always, if you have a moment to rate review, subscribe. I appreciate it. Five stars go a long way and showing the algorithm that other movie lovers and fangirls would love the show. So thanks for doing that. And This week later on this week we are going to be talking shits Creek again and though I don’t know how we’re going to attach last week’s episode, so this one better be funny Dan levy All right, make me laugh. And I don’t want to cry anymore.

Patty Holliday 12:13
And I think we’ll have an episode up to fan girl cheer from Netflix by word, y’all. I mean, Don’t you just love Jerry if you don’t love Jerry, we cannot be friends because the entire world needs to know me and adore Jerry because he’s awesome. If you love cheer, let me know. And then come join Julia and I this week to gush about everything happening on the mat. Little Mat talk going on because you know what I have to say it’s no fun to fan girl alone. Bye!

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