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Is The King’s Man Ok For Teens? Parent Movie Review

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The 2021 King’s Man is a prequel to the Kingsman movies (The Secret Service and The Golden Circle). If your teens or tweens have seen those, they may be asking if they can head to the theaters to watch the latest. But is King’s Man ok for teens? This parent guide and review will help you decide if The King’s Man (2021) is safe for kids in your house to watch. Check out when you can pee during The King’s Man!


About The King’s Man (2021)

As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them.

Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency in The King’s Man.

The Comic Book “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

You can watch The King’s Man trailer here.

kings man ok for teens and tweens. parents guide

Is The King’s Man Ok For Teens? Parent Movie Review

This movie is rated R, but that doesn’t always mean a hard 17-year-old and up age rating for families.

Is The King’s Man (2021) Ok For teens? This parent movie review and parent guide will discuss the language, sex and nudity, violence, and that rated R rating to help you decide how kid-friendly The King’s Man is.

Language In The King’s Man Parents Guide And Review

If you’ve seen any of the previous Kingsman movies, you know they don’t sugarcoat things.

This one is no different.

You’ll hear the F-bomb used in many different ways throughout the movie. Plus the usual lower-grade swears like sh!te, sh!t, d@mn, b@stards, h@ll, and … well, just about anything else you want to include in this category.

Language is definitely not kid-friendly in The King’s Man, but then again, it’s rated R specifically for language, violence, blood and gore, and some sexual material.

So let’s talk about that violence…

parent guide: is kings man safe for teens and tweens

Is The King’s Man Ok For Teens: Violence

The King’s Man is a bit of a departure from the previous movies in the trilogy.

This one seems to be more “realistic” (yes in quotes, because it’s never really trying to be anything other than a comic book version of events!) than the other movies.

If your family has seen and enjoyed the previous versions, this one was much more dark, realistic, and toned down in the violence and gore category.

Now, don’t get too excited and start thinking The King’s Man is safe for kids.

It’s still incredibly violent and there’s still blood and gore on screen. For example, a character’s beheading is pretty graphic and literally in your face.

kings man parents guide

Just not as campy and over the top levels of violence as its predecessors.

The story of The King’s Man revolves around the historical events of WWI. So the action is going to include trench warfare battlefront scenes (horrific in a reality-based setting) vs the campy Poppy Land fight scene from Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

There are many deaths and deaths of major characters that happen on screen. Deaths of a parent and a child occur in the movie, which may be triggering in some circumstances.

Rhys Ifans (Rasputin) in Twentieth Century Fox’s “The King’s Man”. Is this one Ok For Teens? Parent Review and Guide
Rhys Ifans (Rasputin) in Twentieth Century Fox’s “The King’s Man”.

The King’s Man Parent Review: Romance, Sex and Nudity

There are brief periods of women seen in their underwear in sexual situations.

Sex is also used in odd ways: one “healing” scene comes across as a sexual moment between two characters.

While this one isn’t centered on a romantic story, there are times where sex is mentioned and used in the storyline. Kissing and provocative dancing occur on the screen which may not make The King’s Man safe for your teens to watch.

is kings man safe for kids

What Ages Can Watch The King’s Man 2021?

Since it’s rated R, it’s a movie that kids will need to watch in theaters with an adult.

Is The King’s Man ok for teens?

With the lower sexual and gore content compared to previous Kingsman films, we’d say kids in high school ages 14 and up may be ok watching this one. If they have an interest in history, this may be a fun way to get some loose basics of World War I as long as they aren’t too squeamish.

But make no doubt: this is a Kingsman story which means guns, knives, swords, and blood are flying throughout most of the movie.

kings man 2021 parents guide and review

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