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Is the Live Action Mulan Safe For Kids? Parent Movie Review

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Mulan is back, saving China and kicking some Hun invader booty. But parents are asking: is the live action Mulan safe for kids? This parent movie review will let you know what ages are appropriate for Mulan, and if this 2020 Mulan is kid-friendly. So many great quotes from the live-action Mulan you are going to love! ps- Before you watch Mulan, you’ll also want to check this post for 3 important things to know about Mulan before you pay for the movie! 

is mulan safe for kids? parent movie review

About Mulan (2020)

When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father.

Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential.

It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation…and a proud father.

Runtime: 1 hour 58 minutes

Is the Live-Action Mulan Safe For Kids?

Since the movie was announced, parents were wondering just how fierce and scary would the live-action version of Mulan be. 

The animated version of Mulan is kid-friendly, but would this one be as well?

Since we are talking real people vs animated singing dragons, it makes sense that parents want to know what ages can see Mulan without worry. 

Mulan marching is mulan safe for kids and suitable for all ages?

Mulan is Rated PG-13

This rating is based on violence and battle content, which is appropriate. 

Parents need to know that there are fight scenes, intense war battles, and an incredible avalanche sequence that put the characters in peril.

With war comes death, and it is noted in this movie- though never in a gory or bloody way. 

The bad guys in this movie? Are really bad- and scary. 

Keep that in mind when deciding if this movie is ok for your children. 

is live action mulan kid friendly?

What Ages Can Watch Mulan (2020)?

Is Mulan appropriate for your child’s age? 

This is still a very Disney movie, which means there is not any sex or drugs on screen, nor any real issues that parents need to worry about with language. 

If your child has seen a Marvel movie or Star Wars movie, I’d say they are good to go with the general content here. 

It is suitable for most children ages 5 and up as long as they are not super sensitive to battles- and of course, as long as your family is not anti weapons and fighting. 

Mulan live action safe for kids

Is Mulan Suitable For Families?

My family watched Mulan together and we felt live-action Mulan was appropriate for all ages in the room (9-years-old to 40-something). 

There are great lessons to be learned in this heavily family-oriented story, for both the adults and children. 

Mulan’s parents each struggled with their daughter’s apparent path in life since it was clearly not a traditional one.

And Mulan had to learn how to be true to herself, even if it first disappoints her family. 

This movie had rich portrayals of a family steeped in history and tradition that must find a new way in a new world. 

This is absolutely a movie with heart that can be appreciated for all ages. 

is mulan kid friendly? what ages can watch mulan 2020

Mulan 2020 Review

First of all: visually Mulan gets one big mouth hanging open WOW from me. 

This film and its sweeping vistas are absolutely stunning. 

If ever there was a movie made for a big screen: it was this one.

That’s one thing that can be mourned from this home release; the loss of an epic adventure that would have enveloped you with all senses. 

parent movie review mulan appropriate for what ages

The movie is simply a treat to all 5 of them: with the costumes, the movement, the acting, and even the sound- especially on the heels of the disappointment of Tenet. 

If you are looking for the songs and the comedy of the original film, you will not find it here. 

And hear me out: that’s not a bad thing. 

I’m of the opinion that if we are going to re-boot and remake a movie, it should be similar, but not exact.

We should have different feelings when we watch them because they are, indeed, different stories. 

Otherwise, why bother remaking or rebooting anything? 

is mulan kid friendly and safe for kids?

Mulan Doesn’t Need A Man But She Does Need a Ponytail Holder

Mulan 2020 works as a standalone story that loosely follows the original, with some additional (and better, I feel) twists. 

Did Mulan need a man? I never thought she did, and I loved that we didn’t have heavy romance pushed on us in this new movie. 

I did have an issue with the change that comes over Mulan when she decides to embrace her true self, and let her Chi shine in all its glory. 

Cause that shine, apparently, requires long flowing hair and losing her armor. 

is mulan safe for kids? parent movie review mulan

Mulan, child, you NEED armor in battle, and please get your hair out of your face so you can fight undistracted. 

I suppose that’s the mom in me.

But you know: its a movie, and therefore reality is suspended. 

It’s not just the practical matter, but the message it sends kids is that being dirty and male-looking is a negative, being feminine is positive.

So Mulan almost gets things right in the whole girl power kind of way, buttttt… I wish she’d left her hair tied back for these final battle sequences. 

And if you’re wondering: yes, pay the $30 for this one. I wish Disney had opened this in theaters so the Asian cast and female director would get the wide exposure and views it deserves. 

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