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Is The New Mutants Ok For Kids? Parent Movie Review

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Movies are coming back to the theaters with new releases. This week The New Mutants took over big screens across the country. Is The New Mutants ok for kids? This parent movie review will let you know if this one is safe and appropriate for what ages. And also if its worth seeing in the theaters now- during a pandemic, mind you, or if you should hold off until streaming. 

is the new mutants kid friendly? parent movie review

About The New Mutants

“The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring.

When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive.

Rated PG-13

Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes

The New Mutants Parent Movie Review

Look, it has been a long summer with nothing much to do- and now movie theaters are open AND showing new films.

Time to take the family back to the movies? Well, maybe. There’s a whole thought process on that for you and your family before you decide. 

But is it time to see The New Mutants?

Your kids are probably asking, anyway. 

The new mutants safe for kids? parent movie review

Parents: this one is NOT worth catching anything over.

I mean, let’s be honest- what movie is? But I digress. 

The New Mutants is barely entertaining- which is not worth the risk or cost of the ticket right now. 

It’s messy, passionless, boring, and poorly written which made the whole experience even more uncomfortable than sitting inside a theater already is at this point. 

Bottom line: Don’t bother going to the theater for this one and I’d even suggest waiting until it’s on streaming services or at the very least only a $3.99 rental. 

group therapy the new mutants parent movie review

Dani, a 16-year-old American Indian finds herself orphaned and locked inside a psychiatric hospital with fellow teens.

Here she discovers she is a mutant with powers, though no one knows just what they are yet. 

Their only adult interaction is the cold Dr. Reyes who says she’s there to help them get better, find their powers, and work towards controlling their abilities. 

But of course, that’s not what’s really happening and soon the teens find themselves working together to escape their literal nightmares. 

The plot isn’t the problem: the execution of the story, however, is. 

The new mutants safe for kids

A lot of potential was lost with these characters, who we barely scratch the surface of. And when we do, they are not all that deep anyway. 

I left the theater ultimately annoyed on a variety of levels and would caution anyone against thinking this film will provide any escapism at this time. 

This ain’t the one, folks! 

Are Their End Credit Scenes In The New Mutants?

Nope- not a dang thing at the end of The New Mutants. 

Flee the theater and get some fresh air as soon as the movie ends!

Is The New Mutants Safe For Kids?

This movie is rated PG-13 and that’s a fair rating on most levels. 

If you have younger kids, I’m not sure I can say that The New Mutants is appropriate for anyone under the age of 10.

what ages can see the new mutants

Language In The New Mutants

You’ll hear the usual teen slang and slurs thrown around. I didn’t catch any F bombs in this one, but plenty of other 4 letters. 

If language is a big no-no in your family, this one hits somewhere in the middle as far as frequency and levels of use.

There are far worse teen films out there on a language level. 

Sex In The New Mutants

There is no actual sex or nudity in The New Mutants, though there are some topless male scenes and women’s backs in a shower scene. 

There are some romantic moments between various teens (I mean, hello, they are locked up together with nothing to do!) but it’s generally kissing, hand-holding, and caressing. 

Absolutely nothing shocking or embarrassing to watch with your kids, plus there’s LGBTQ representation. Thank you, 2020. 

illiana the new mutants

Violence and Scare Factor In The New Mutants

Nothing about this movie is rememberable: except for the Smiling Men. 

Holy cow, those are some scary mofos that might keep a younger child up at night. 

The movie does have tense and suspenseful moments that are on par with other Marvel movies, but it’s just not nearly as well done as the MCU.

Which meant I scoffed or laughed when the goal was to put me in suspense. 

What Ages Are The New Mutants Ok For?

I wouldn’t suggest this movie for anyone younger than 10, and that’s if they aren’t easily spooked by creepy, skinny dudes with no eyes and huge, sharp gaping teeth. 

But really: I wouldn’t suggest this movie in the theater for any age.

Wait for it to stream or rent it cheaply, but save your money and wait for something worthy of the big screen at this time. 

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