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Joe Exotic Quotes From Tiger King: The Best Lines (About Himself, Duh)

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Watching Netflix’s Tiger King certainly offered some quotable moments and Tiger King memes are legendary. Tons of the quotes landed in this Tiger King drinking game too. But no one was more quoteable than Joe Exotic himself. Here are some of the best quotes from Tiger King: Joe Exotic quotes you’re going to need to read to beleive! 

Joe Exotic Quotes From Tiger King

Quotes From The Tiger King’s Mouth: Joe Exotic’s Best Lines

Am I still talking about Tiger King? 

You bet I am. Because it’s still trending #1 on Netflix this weekend and I just watched it a second time. 

In that second viewing, I had #allthethoughts about this wild ride and how this docuseries was made. 

But I also really focused on Joe Exotic quotes this time around to see what the man, the myth and the legend really had to say. 

Spoiler: it was mostly stuff about himself. But hey, who knows Joe Exotic better than himself?

Here are the best Joe Exotic quotes from Tiger King. 

tiger king quotes cub and Joe

The Best Joe Exotic Quotes From Tiger King

  • “I’m Joe Exotic, otherwise known as The Tiger King, the gay, gun-carrying redneck with a mullet.” – Joe Exotic


  • “I’m outspoken, good looking, love to party and have fun.” – Joe Exotic


  • “People every day are like, ‘You must have the most incredible life to live with 187 Big Cats.'” – Joe Exotic


  • “I am gay as a three dollar bill, and I’m standing in a cage with five full-grown tigers and lions.”– Joe Exotic

joe exotic is the tiger king on netflix parent review is tiger king safe for kids?


  • “People don’t come to see the tigers; they come to see me.” – Joe Exotic


  • “I don’t think we’re done blowing sh!t up today.” – Joe Exotic


  • “I Went To Work Every Day Prepared To Die In A Tiger Cage. Dying Doesn’t Scare Me.” – Joe Exotic


  • “Your whole audience will say, ‘Oh my god, that guy has a mullet!’” – Joe Exotic


  • “I’d Like To Introduce My Wife, But My Husband’s At Home Feeding My Brand-New Baby Kangaroo.” – Joe Exotic

Tiger King Joe and baby tigers Is This show ok for teens to watch?


  • “The animal’s rights people keep saying I can’t have these tigers.” – Joe Exotic


  • “We had an employee who stuck her arm through the cage and a tiger tore her arm off.” – Joe Exotic


  • “I’m In A Cage. You Know Why Animals Die In Cages? Their Soul Dies.” – Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic and baby tiger: the tiger king quotes you need for 2020


Did you hear the news? Netflix is releasing an additional episode of Tiger King

This comes from Jeff Lowe, so here’s hoping it’s dropping soon! 

tiger king memes got any more episodes crack head

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