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Mini-Fangirl Interviews Josh From Blue’s Clues & You!

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My kid reporter has been busy this spring! She’s writing Scoob movie reviews and landed her first big interview. The mini-fangirl interviewed Josh from Blue’s Clues & You! So sit down in that thinking chair and let’s get to know Josh Dela Cruz. 

kid reporter josh dela cruz blues clues and you interview

Meet Josh, From Blue’s Clues & You!

We are longtime fangirls and boys of the Nickelodeon series, Blue’s Clues, around here. 

My oldest son used to run around playing Blue’s Clues with his own notebook and our sweet dog, Ella by his side.

I don’t think Ella really knew what was going on, but she was down for the excitement and frankly loved any “thinking chair” time on the furniture.

Blue’s Clue & You is the latest edition of the classic show and it is currently airing on Nickelodeon.

Lucy, my mini-fangirl and budding kid reporter has decided it is on the top of her list of binge-able shows this summer. 

And parents: it is bringing all the magic of the show we loved back with the new host, Josh Dela Cruz. 

Josh dela cruz from Blue's Clues and You


Mini-Fangirl Interviews Josh Dela Cruz 

Last month we had a chance to sit down and talk to Josh about his new show. 

Josh has been acting since high school and credits his older sister with getting him on stage.

Sisters: they get the job done!

He was on Broadway as the Aladdin understudy and an ensemble member and Blue’s Clues & You is his first regular series TV gig. 

Blue's Clues and You poster

Through the magic of Zoom interviews, we were able to connect with Josh and talked about some of Lucy’s most pressing questions:

  • Does Josh know ASL (American Sign Language?)
  • Can he really play the guitar?
  • What does Josh want people to remember about this series in 10 years?

You can listen to the interview on the No-Guilt Fangirls podcast or watch it on YouTube. 


Blue’s Clues & You! is available on DVD exclusively at Walmart on 6/2

Blue's Clues and You on DVD at Walmart 6.2.20

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Katie crow

Friday 14th of July 2023

You are best actor ever. You are my favorite josh ever happiness is magic, 💚joshua Dela Cruz. Blue’s big city adventure. We’re over on way.

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