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Worth Staying Up For Kaling’s Late Night? Parent Movie Review

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I went to a late night showing of Late Night and wondered if this movie was worth, well, staying up late for. Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson star in the movie written by Kaling. Late Night parent movie review spoiler: I was glad I went and would have taken the teens to this one.

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About Late Night

Legendary late-night talk show host’s world is turned upside down when she hires her only female staff writer. Originally intended to smooth over diversity concerns, her decision has unexpectedly hilarious consequences as the two women separated by culture and generation are united by their love of a biting punchline.

Rated: R

Run Time: 104 Minutes

Late Night Review

Katherine Newberry (Emma Thompson) is the aging talk show host, set in her ways, who apparently doesn’t like women. She insists that she should have a female writer and instructs her staff to hire one: enter Molly (Mindy Kaling) the diversity hire. 

It’s ok- she knows she’s one- and also knows that this is her one shot to make her own dreams come true. That’s where the movie shines: Molly puts in the work and fights to keep her place in the writer’s room under pressure-filled circumstances and it’s one of my favorite takeaways in this Late Night parent movie review

late night mindy kaling

In showing Newberry where her show is going wrong, Molly also encourages her to do what she does best: be true to herself and save her job in the process. Authenticity is where both Molly and Newberry will succeed. 

This movie is very Mindy Kaling- something you pick up immediately if you’ve read her books or watched The Mindy Project before. Its familiar territory if you know Kaling as a writer. 

She tackles sexism, ageism, and positive messages overall with a solid cast behind the solid writing. 

emma thompson late night movie review

It’s a smart script, and so was casting Emma Thompson. She’s also great in Men in Black: International!

She absolutely kills every line with impeccable timing. I’ll see this one again just for Thompson’s performance. 

I also adored the interaction between Thompson and John Lithgow, who plays Newberry’s husband. This added just a touch of rom-com to the story with messages of loyalty, friendship and forgiveness told through this long-term marriage. 

thompson and lithgow late night parent movie review

No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Late Night Review


When Can You Pee During Late Night?

You don’t want to be gone long, but there are a few moments where the action and snappy dialogue lull enough to run out to pee during Late Night

Here are my suggested times to hit the bathroom during Late Night:

  • When Molly leaves the meeting in distress about 30 minutes in.
  • While Molly listens to the piano during the party around 45 minutes in.
  • When the Big News hits and Katherine’s team discuss it amongst themselves around 1:10 in

Are There End Credit Scenes For Late Night?

Nope. When the movie is over, go ahead and see yourself out!

late night parent movie review

Late Night Parent Movie Review

Soooo many uses of the F word that I lost count. I mean, it’s rated R- and in the television industry in which this story is set, I know it’s used a lot. 

But really: so. many. F-bombs. Like, I stopped trying to keep up after hitting 10. 

Sex is discussed but no sexual acts or nudity occur on screen, so the R rating is definitely there for language and overall subject matter. 

This movie could have been a PG-13 rated with some better language choices and it would have been a good one for teens to watch.

mindy kaling late night parent movie review

If you aren’t averse to your teens (thinking 15 and up here) being subjected to a lot of swearing, this movie isn’t a terrible choice. There’s plenty to talk about with children of both genders after this movie and could open up some amazing discussions. 

Of course, if language is a huge no in your house, then adhere more strictly to the R rating age limit. 

Rating: 8

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