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Let’s Hear It For Hollywood

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Thank you, Disney and Marvel Studios, for covering all expenses for the THOR: RAGNAROK Red Carpet press event.

Not too long ago I found myself traveling Hollywood like a movie star.

I was even on a Red Carpet and posed on the Oscar Steps. Definitely not a typical Tuesday night!

The crazy part about this? It was my first time in Hollywood. That just added to the WHOA WHAT IS THIS LIFE?! moment I was having.

Here’s the thing: I’ve traveled to LA dozens of times, born and raised in the state, and yet had never made it to Hollywood.

I’m still kinda floored by this realization!

I’m discovering that no matter how many times you visit a city like LA, you can always find something new to explore.


I happened to explore Hollywood for the first time like a movie star, thanks to a unique invite from the Disney and Marvel Studios.

This trip was typical of press trips in that I didn’t have a hand in the planning. My job started when I showed up to the location. The logistics were covered for me.

The other stressors of travel for events like this had already passed: what to wear, how to do my hair, what shoes and makeup would be best, etc. This was all the planning I was in charge of for the trip, and honestly, that was a good thing since it was all I could handle!

hollywood sign

During the packing and beautifying for this night it still never dawned on me that Hollywood was my destination.

I think that’s why I was acting like Elly May Clampett when I realized I was in THE Hollywood of stage and screen. I’m sure my face was priceless.

When Reality Hits You In Hollywood

When did I clue into this fact?

I was standing in line, clutching my credentials to get onto the Red Carpet and Premiere when I looked down and found the Sherman Brothers staring back at me.

As a big ol’ Disney nerd, this was a MOMENT. The Sherman Brothers are responsible for the soundtrack of my childhood: “it’s a small world (after all)” and “A Spoonful of Sugar,” just to name two.

The first giddy reaction was that I was at the Sherman Brothers’ star (omg – how cool!)- quickly followed by – wait, whoa- I’m on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Holy cow.

I looked up and down the street to verify it.

Yep. I’m on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

From that moment the trip took on a different perspective for me.

el capitan theatre in hollywood with Thor: Ragnarok poster

The Glizty Hollywood Experience

A red carpet.

A Hollywood premiere.

The Roosevelt Hotel across the street.

I mean, does it get any more Hollywood than this?!

Walking the Red Carpet and watching the World Premiere of THOR: RAGNAROK was terrific- you can read about my full experience here– but I found myself thinking about a lot of superficial things.

Who else sat in my seat in the famous and historic El Capitan Theatre?

Which stars stood in line for popcorn before me?

I wonder which stall Ming-Na Wen used in the bathroom tonight?

Hey man, you never know when your six degrees of separation disappears, and things get a little more intimate!

After the movie, my mini-Hollywood tour continued.

We passed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – NOT the one in Disney World, people. This was not a drill!

And finally made a left at the Dolby Theatre.

That’s when we walked up THE Oscar steps, and I pretended I was Cate Blanchett going in to claim my golden statue.

(Side note: she’s glorious as the first female villain in a Marvel movie. See THOR: RAGNAROK for proof!)

The grand staircase is a destination in itself. If you find yourself in Hollywood, I highly recommend stopping for a gawk or two!

While my first trip to Hollywood was somewhat out of the ordinary, I’m making plans to come back to Hollywood for a day as a regular ol’ tourist.

I’m talking buying those Maps of the Stars Homes, walking up and down the Walk of Fame to find my favorites, putting my hands in the handprints in front of the Chinese Theater, and checking out the Sunset Strip (at the corner of sleaze and glam!).

I’m up for other LA suggestions! Let me know what else I’ve been missing all these years.


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.