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List of All the Harry Potter Spells

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We love Harry Potter around here. Books, movie, theme park attractions: The Wizarding World is one we dig. I wish there was a spell to transport me right now! I’ll have to check the list of all the Harry Potter spells to see if there’s one that might work.

Harry Potter Spells and wand

While I’m a total Muggle, I wish I was enrolled in Hogwarts. Alas, my letter never arrived.

If it had, I’m sure I would be House Hufflepuff, and I’d definitely be on the Quiddich team. And probably Head Girl too. 

Hey, if we’re going to dream, let’s dream big!

But I’m not a wizard, even though I played one at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter once. And yes, this photoshoot was as epic as it looks! 

My friend Meghan tried “Immobulus” on me and I shouted my favorite Harry Potter spell, “Protego!” back. 

Nothing happened, but it was fun to shout spells at each other anyway!

Wizard dueling Harry Potter list of spells

If you’re looking for a list of Harry Potter spells to try on your friends (or to add to a fun shirt or include in a Harry Potter birthday party) I’ve got you covered.

This list of Harry Potter spells are based only on the books and I know there’s more that comes from the movies. When I sit down to watch from my favorite list of Harry Potter movies in order, I’ll try to make a better note of things! 


List of all the Harry Potter Spells. Plus the meanings!

List of Harry Potter Spells

I’m sure there are other ways to break them down, but for simplicity’s sake, I went with the good ol’ ABCs when it came to the list of Harry Potter spells. So it’s in alphabetical order. 

I think Professor McGonagall would be proud! 

Professor McGonagall harry potter spells

  • Accio  calls an object to you
  • Aguamenti  water comes from your opponent’s wand
  • Alohomora  opens locks
  • Aparecium turns invisible ink visible
  • Avada Kedavra  One of The Unforgivable Curses; Kills your opponent
  • Avifors  turns a thing into a bird
  • Avis  birds fly out of the end of your wand


  • Bombarda  causes a small explosion. 
  • Colloportus closes a door and binds it so that it can’t be opened.
  • Confringo  the Blasting Curse
  • Confundus Confounds your target & makes them temporarily confused
  • Conjunctivitis Damages the eyesight of your opponent
  • Crucio The Second Unforgivable Curse, the Cruciatus Curse

  • Deletrius Erases the last spell cast by a wand so that it can’t be discovered
  • Densaugeo Makes teeth grow out of control
  • Diffindo Makes seams split open
  • Dissendium Opens a specific passageway into a cellar
  • Duro Turns an item to stone.


  • Engorgio Makes an item larger
  • Episkey Heals relatively minor wounds.
  • Evanesco Causes an item to immediately dissolve
  • Expecto Patronum Creates Patronus
  • Expelliarmus Disarms the target of the spell 

  • Fera Verto 
  • Ferula Binds a broken limb 
  • Fidelius allows a secret to be hidden within the secret keeper’s soul
  • Finite Incantatem Stops any spell
  • Flagrate allows the user to write or draw in the air with fire
  • Flipendo Also knows as the Knockback Jinx 
  • Furnunculus Causes a person to break out in boils


  • Geminio Creates a duplicate of an item 
  • Homorphus Man-Shape; makes a person disguised as an animal resume their human shape
  • Immobulus Immobilizes the target
  • Impedimenta Puts up an impediment that slows down something or someone that is coming toward you
  • Imperio The third unforgivable curse. Allows the user to assume complete control of another person
  • Impervius Repels water from a surface
  • Incarcerous Conjures up ropes, which then bind an opponent
  • Incendio Lights a fire


      • Legilimens Allows the user to gain access to another’s mind
      • Levicorpus Turns your opponent upside down
      • Liberacorpus “Liberates”, or frees a body that has been caught up by the levicorpus spell
      • Locomotor Mortis The Leg-Locker Curse; locks an opponent’s legs together
      • Lumos Creates light, usually by making the tip of the wand glow
      • Mobiliarbus Used to move a tree from one place to another
      • Mobilicorpus Used to move a body from one place to another
      • Morsmordre or Morsmorde Used to summon the Dark Mark
      • Muffliato Causes a buzzing noise so that those in the area can carry on a private conversation


      • Nox Extinguishes light as created by “Lumos”
      • Obliviate  erases a memory
      • Orchideous Conjures a bunch of flowers from the user’s wand
      • Petrificus Totalus Total petrification
      • Portus Turns any item into a Portkey, which can then be used to transport a person or persons to another location.
      • Prior Incantato Reveals to you the last spell that a wand was used to cast
      • Protego sends a spell back on an opponent

  • Quietus Makes things quiet, used to muffle “Sonorus”
  • Reducio Shrinks an item
  • Reducto blasts something to pieces
  • Relashio releases something
  • Reparo Repairs broken items
  • Repello Repels something
  • Repello Muggletum makes an area invisible to Muggles
  • Revelio causes something that is hidden to be revealed
  • Rictusempra causes a person to curl up in laughter
  • Riddikulus Makes a boggart funny rather than terrifying


  • Salvio Hexia 
  • Scourgify used to clean dirt off
  • Sectumsempra causes cuts to appear all over an opponent’s body
  • Serpensortia calls a snake
  • Silencio Makes the target of the spell unable to make any sound
  • Sonorus Amplifies the user’s voice
  • Stupefy  Stupefies an opponent
  • Tarantallegra Forces an opponent’s legs to dance 
  • Tergeo Scours something clean
  • Waddiwasi Removes a stuck object
  • Wingardium Leviosa  the first spell taught in the Harry Potter movies

Harry Potter list of spells

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