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Look. Listen. Check This List of Black Women Entertainment Writers and Podcasters

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Black Lives Matter indeed- and we need to fangirl this movement. Here are some black women entertainment writers and podcasters we should all be reading and listening to. 

black women entertainment writers and podcasters

Black Lives Matter. Period.

Look. Listen.

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our own skin- and by “sometimes” I mean all the time and in “our own skin” I mean my own white skin. 

Comfort in 2021 is no longer acceptable.

I’m ready to listen, to support, to challenge my own privilege and thinking, and to be part of a solution rather than sit by and assume I’m not part of the race problem. 

george floyd parking meter washington dc sign list of black women entertainment writers

Look. Listen. 

When George Floyd was murdered by the police, he called out for his mama. 

And this mama’s heart was irrevocably changed. 

I can’t pretend to know how terrified a black mother or father feels when their dark-skinned child leaves the house, but I can, with a mother’s heart, understand the fear of losing a child.

And I can, as a human being, fight for every civil right the black community has been denied.

Washington DC Black Lives Matter Protest May 30, 2020

No parent should ever worry when their kid wants to ride a bike through the neighborhood or walk up to the store in a hoodie for some Skittles. 

America: we’re better than this. I mean, aren’t we?

Damn, I hope so.

Let’s be better than this and heal the racial divide scarring our country. 

And, you know, stop killing black people. 

Look. Listen. Read. Black Writers and Podcasters

If we all expand where we get our entertainment news, reviews, and information with this list of black women entertainment writers and podcasters, we ALL win. 

If you aren’t sure who to support, or where to start: I’ve got a list! You know I love my lists

Look. Listen.

I know this list is not going to change the racial landscape of this country, but if it amplifies women of color- and introduces you to a new fave- it’s a step forward.

Read ’em, listen to ’em, and most importantly: SHARE their work. 

The entertainment and review genre is saturated with white, male voices. And you KNOW dudes are not the only ones going to the movies or watching TV.

And they most definitely aren’t the only ones with opinions about them!

List of Black Entertainment Writers and Podcasts

rise of the resistance Amiyrah Martin
  • Black Girl Nerds– podcast and blog and a lot of nerdy love to go around. I love this description from the about section of the website: Black Girl Nerds is a place for women of color with various eccentricities to express themselves freely and embrace who they are.  This is not a site exclusively for Black women.  It’s for ALL women who are just as nerdy as we are and the men who love and appreciate us.
  • Shaye. OMG- y’all- SHAYE. Shaye Wylie from Popcorn and Tequila. Y’all want it raw and want it real? Shaye is your girl. I love everything she’s not afraid to say!
  • The Curvy Film Critic. Carla covers it all and has interviewed just about everyone you want to be in the room with. 

  • Check out Michelle Wilson at Dellah’s Jubilation. Along with mommin’, traveling and Disney (you know I love it!)- she’s got a ton of information for you when it comes to entertainment. 
  • Life With Tanay. If you’ve got littles and need to know what shows are going to be hit with the preschool crowd, check out Tanay’s reviews and lists. Tanay and Shaye were also guests on The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast- you can check out their episode about You on Netflix here
  • Urban Hollywood 411 was founded by journalist Anita Bennett. You will find it all here: celebrity news, tv and film reviews, sports and politics. 
  • Melanin Be Geekin’ Podcast. I started listening to these geeks last summer and love their take on all things pop culture. 

This list of black women entertainment writers and podcasters is just a touch of the black magic that lives on the internet: you’ve got someone you want to add?

Please leave their link in the comments. 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.