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My Mini-Fangirl | Movie Review By Kids: SCOOB!

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Welcome to My Mini-Fangirl, a movie review by kids for kids. This review of SCOOB! was written by Lucy who is 8-years-old. And maybe, just maybe, her mom used this as today’s “distance schooling” writing activity. Look, you do what you gotta do! Is SCOOB! ok for kids? Will your pre-teens love this one? Lucy shares her thoughts on the Warner Bros. newest release, SCOOB! You can rent or buy this movie now on all video on demand platforms. 

Scoob movie poster parent review

Kid Movie Review By Kids for Kids Written By: Lucy

SCOOB! Story

SCOOB is a movie about five groovy teens solving mysteries in a van called the MYSTERY MACHINE!

But what happens when Scooby is in danger? A new villain is in town & his name is… Dick Dastardly.

Dick plans to use Scooby to get his dog buddy, Muttley, back. (Irony, am I right?)

What I Liked (and Kids Will Like!) About SCOOB!

There are 2 really funny actors that I love.

When my mom told me that Zac Efron was Fred I freaked out!

I LOVE all of the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL movies.

Fred in Scoob is voiced by zac efron kids movie review

Zac Efron is Fred in SCOOB!

The other actor that I liked was Ken Jeong.

He voices Dynomutt and is hilarious. 

I LOVE COMMUNITY! (don’t judge my mom, ok?)

I watch it all the time with my mom & brother- sometimes the rest of the family like to join.

jen jeong is dynomutt in SCOOB

Ken Jeong voices Dynomutt

Best Quotes From SCOOB! Movie

It says here that Dick Dastardly is using his mother’s Netflix account to steal Netflix. -Velma

That’s not fair for the rest of us who have to pay for Netflix. -Daphne


{Scooby & Shaggy get abducted}

Whoa, Scoob do you know where we are! -Shaggy

Ummm no -Scooby

The clean modern aesthetic. The cool blue palette -Shaggy


The Falcon Fury! -Shaggy

Did you just say IKEA -Shaggy

Uhhh no I said The Falcon Fury just like you -Scooby

SCOOB kid movie review by kids for kids

{At abandoned amusement park somewhere in Romania}

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! -Shaggy & Scooby

{Shaggy gets flung across park into one of the Ferris wheels cars & Blue Falcon is there too. }

Oh um hey man.{ pewwww!} Ahhhhhh!!!!! -Shaggy

Dude what are you doing !!!!!! Throw some F-bombs or something!!! -Shaggy

Whoa !!! Let’s keep this PG!!! -Blue Falcon

I’m talking about Falcon – Bombs!!! -Shaggy

Parent note: the line I called out as possibly concerning in the SCOOB parent guide movie review? Yup, she thought it was one of the funniest! 

simon cowell in SCOOB

What I Didn’t Like About SCOOB!

*WARNING* At the end there is a very sad scene it made me cry super badly.

Your kids might also be sad when it gets to this part. 

Will Kids My Age Like SCOOB?

This is a kid-appropriate movie.

I think lots of little kids would like it because it has comedic humor, it has drama and it has adventure!

Lessons Learned From SCOOB!

The lesson in SCOOB! is FRIENDSHIP always WINS!

No matter what.


Lucy is 8-years-old and in the 3rd grade. This is her first movie review for kids by kids. She loves dogs, movies, and YouTube. You can find her drawing and sharing her pictures on Instagram at @hashtagohlucy

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