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It’s Official! We’re Now Streaming Disney Plus And Talking Disney+ Classics

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We thought about it, we practiced on The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast, and then we finally did it. It’s official: Andrea Updyke and Patty Holliday are the Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast and we’re devoted to Disney+ news and reviews. Our first official show covers the Classics coming to the Disney+ streaming service and what we’re most excited about watching!

Disney Classics coming to Disney Plus streaming service including High School Musical, Duck Tales, The Rocketeer, Tron

We’re Now Streaming Disney Plus

Classic movies and TV shows from the Disney vault are coming to Disney+ and we are looking forward to so many.

If you followed us from The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast, you found us!

We’re Andrea and Patty & we’re Now Streaming Disney Plus.

Andrea and Patty the Now Streaming Disney Plus team

Our first meeting was at a runDisney event: I was a chimney sweep and Andrea was Steamboat Minnie

What’s Coming to Disney+: The Classics We Can’t-Wait To Re-watch

We decided to go ahead and make this its own show since Disney+ has so much to talk about.

Here’s what we know is coming to Disney Plus (and a parent guide to help you decide if it’s right for your family!)

We talk about the shows & movies we want to share with our kids, Andrea drops a shocking bomb on Patty (hint: she’s not all in this together…!) and we pick up that Apple Dumpling Gang discussion from a few episodes back. 

Where can you find the Now Streaming Team? 

Andrea: and @andreaupdyke on all socials

Patty:, The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast on all major podcast apps, and @noguiltlife on all socials

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Transcript For Now Streaming Disney Plus Podcast

*Please note: this is unedited and transcribed by AI- so it’s not perfect. But, hopefully, it is helpful for those that prefer or have a need to read rather than listen.  – Patty

Andrea Updyke 0:02
Disney Classics original shows documentaries and more. There’s a new streaming service in town we’re Andrea and Patty and we are now streaming Disney plus

Patty Holliday 0:08

Hey y’all This is Patty from no guilt and the no guilt fan girls podcast. You can find me on all socials at noguiltlife. If you want to come and hang out with me on Twitter. I’d love to have you.

Andrea Updyke 0:24
And this is Andrea Updyke from theme park parents .com. You can find me on social media at theme park parents or at AndreaUpdyke.

Patty Holliday 0:34
Now this is this is our This is it. This is it. We made it happen. Andrea, look at us we had

Unknown Speaker 0:39

Patty Holliday 0:40
We have our own channel. Guys, this is our first official show on our new home at now streaming Disney Plus, if you followed over from no guilt fan girls podcast, you found us good job.

Andrea Updyke 0:54
Congratulations, you did it.

Patty Holliday 0:56
You did it. Now if you are just stumbling across this podcast and are like what are these girls talking about? If you look at the episodes, we’re going to go ahead and upload the previous episodes that we did. They were recorded for the no guilt fan grace podcast. And we discussed at that time, it was just a segment that we were doing and we thought you know what? Maybe, maybe this needs its whole dedicated channel. And as you can tell, that’s what we decided on.

Andrea Updyke 1:24
We like to talk what can

Patty Holliday 1:27
we do and we like to talk about Disney and Disney+ has so much coming out that we just figured instead of taking over that entire other show, we would make a new cozy home with your popcorn and your ears to talk about Disney+ streaming service right here. So welcome.

What We’re Watching While Waiting on Disney Plus

Andrea Updyke 1:44
Yes. And before we get into Disney+, do you want to talk about what we’re watching now?

Patty Holliday 1:50
Yes. So Andrea, whatcha watching

Andrea Updyke 1:53
I tend to go back and forth from the Disney Channel straight to what I like to call the murder channel. Okay, I pretty much have two speeds. I’m either watching singing and dancing, or I’m watching some really dark, terrible show and we just wrapped up Season Two of Barry on HBO and I’m telling you guys that show is twisted, but I could not stop watching it. It was so fascinating. It was so well done. Season Three I’m told is in the hopper, but we don’t have a release date yet. So that one’s finished and then I had to switch over for some descendants three because that one came out last week and my kids love descendants. I love descendants. Let’s be honest, I listened to that soundtrack when no one is at home with me. And it’s just a lot of fun. So those are the two shows I’m kind of kind of stuck on right now or I guess descendants three is a movie not a show but that’s me. How about you Patty

Patty Holliday 2:52
first of all I’m glad to hear that from you about Barry because I think we have similar tastes in a lot of ways and it’s been on the the list to go and watch I’m going to have to make that happen but my problem is finding the time but I better hurry up and do it before all this Disney+ goodness comes out

Andrea Updyke 3:07
I will tell you they’re only the episodes are only 30 minutes. Oh so it’s not a huge time commitment and there’s only I think maybe a season

Patty Holliday 3:16
oh that’s you okay that that’s doable that I can make happen on the treadmill so Barry Barry is going to happen Alright, so thanks for thanks for the recommendation now. Over here over here I think I am on my six I think it’s my sixth run through this summer of Schitt’s Creek haha yes. Look when I fan girl I fan girl hard I go all in and I love the show. This has become my I need some happy I need just you know to Zen out and bring a smile to my face show and that’s what Schitt’s Creek is doing for me. So by the way, guys, I’m not cussing. This is a family show. That is the name of the town. It’s SCHITT Apostrophe S somebody whose last name so don’t you know get offended and be like

Andrea Updyke 4:00
I thought this was a Disney show. It is it is we’re stuck we’re getting that show really is hilarious and heartwarming. And I also love it. I haven’t gotten all the way through all of the seasons, but I absolutely love it. It makes me laugh so much.

Patty Holliday 4:16
Oh, yeah, no, it’s great. So highly recommend highly recommend. And if you’re interested in learning more about that I do have an episode about Schitt’s Creek on that other podcasts, which is the no guilt fan girls podcast. Come listen to us. express our undying love for shipping. So yeah, just the other thing that I’m totally in into right now. And this completely is because of my age. I was the target audience when it came out. And I think I’m the target audience now that they’re doing the reboot, but the BH 90210 I know I am all in I am all in I am loving this adult you grown at me, don’t you?

Andrea Updyke 4:49
Let me just say you don’t like look, I was excited to watch it. But kind of in that sort of can’t look away from a train wreck kind of way.

Patty Holliday 5:01
I watched the first episode and I just could not stand it. But I couldn’t look away. So I will be watching this season, but I’m not loving it so far. Oh my gosh, I think it’s brilliant. I think it’s it’s completely it’s not a traditional reboot. And I think that’s what I like about it because Okay, so when it first when they first said it was coming out, I thought a reboot another reboot. But then they said reboot with all the original tasks. And I was like, Okay, I’m in. That’s it. And I think that was my full stop. I did not pay any more attention to what was going on with the show until it came out. And I watched the premiere. Well, it was you know what, while it came out live that last week. And so it took me to me and apparently everybody on Twitter by total surprise, because it’s not what we thought of or what I expected it to be. When I heard reboot with the original cast. I thought they were all going to be playing themselves. And that’s not what happens in this. But that’s what my hook is. That’s what got you even more excited about it. Yes. Is that it is this. It’s like their heightened personal stories. Like it’s not really them. But it’s a show within a show. Anyway, it’s great. I love it. I’m in 90210 I know is now where you can find me. I have moved it.

Andrea Updyke 6:16
You got your own booth at the peach pit? I do. I do. Yes,

Patty Holliday 6:19
I’m there. I’m there. So that’s what we’re watching. While we are waiting for all of this Disney+ goodness to come out. Last week on the show, we talked about the new and the original programming that’s coming out. And this week, we’re going to do a little I don’t know, flashback Friday, as we talked about the show’s heading our way from back in the day.

Disney Classics Coming to Disney+ Streaming Service

Andrea Updyke 6:40
I’m excited. I mean, I love Disney Classics. And not just the movies. But there were a lot of shows back, you know, in the 80s and 90s that maybe some of us remember Duck Tales, tailspin dark wing duck, and a lot of that stuff’s going to be on. I’m a huge fan of the Disney Classics. Because what I love about those are what I love about the new movies as well. And that’s there’s something for everyone. And it’s all going to be there all at once and probably will be fighting over who gets to choose.

Patty Holliday 7:11
Well, and I know we do have a list of what they have announced there is more coming guys, there’s a lot more coming. Right now they I do have this list and it’s going to be on my website will link that in show notes for you. So you can go take a look and see, you know, see what you might be interested in refreshing on. But today we’re going to talk about the couple of things that specifically are standing out that that were interested in revisiting or watching for the first time because there are a few of these things that I missed. Just as a as a refresher in case the first time around. Yeah. And if you and if you don’t know, I am definitely a solid Gen X or that’s where I fall in the age range here. So a lot of these things, particularly the Disney Channel show, I missed the first time because I had aged out of them like details. Uh huh. I remember my little sister and little brother running through the house singing the song, so I’m very familiar with it. And I obviously knew what it was about. But I was older and didn’t actually watch it when it was on because that was also back when I was like a silly teenager. And I thought, you know, the Disney Channel is for kids. Right? Right. Okay, that’s right. Where now as an adult, I’m like, Oh, the Disney Channel. Let’s watch descendants let’s

Andrea Updyke 8:32
it’s so much fun. And especially on vacation. We always have the Disney Channel on and we’ll watch anything. It doesn’t matter. How old or if it’s a you know, old show. new show? Yes, yes.

Patty Holliday 8:44
Yeah. So. So that’s why I fall, you know, in the age range. Some of the things that that a lot of people are excited about. I don’t have that nostalgia factor in you know, just yet, but I’m interested. And I know because I do have a kid that’s in that younger age range. She’s excited about it. She is so excited about the details like,

Andrea Updyke 9:04
Oh, well, who doesn’t want to jump into Scrooge McDuck? Money pit right? Like that was always the big girl. Big vault full of coins. Like, come on. That’s like the dream. Have I told you this story, my salty story from DE 23 Expo 2017. This sounds juicy. So let’s hear it. Let’s hear

Patty Holliday 9:27
it for so d 23 is the big fan convention that is for Disney Disney fans and add it that they have this huge expo floor. They have all these panels where they you know, show us some teasers and some of the fun stuff that’s coming out. It happens every other year. And so it’s actually happening next week, it’s coming out and I’m going to be there. So there’s going to be a lot of Disney plus content that they are focusing on there. They’re making this a big push at D 23. Expo and I’m living for it. So you know, I will definitely be reporting back for you guys on all of this awesome stuff as it comes live. That being said, flashback to 2017. And one of the big things that they were advertising was Scrooge McDuck money pit and that you could jump into it.

Andrea Updyke 10:15
Oh, come on. Yeah, too much fun. Oh, my gosh.

Patty Holliday 10:19
Oh, my God. You said it, huh? No, no, no, no. So what happened was apparently it was way more popular than they expected it to be. So after the first day and the lines i’m not i’m really not exaggerating. When I say this, the line to get into Scrooge McDuck the money pit like basically started, you know, on harbor Avenue or harbor Boulevard, whatever, whatever harbor is. It started out the door and went all the way it was just that popular. So then they switched at some point to like a wristband option where you had to come up early in the day, get a wristband with a time to return to do your jump. Oh, apparently when all that happened, I did not get that MMO I did not see that update I missed out on that I showed up on Sunday morning. And walk up in the line is fairly reasonable. It was going to be away. But there was people standing in line and I was like, that’s cool. I can stand in line for this. I waited until Sunday thinking it would be the least busy time of day. And I walk up Mark Yeah, I thought it was being smart. I woke up and I tried to get mine and it goes like this lines been cut off. I was like, wait, what do you mean? I said When is it going to reopen? She goes no, it’s kind of for the day. We are done. Dude, this was like a 10 o’clock in the morning. I’m not I’m not kidding. It was

Andrea Updyke 11:33
they had already given out the risk.

Patty Holliday 11:35
Yeah, I said I don’t understand what’s going on. And that’s when she explained to me about the wristband thing and whatever and I was like, okay, but some people won’t come back for that. Can’t I come and I don’t know as a standby line, or, I mean, I’m willing to keep checking in if that would be okay. And she was like No, you don’t need me she was really she was really rude to wow yeah, it’s done.

Andrea Updyke 11:54
She was 100% done so done with the Duck Tales fans

Patty Holliday 11:57
which I you know what i looking back I’m giving a grace and I get that but she was she was really not a pleasant discussion at the time. Which you know, fun fact about me when you’re not pleasant to me. I’m not pleasant bag. That’s just so I am sure. Well, you reap what you sow. Right. Right. And I am sure her I’m sure her version of this story is just as salty as mine is. I was probably not very nice to you. Anyway, point being she basically turned me away and tell me Don’t bother coming back because we are not reopening this booth. Guess what? They reopen?

Unknown Speaker 12:31
Oh, my. Yeah.

Patty Holliday 12:33
So I missed that. I missed the chance because I gave up I was so annoyed and so angry about it. I did give up and I didn’t miss my chance to jump into the doctor. So yeah, and and what the sad story killed me was her commentary. She said we just were we were we were unprepared for how big of a deal this would be. And I was looking at her like, do you guys not even know your people? Like, did you

Andrea Updyke 12:54
not do a search? Are you? Are you new? Like how is this a surprise to you? Any classic Disney fan? Even you the one? Isn’t that big of a fan wanted to do it? Thank you. Yeah, I would anticipate it was crazy. To my mind. It blew my mind.

Patty Holliday 13:12
But anyway, so Duck Tales is on the list. I am going to get back into details and I will have to let my dreams of jumping into the money pit go. What else are you thinking as far as shows, as far as like some of the older shows that you would be down to sitting in watching over again or for the first time maybe

Andrea Updyke 13:30
I’m kind of focusing more on movies, but definitely Duck Tales. I watched that I was probably a little too old for it. But I watched it anyway. And I liked the song. The theme song was just fun. And also the gummy bears. I don’t know if you remember that show. But they it kind of came they were right on next to each other. And that was about the little bouncy gummy bears. And I don’t know I was into it. So that would be fun. I haven’t even I haven’t even thought or seen anything about that show. You know, since it was on probably 25 years ago. So I’m looking forward to that. And you know, I’m actually really looking forward to re watching some of my favorite movies with my kids, because there’s a lot of good stuff. And a lot of the old favorites are still pretty relevant. I mean, one we have already watched, which is coming back when Disney plus that launches is the original Tron. Have you ever seen that man?

Patty Holliday 14:27
You know, I want to say that I saw it in the theater million bazillion years ago, and didn’t care for it didn’t get it. It didn’t connect for me. Which is weird because I really liked Star Wars type stuff. Right? So it was it was you know, anti that kind of genre, whatever. But that’s just kind of a memory that I have is I do remember going I don’t I don’t get this. So but I will give it I will give it a second second try. Because

Andrea Updyke 14:56
Well, you should because it is like classic 80s cheese like so we actually rewatch this recently as a family because I had fun memories, memories of it. And of course you know, Walt Disney World is building the Tron coaster, and tomorrow land. And so there’s been some buzz they actually did a reboot of Tron A few years ago, which we haven’t watched yet. And we wanted to watch the original first. But the thing I love about these old favorites is as kind of a computer geek a little bit of a computer nerd I was an early adopter, early 90s. I had email, we had the big giant computer, all that stuff. And this is a movie where the villain is the computer. And that is really fun. And like the graphics are terrible. It’s old. It’s it’s silly. But the actual story is still kind of relevant, right? Because like even though technology has changed so much, it’s the same idea. Like who doesn’t love the Old Evil computer trying to take over mankind? Like, it’s just it’s classic. It’s so my boys actually really loved it. I wondered how they would do because it was such you know, the graphics are so rudimentary compared to what they are now. But we actually really enjoyed it. We’re going to watch the next one at some point. And I don’t know it just really got me excited for the ride that’s coming and

Patty Holliday 16:21
Okay, well, I’m definitely gonna have to take a look at this. Because it’s it’s been so long when you describe that I’m like I drawing absolutely no connection to and I know I saw it. I know I saw it. So

Andrea Updyke 16:31
yeah. Okay, so you get sucked, he actually gets sucked into the computer game. Okay. And it was not even a game. But anyway, it’s, you know, it’s just you see everything. It’s very predictable. Now that it’s here we are 30 years later, however long, right? All right. A lot of fun,

Patty Holliday 16:48
then I’m definitely done. I’m down for that. I’m down for that. How about. I know you mentioned singing and dancing. So you know where I’m going with this, right? Uh huh. Let me think about this.

Why don’t you tell me we are going to have to do a whole we’re gonna have to do a whole show and Jay I’m just telling you this right now about High School Musical.

Because it’s coming to Disney plus, all three of them. And and I know it’s been it’s out there. Like I think I can find High School Musical to pretty regularly on demand for for you because I still have cable because of course, you know, we have hashtag everything. But uh, so I know I can see that whenever again. But I have a hard time finding the original. And then I have a hard time finding number three. And I’m sorry, but you need all three. You just you need this in your life and needs it in her life, like all the time. So High School Musical is probably my number one excitement as far as the old stuff that’s coming back that I am going to and the funny thing is, again, with the age difference i was i was aged out of Disney Channel completely when High School Musical came out there was I mean, I think I had a baby by the time this this you know movie came out on the Disney Channel for the first time. And I can’t remember at what point that I happened upon it. It wasn’t too much after that. But I was smitten I was completely in love with everything. Troy Bolton.

Andrea Updyke 18:15
So can I tell you a secret? Yeah. I’ve never seen him stop injury. I know. It’s a true story. I’ve seen bits and pieces of one of them on the on the show, you know on the Disney Channel on TV. But I have never sat down and watched them from start to finish.

Patty Holliday 18:34
Okay, look, if you like to send in

better than dissonance, however you don’t like 902 I know. So I have issues. So I’m not sure what to say about this.

Andrea Updyke 18:44
I like it. I’m sure I’ll like it because I love I love the cheesiness of Disney movies. I mean, look, that’s it is what it is. It’s its own genre. It’s great. They’re fun, they’re talented, they’re cute. totally ready to watch it. But yeah, I wanted to let you know in advance that it will be my first viewing.

Patty Holliday 19:05
I promise you I may have things to say I should have probably put that on the questionnaire before I picked you as my co host

must love High School Musical otherwise,

Andrea Updyke 19:15
guys. This is not scripted. I saved this little treasure for the live recording. I wanted daddy’s real reaction. Oh my gosh, this is

Patty Holliday 19:24
this is one of those times where I wish we had done this one as a video because you should see my face like I can’t I cannot even at this time guys. All right. Well, that’s good to know. Get to know a little All right, what does anything else when other old movie that you’re? Oh, yes. I know. I know what old movie I want to see that I haven’t seen. Because we we did talk about this once before is the Rockets here.

Andrea Updyke 19:48
Yes, absolutely. And that is one that I am a little nervous to rewatch because I loved it so much. That I’m afraid if I rewatch it, I won’t love it as much. I did. Does that make sense? Like I’m like, it’s nice. It’s good as I remember, but I loved this movie. I mean, this is another one that’s just like, it’s older. The graphics was it’s a live action movie. So it’s not graphics, but there’s some special effects. But, you know, it’s like, Good guy finds a jetpack. And then like, there’s villains I think they might be Nazis and there’s like, all this stuff going on. And he becomes this hero who flies around in a jetpack like

Patty Holliday 20:33
Well, I think if you go in, you know, from a fan perspective, like take your critic hat off, you know, for that first time and just go go watch it for fun, then you’ll probably still have that connection because I had I back to 92 I know I had to do that with with the original 92 and Oh, I thought I need to dive back in and I need to watch this I need to think about if this is really as much fun as I remember it being and I had to take the critic hat off and put it on guide and just enjoy it as this you know as the 16 year old 17 year old girl that I was when I first watched it. And FYI still holds up. So everybody go watch 92 and again, but back to Disney first. So the Rockets Yeah, yeah, I don’t I can’t remember what year it came out. But I do not see it.

Andrea Updyke 21:18
Yeah, I think it was the late 80s. And I actually went and looked it up recently on IMDB and you can actually see one of the original trailers which is hilarious. trailers are so different now. But I mean Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, they’re pretty people there’s a little bit of a romance there so I’m sure I was probably maybe it was even early 90s because I was definitely part of it was definitely the romance because I was just getting into like, you know ROM coms and things of that nature and and I just really enjoyed it. I did so I’m excited to see it again. And I don’t know I think my kids will get into it because especially my youngest loves anything that includes a jet pack so I have a feeling and like he loves characters that have helmets or masks so like Darth Vader, Kyla Ren, you know, I think and racketeer has a very distinctive helmet with this cool like fan out the back and

Patty Holliday 22:12
holes. Oh, right. Well I’m down for it. Now I have to tell this story. I went to Hollywood in April for for red carpet for Avengers and game red carpet. And while I was there, I did all kinds of like super touristy things. And on my list of touristy things to do I don’t know if you guys know this, but you can go to some of the theaters there in Hollywood, that are the old school like, you know, all the big stars would come to the glitz and glam of Hollywood back in the day. And one of them is the El Capitan theatre. This theater is now currently owned by Disney. The theater underwent like this massive renovation, I went and did a tour of the El Capitan. And it was anybody can do this. I think it was like 12 bucks or something to sign up for the tour. I’m just nerdy enough especially about Hollywood in general to go do stuff like this on Yeah, you went over. So it’s like a 45 minute tour. I show up. I’m the only one. It’s just me. Sorry, guys. And so I got this kind of one on one private

Unknown Speaker 23:13
tour. Yeah, well, your private tour. Yeah, it’s kind

Patty Holliday 23:16
of cool. It was kind of cool. I felt like a Hollywood star myself. But anyway, he pointed out at when at one point when he was telling me the history of this theater, that when they relaunched it when they reopened it think I’m getting this right when they reopened it. The Rockets here was the first red carpet that they held at El Capitan after the big update and and all of that, how, yeah, it was really cool. And he also showed me a picture of it. And they apparently had like a had a roller coaster out in the middle of the street.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
Like, yeah, you know,

Patty Holliday 23:46
it looked like it was a lot of fun, and it just piqued my interest. So so since I did that tour, I have had the Rockets here on my brain, even though I haven’t haven’t seen the movie. But again, Disney synergy look, you got me interested in the Rocketeers, such

Unknown Speaker 24:02
a fun?

Andrea Updyke 24:03
Fun it, and I really love it. I mean, it’s such an adventure, and I love the Disney adventure movies. And I know they’re doing lots and lots of reboots lately. Some people have opinions about that. I’m okay with it. But I do love a good original story. And I really feel like that’s what the raw material speaking

Patty Holliday 24:19
of originals and reboots. We’re also getting the original Parent Trap on Disney plus, yes. Yes, please. Right. I am so excited for this. Let’s get together. Yeah. Hey, Leo, I love I know, I know. So with this one, I I remember my mom introducing it to me on TV, and telling me how she had watched it because it was made in like 1961. And how excited when it was, I can’t even remember what channel obviously this was way, way, way, way, way back that we stumbled across it. But she was so excited to see the original Parent Trap. And she had me watch it with her and I fell in love with it. Well, of course, they did do a reboot. With Lindsay Lohan in it. It sounds like you’re not just with Lindsay.

Andrea Updyke 25:10
It was a cute movie. Okay, I did not hate that movie. I just have such a love of the original. But that one was hard for me. And plus, it came out and in the age, you know, kind of a similar thing that you were talking about. Like, I just wasn’t watching Disney stuff. at that period of my life. I can’t remember how old I was. But I think it was probably in college or something. And, you know, I I didn’t have kids yet who would be interested. And I was like, how dare they, you know, like, I was, like, seriously offended. And you know, when she came but she was cute. She did a good job. I’ve since I’ve watched it since and it’s fine. But you know, I just love the original. It’s so much

Patty Holliday 25:47
it really it really is it was really great. I

Andrea Updyke 25:50
it just reminds me of like classic Hollywood, right? Because the guys from California and the mom is in London, I think and, and there’s just it’s so glamorous, and that just that time period and the

Patty Holliday 26:02
outfits I do too. I do too. I do too. So that’s, that’s I’m excited also from the perspective of you know, my mom showed it to me, and I’m gonna be able to show it to my, my kids, which let’s be honest, my daughters are going to be into it my son’s okay. But my I’m not trying to be sexist, I’m just being a realist, they have no interest in the parent chap. However, my daughters will think it’s really great. So I’m going to pass the 1961 version along to my children through Disney plus, which I think kind of wraps up or explains why we’re so excited

Andrea Updyke 26:31
about getting Disney plus in our lives, because I mean that it just scratches the surface. I mean, we could, I could talk about 10 more movies, I’m excited to see. And so it’s going to be a lot of fun. Trying to decide what to watch first, I know what our kids, you know, like, Aren’t you curious to know what your kids latch on to? Because I feel like it might be different because obviously I have boys and I was a little girl growing up to these movies. So they might like something entirely different than I did. And that’ll be fun to see. And maybe I’ll start liking things I didn’t like, coffee. Apple Dumpling.

Patty Holliday 27:06
Oh, yes, the Apple Dumpling gang. So tell us your feelings about that one. I haven’t seen it on the list. I’m assuming it’s going to be I’m assuming that at some point it will be available because they the list that I have was an early lyst that came out and it’s definitely not every single Disney movie ever made. And I don’t think Apple some blinking is on there. But you mentioned that Yeah, I haven’t told it on a Lyft he told me that you didn’t like it. And I was surprised because I have a memory of it. And I remember liking it. My my parents they tried bless their hearts. My sister’s got to go see Greece in the movie theater. And I was like, I don’t know, three or four years old, something like that. And I really wanted to go see it. And my mom wisely said no, I don’t think that’s for you. But my dad my sisters weren’t that much older

Unknown Speaker 27:54
than me.

Unknown Speaker 27:56
But anyway,

Patty Holliday 27:57
he took me to see the Apple Dumpling game. In the theater. I must have an older than three or four I came out anyway, point being I saw it in the theater and it was a good I remember laughing and going well. It’s not john travolta but I guess it was all right. You know, that was kind of my, my opinion back in the day. But I don’t think I’ve seen it since then. So when you said you don’t like it, what what do you not like about it?

Andrea Updyke 28:19
So my husband heard me say this the other day. And he was horrified. He’s like,

Unknown Speaker 28:27
you don’t like Apple Dumpling gang? And I was like, Oh, yeah, about that? Because I don’t know, I

Andrea Updyke 28:33
had to think about it. Because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it. I’m like, Well, why didn’t I like it? When is it? And it really boils down to a few things, which is basically everything he loved about it. So there were there were words, words were said. But I, I don’t love slapstick comedy. I don’t mind physical comedy, but when it’s just running into walls over and over, you know, like, kind of the Three Stooges kind of thing. I’m not if it’s not your thing. Gotcha. Yeah. So there’s that. I don’t really love westerns. Okay, something about the colors. It was just very dusty. I just remember it as being very Brown, which is an odd thing to say, I know. But like, in my mind at the time, I just didn’t love the colors. And I just, I don’t know, it just wasn’t. It didn’t hold my attention, like some of the other movies I was interested in. So I might like it. I’m going to watch it again. Maybe it’ll totally surprise me. And he was just like,

Unknown Speaker 29:32
but it’s this awesome story about, you know, these kids that

Andrea Updyke 29:36
get adopted and all this? And I’m like, I don’t remember. Like all I remember is this other stuff. So I don’t know, maybe I’ll change my mind when I see it. Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

Patty Holliday 29:45
that’s that’s, that’s one of the kind of interesting things about all of this is that we shaped our memories. We know when we were when we were little right. So how are those memories going to hold up? When we watch them again, now as adults now as parents, now through the lens of our own kids, I mean, it’s just really a whole different experience. So I ever won. I can’t wait to sign up for Disney plus, when I’m at D 23. Expo, because I get to do it or

Unknown Speaker 30:13
you get to do it early.

Patty Holliday 30:17
So you know, just FYI, everybody, there is going to be a ton of Disney plus information that is going to come out next week. And Andrew and I are going to get together and have a deep dive discussion about it all. Once we get back from our traveling, she’s traveling, I’m traveling, it’s going to be crazy. But we’re going to we are going to bring it to you and we’re going to bring it here on this channel. In the meantime, if you want more immediate updates, I am going to do that on the no guilt fan girls podcast. So you can always flip over to that channel. If you want some immediate what’s happening at Disney plus News. I’m going to try to update something every single night as a rundown. And I already have a seat, guaranteed and I’m traveling as press and so some of the press were able to get seats in advance it’s I know for sure I will be in the Disney plus presentation. So I’m going to have all your I’m going to have all your details straight from the Jose and if we get to see any previews, I’ll be able to kind of tell you what when we get to what day is that? What day is that? That’s Friday, that’s Friday.

Andrea Updyke 31:18
Okay, so it’s funny to be sneaking peeks at my phone.

Patty Holliday 31:22
Well, it helps you know, your husband’s into Disney too. So you know, you guys romantically look over Twitter together to get the D 23 Expo news. But that’s all that’s all coming we are We promise a big coverage episode here. But you can also get some shorter ones that are going to be they’re probably gonna be super raw and edited and just be like, Oh my gosh, guys, oh my gosh, guys, oh my gosh, guys, but but that’s what happens when I fan girl out. So that’s gonna be there. But we are going to bring it here as well. And we’ll look forward to that. Now. In the meantime, we love it. If you would go ahead and subscribe. If you can leave us a review. If you can throw up some five star ratings. All of that helps in the algorithm for all these podcast providers and share on social media tell people about us. Because

Andrew, there’s just so much coming that we’re going to

Andrea Updyke 32:18
have so much I know. And we would love to know what you’re looking forward to. If you’ve looked at any of these lists, if you’re expecting something to come out or you even just remember something from your childhood, let us know, let us know what we should be watching. Yeah, because we’re going to be we’re going to be watching this stuff as soon as it comes out. So we can revisit and maybe catch some things that we’ve never seen before.

Patty Holliday 32:40
And I would say that the best places to leave those recommendations for us would be on our blog posts about the Disney plus, which both of us I’ll link. I’ll link those in the show notes. But you can go and leave comments on the blogs or and our social media handles on it at no guilt life on everything. So you can find me there and leave me a note. Send me send me a little heads up, you need to start watching blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you know, we’ll have a discussion about that. That’s kind of how we see this shaping up eventually as as more things come out is we might plan to watch maybe an older show. Maybe we’ll maybe we’ll start with Tron since Andrea’s excited about it. And we’ll both watch Tron and then we’ll come back and kind of give our thoughts on it. And we’ll go from there. But that’s that’s kind of what we what we see this shaping into as information comes out. And as more shows are available for us to watch. I just

Andrea Updyke 33:37
it’s gonna be so much fun. We’re really looking forward to it and I can’t wait to see what else they drop. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more so I will be following along with Patty next week at G 23. And we’ll get the lowdown and bring it all back to you as soon as we can.

Patty Holliday 33:53
Absolutely. Alright, so for now though, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you real soon on now streaming Disney Plus.

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