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Paddington 2 Parent Movie Review | Beary Precious

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We loved Paddington books as kids, and we’re excited to share him in a whole new way as parents with the movies. Paddington returns to the big screen in the sequel opening this week in theaters nationwide. Paddington 2 Review summed up: this movie is beary precious! Parent Movie Review. 


Paddington 2 is one of those stories that I worried wouldn’t translate well to the big screen.

Taking a bear and plopping him into modern-day London and making this feel believable could have gone terribly wrong.

No worries here, however. I am delighted to say that Paddington 2 was the most adorable and precious kid’s movie I’d watched in a long time!


Paddington 2 review: it's beary precious!


Paddington 2 Parent Movie Review

Paddington 2 picks up where the original story left off.

Our favorite bear, Paddington (Ben Whishaw) is happily settled with his new family, the Browns, in London. It’s clear to see that he has become an integral part to the workings of the community, where he spreads joy (and a little marmalade!) wherever he goes.

He finds a perfect present for Aunt Lucy, his beloved aunt who raised him from a cub and sent him on the path to life in London. A fantastical pop-up book of London becomes the perfect symbol of her dreams for young Paddington and he sets out on a path to earn the money for this gift.


Paddington 2 review: it's beary precious!


Just as he’s about to have enough to buy Aunt Lucy’s present, it’s stolen out from under him. Unfortunately, due to events that unfold, Paddington is also wrongfully accused of the theft.

Paddington, with his family and friends, works to find the thief and clear his name.

I loved this story and so did my daughters who attended the screening with me.

It hits just the right notes of whimsical silliness that comes with featuring a talking bear in London without going too far overboard.

It’s *almost* believable if that makes sense!

My favorite performance by far was the villainous turn from Hugh Grant.

Yes, that’s right: Generation X we get to see one of our romantic comedy heartthrobs take on a very different role.

And he is delightful.


Paddington 2 review: it's beary precious!


I’ll be the first to admit that I have limited patience with children’s movies. I’ll often find a point where I no longer buy into the story or find an actor that just doesn’t ring true.

I did not run into this issue with Paddington 2. It was a wonderful from the opening to the end credits and I even cried a little at the end.

It’s beary precious and a movie you don’t want to skip!


Paddington 2 Parent Movie Review

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I took my daughters to this screening. They are 6 and 12 and they both absolutely adored the film.

My 6-year-old was engaged and excited throughout the film. Watching her laugh and cheer made Paddington 2 even more enjoyable than I expected!

This one is suitable for all ages as long as the younger child is comfortable watching an hour-long show already.

My older teen would have enjoyed this as well as it appeals to adults & older children too.

Take the whole family!


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