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Parent Movie Reviews & Guides

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Parents: we know you care about what movies and tv shows your kids watch. That’s part of your job: making sure they are exposed to age-appropriate movies. But every family is different when it comes to determining what you consider a kid-friendly entertainment option. This list of parent movie reviews and guides will help you decide what movies and shows are best for your kids. You can also find out when you can pee during the movies too!

parent movie reviews and guides

Movie Reviews For Parents By Parents

That’s it- that’s what you’ll get here.

The parent movie guides and reviews will help you decide what ages are appropriate for some of the most popular movies and shows out there.

We’re not here to say if a movie is “good” or “bad” for kids but to let parents and other adults know about the content of the shows we watch. And we hold no judgment here: every family has a different tolerance threshold when it comes to language or sex or violence.

We’re not “critique-y critics” but we are parents who think other parents want to know if these movies are ok for kids.

Here’s what you’ll find in the parent movie reviews and guides on this site

parent movie guide and reviews

What You’ll Find In The Parent Movie Guides

We’ll cover the following topics for each film in these parent movie reviews:

  • Language in the movie. Are swears used? How often, how many, what kinds? What other movies are comparable to this one?
  • Violence levels in the movie. Are deaths happening on screen? Blood, gore, violence against animals or children? What kind of weapons are used? Are fight scenes graphic?
  • Sex and Nudity in the movie. Are we seeing folks nude on screen? Are they in bed together or alluding to going to bed? Is there kissing or other PDA that will help you decide what ages can watch these movies.
  • What Does PG-13 Mean In This Instance? PG-13 movies are all the rage, and sometimes it might work ok for younger kids, and sometimes… not so much. We’ll help you understand what PG-13 rating means so you’ll know if these movies are ok for your kids.

List of Parent Movie Reviews and Guides

Is Cruella Too Scary For Kids?
Is Jungle Cruise Too Scary for Kids?

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A list of the full archive of parent movie reviews going back to 2017

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