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Parents Guide To Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour

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Parents of the younger Beyhive: you’ll want the details from this Parents Guide to Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour before you head to the stadium for the show. Be sure to know what to take to the Renaissance World Tour. This parents guide will help you navigate the concert with kids. Here’s what to know about the Renaissance World Tour before the kids go! Affiliate links are included in this post.

What To Know Before You Take Kids To Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Parents Guide

It’s a big deal to take your kiddo to their first big concert!

And there’s no bigger concert happening this summer than Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce plays for a solid 2-1/2 to 3 hours on stage.

If you are taking kids or dropping off your teens, we’ve put together a parents guide of information for this specific tour to help you prepare for the event.

And trust us: it is a BIG EVENT. (BTW- How many times can we say big in this post? SO MANY TIMES.)

If you factor in the standing-room floor sections, aka Club Renaissance, you’ll want to enter the stadium EARLY, you are in for a very long night at the Beyonce concert.

This guide is full of important information that should work for every concert you are heading to, regardless of the city.

Here’s your parents guide to Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour.

Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce on a crystal horse suspended from the ceiling during her concert.

Renaissance World Tour North America Dates And Locations


  • July 8: Toronto, CA – Rogers Centre
  • July 9: Toronto, CA – Rogers Centre
  • Jul 12: Philadelphia, PA – Lincoln Financial Field
  • Jul 15: Nashville, TN – Nissan Stadium
  • Jul 17: Louisville, KY – Cardinal Stadium
  • Jul 20: Minneapolis, MN – Huntington Bank Stadium
  • Jul 22: Chicago, IL – Soldier Field Stadium
  • Jul 26: Detroit, MI – Fort Field
  • Jul 29: East Rutherford, NJ – Metlife Stadium
  • Aug 01: Boston, MA – Gillette Stadium
  • Aug 03: Pittsburgh, PA – Acrisure Stadium
  • Aug 05: Washington, DC – Fedex Field
  • Aug 09: Charlotte, NC – Bank of America Stadium
  • Aug 11: Atlanta, GA – Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • Aug 16: Tampa, FL – Raymond James Stadium
  • Aug 18: Miami, FL – Hard Rock Stadium
  • Aug 21: St. Louis, MO – Dome At America’s Center
  • Aug 24: Glendale, AZ – State Farm Stadium
  • Aug 26: Las Vegas, NV – Allegiant Stadium
  • Aug 30: San Francisco, CA – Levi’s Stadium
  • Sep 02: Los Angeles, CA – Sofi Stadium
  • Sep 13: Seattle, WA – Lumen Field
  • Sep 18: Kansas City, MO – Arrowhead Stadium
  • Sep 21: Dallas, TX – AT&T Stadium
  • Sep 23: Houston, TX – NRG Stadium
  • Sep 27: New Orleans, LA – Caesers Superdome

Do Some Beyonce Homework: Listen To The Renaissance World Tour Song List Before The Kids Go

Beyonce has a TON of songs, but she can’t sing them all for you at the concert. So we think listening to the setlist is key to getting your kids ready for what they’ll hear live.

Does Beyonce Cuss In Her Songs?

Over time her music, style, and lyrics have evolved.

Beyonce does indeed cuss in her songs, including dropping some F-Bombs.

Not only does Beyonce sing them, but the crowd at the concert also amplifies them by singing along loudly.

A casual radio listener may be surprised at the explicit lyrics, so take a listen to the songs on the set list to be prepared for what’s to come.

stage Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour

Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Setlist For Parents

Here is the Renaissance World Tour Setlist of songs:

  • Dangerously In Love
  • Flaws And All
  • 1+1
  • I Care / I’m Goin’ Down (Mary J. Blige cover)
  • COZY
  • ALIEN SUPERSTAR / Sweet Dreams (Medley)
  • Lift Off (from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s WATCH THE THRONE)
  • 7/11 (Interlude)
  • ENERGY (ft. Beam)
  • No Angel
  • Haunted
  • Formation
  • Diva
  • Run The World (Girls)
  • MY POWER (from The Lion King: The Gift)
  • Savage Remix (Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce)
  • Partition
  • Yonce
  • Get Me Bodied / Freakum Dress
  • Before I Let Go
  • Rather Die Young
  • Love On Top
  • Crazy In Love (ft. Jay-Z)
  • Naughty Girl
  • MOVE (ft. Grace Jones)
  • Drunk In Love
  • Blow
Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour phones

We’d suggest finding the setlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

Arrive Early To The Renaissance World Tour

Especially if you have Club Renaissance standing-room-only tickets.

If you want to be as close to the stage as possible, you WILL need to get to the stadium early to line up.

Check your stadium for opening hours and be prepared to spend some time on your feet waiting for the concert.

Don’t be late, however!

Beyonce does not have an opening act for the Renaissance World Tour, so you definitely want to be in the stadium well before she hits the stage.

What To Bring To the Renaissance World Tour

Since you’ll be there for a long time- and maybe stuck in the parking lot afterward even longer!- go ahead and use this list to prep what to take to the concert.

Stadium Bag Policies

Each location will have a different bag policy. Some require TOTALLY clear bags only (NFL stadiums).

So check with your location before assuming your normal purse will work.

Size matters!

Make sure you measure your bag before you attempt to bring it in, as some stadiums will refuse entry to larger bags.

List of Things To Bring to The Beyonce Renaissance World Tour Concert

  • portable battery for your phone (plus phone cord!) Maybe consider multiple chargers depending on how long you’ll be at the stadium
  • empty water bottle (can fill inside stadium)
  • completely clear bag if an NFL Stadium (12 x 6 x 12 is usually the largest size allowed)
  • snacks for the car after the concert. You’ll be waiting in the parking lot for up to 3 hours, so be prepared with some post-Beyonce snacks.
  • poncho or rain gear
  • Concert Earplugs. We’ve seen a lot of younger kids really miserable because the concert is just too loud for them. Consider bringing earplugs along just in case.
  • sunglasses for outdoor concerts
  • hand sanitizer (always!)
  • Something to do while waiting for the concert to start that’s NOT your phone. Cards or a book might help pass the time and save that phone battery.

Items Not Allowed At Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour Concert

  • backpacks
  • camera bags
  • diaper bags
  • umbrellas
  • seat cushions (unless medically necessary)
  • portable chairs for the Club Renaissance folks- leave these at home, the stadium won’t allow them in
Renaissance World Tour

Pack Snacks In The Car For Post-Concert

The best tip we’ve seen for this guide to the Renaissance World Tour is to pack your patience for after the tour: and a snack bag for the parking lot waiting.

There have been reports of sitting in traffic for 1-3 hours post-Beyonce concert just to leave the parking lot. If that happens to you, you’ll appreciate planning ahead with a small cooler of snacks for the wait.

What To Wear To The Renaissance World Tour: Comfortable Shoes

This isn’t your typical jeans and a t-shirt event. Moms: this includes YOU! Go ahead and dress up with your kids and embrace everything glam and glitz.

Beyonce and Blue-Ivy (special guest from time to time!) deserve nothing less than your best.

Think of this as an event, and not just a musical concert. And go all out.

CNN reports that the theme is Afrofuturist disco fantasia, so dress accordingly! Think more “Alien Superstar” than “Cuff It.”

Think silver color palette with lots of glitter and chrome, and don’t forget your (comfortable!) cowboy boots and hats.

The number one suggestion we’d make: dress in something you are comfortable wearing for a long time. Because you will be at this experience for a minimum of 4 hours, but potentially an all-day event.

But make sure whatever you do, you wear comfortable shoes to the concert.

We cannot stress enough how much you will be on your feet when she goes on stage and you will wish you left those high heels at home!

So comfortable shoes are a MUST.

We know, we know, the cute boots with the heel are tempting.

But unless you’ve broken them in, please reconsider. You and your kiddo may regret that choice by the end of the night!

Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour. Beyonce on stage singing

Make A Plan To Get Ready Before The Show

Your hotel room may not be ready, but you’ll want to start getting dressed for the show.

What’s a young Beyhiver to do?

First, check with your hotel. Many are opening ballrooms or conference rooms for pre-concert prep if the rooms are not available yet.

We’ve seen lobbies full of the Beyhive getting their glam on- so you will not be alone if that’s what you have to do.

But you might also want to plan on arriving a day earlier OR even consider what you can do in the car. This may include bringing portable car chargers for your straighteners or curling wands.

Merchandise Purchases

Merch is a VERY big deal for the Renaissance World Tour.

If your child is interested in the most popular items, you’ll want to arrive early. Like stupid early.

As early as the parking lot opens early.

Items DO sell out.

Some locations are offering merchandise sales the day before the concerts even start, so be sure to double-check the situation at your location.

The Best Beyonce Renaissance World Tour Merchandise Tip: Once Inside the Stadium, GO UP.

Most people will stop at the first merch tent or truck or line they see.

The smartest of the Beyhive will have read this guide to the Renaissance World Tour and will know that more merch is being sold on the higher concourses.

Go ahead and take that elevator early and head to a higher floor. There usually are more merchandise options up there- and most have ZERO lines.

You can also pop out during a song to hit the merchandise lines- which is a great plan for parents who feel comfortable leaving their older teens alone for a bit.

Loud Noises And Explosion Warning: Fireworks and Flashing Lights At The Renaissance World Tour

For sensitive kiddos, please be aware that there are pyrotechnic moments and loud noises during the concert.

We put earplugs on the list of things to take for a reason!

If your stadium is open-air, you’ll also have fireworks at the end of the night.

Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour horse

Stand For As Much Of The Renaissance World Tour As Possible

Parents: take note!

The crowd will stand for the entire concert.

If you have a shorter child going with you, be prepared for them to be blocked or need to be held to see the stage or screens.

The Beyhive will not sit for the performance (at least not for most of it). If you have an aisle seat, you might make out a bit better but those in the middle of the row could be blocked from the view.

Remember when we said to dress comfortably? This is why.

When Can You Pee During The Renaissance World Tour?

This might be the most important part of the guide to the Renaissance World Tour.

Beyonce has built-in mini-intermissions that will allow you to pee during the concert.

You’ll only have about 3 minutes, and while you will miss some storytelling elements when you aren’t in your seat, at least you won’t pee your pants!

So take advantage of these intermission moments to run and pee during the Renaissance World Tour.

Parents Guide To Renaissance World Tour Concert Final Tips

Pack your patience, and leave the negativity at home.

This is one big, inclusive, fangirling and fanboying event. The Beyhive is passionate about their Mother, their Queen Bey. And as we’ve noted many times… it’s BIG.

Which means there are a lot of people trying to enjoy the same great artist. Most stadiums are set up to handle large crowds, but keep an eye and ear out for security instructions during the event.

And know that you won’t get home quickly (even if you plan on taking public transportation- the trains and buses are running, but there are going to be tons of people utilizing the same modes).

Talk with your kids in advance so they know what to expect. We’d also suggest watching some videos (Tik Tok and Instagram Reels are great bite-sized moments for this).

We hope this parents guide to the Renaissance World Tour helps with your concert plans!

Guide To Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour dancers

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