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The Wildest Quotes From The Tiger King and I Bonus Episode

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Tiger King is still the talk of the nation and Netflix just dropped an additional episode! Sit down with your Tiger King coloring sheets and watch Joel McHale interview some of the major players from the series. Man, we got some wild responses! Here are the wildest quotes from the Tiger King and I bonus episode. 

Joel McHale quotes from the Tiger King and I netflix

The Wildest Quotes From The Tiger King and I Bonus Episode

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this one, but it didn’t disappoint!

Joel McHale interviews- from isolation on his couch- a few of the major players from the hit Netflix docuseries Tiger King. 

The 8th episode is a bonus Tiger King show that catches up with some of the fan favorites since the series has aired. 

quotes from the Tiger-King-and I reunion special

And you won’t believe what they had to say about fame and post-Tiger King life. 

And there are a few suggestions on who they’d like to play themselves in the movie, cause you KNOW there’s one in the works!

Here are the wildest quotes from the Tiger King and I bonus episode. 

tiger king quotes from extra episode

Bonus Episode Tiger King and I Quotes

Just living clean. Loving Jesus. – Erik Cowie

What’s the point, if I’m just going to get peed on again every day. So… – Erik Cowie

Your title remains head zookeeper? – Joel McHale
Uh, yeah, major asshole… you know… – Erik Cowie

Those cats trusted me up to the end and somehow, someway they looked at me like ‘Dude, you let me down’ kinda thing. I could see it in their face and in their eyes. – Erik Cowie

I don’t care about you, I don’t care about Joe. I’m here for the cats. – Erik Cowie

Should Joe be a free man? – Joel McHale
No- not no but fuck no. – Erik Cowie

My teeth are jacked up, I’m an old man, and no I don’t do meth I like sleeping too much. – Erik Cowie

can teens watch Tiger King? Is Tiger King family friendly?

(about the nanny) She’s hot- Lauren Lowe

I think they tried to sensationalize it a bit to give it a villain, and villain (points to self) is right here. – Jeff Lowe

About Allen: He’s the sweetest hitman you could ever hire. – Jeff Lowe

About Allen in the bathtub: Kinda slexy, wasn’t it? – Jeff Lowe

Now it’s just that I’m Fonzie. – Jeff Lowe

Do you think Carole killed her ex-husband? -Joel McHale
Abso-fucking-lutely. -Lauren Lowe
There’s no question in my mind she did it. – Jeff Lowe

He’s where he belongs and I’d probably just tell him- you know- Gotcha. – Jeff Lowe

Animals don’t give you any crap, just people. – John Reinke

He always tried to keep everybody smaller than him. – John Reinke

The man did a lot of stupid shit. – John Reinke

That was my only friend at the time. (regarding the skeleton in the car) – John Reinke

is tiger king kid friendly? parent review

I was stopped three times during a pandemic in Walmart. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

I never thought that they should be kept in captivity- but the reality is that they cannot return to the wild. There’s not a wild for them to return to. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

I don’t have any regrets (in response to losing his arm) – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

Oh there’s no fight between me and a 600 lb tiger. It took all of 15 to 20 seconds, maybe. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

Have you watched the attack? – Joel McHale
I have- over and over yes sir. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

He fed people for free, a full Thanksgiving dinner. Every single year that I’ve been there. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

I never stopped trusting the tiger. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

I think justice was served but I don’t want to see that man die in prison. – Kelci ‘Saff’ Saffery

quotes from tiger king and I got any more episodes crack head

It’s fair, it’s balanced, and it’s a wonderful production. – Josh Dial

The truth hurts. – Josh Dial

That he was batshit crazy. Who was very shady as far as his business dealings went. – Josh Dial

The best part was the lions every morning they did their roars. All the windows of the house would rattle. Our alarm clocks were 30-40 lions roaring at once. – Josh Dial

Joe spoke to a shaman. – Josh Dial

Us gay folk are almost an endangered species over here. – Josh Dial

All these animal folks are the same. All they care about is money. – Josh Dial

He’s in the loop on this and he’s loving every minute of this. – Josh Dial

Fuck the feds. Do your job. – Josh Dial

In the documentary they showed it not finished. It is 100% finished now and will be revealed ultimately. – John Finlay

We both binge-watched it in 7 hours. – John Finlay

I was portrayed as a drugged-out hillbilly. And I was 4-5 years clean at that point. – John Finlay

I got tattoos- why not show them off? – John Finlay

rick kirham tv producer tiger king quotes

It was the farthest distance I could get away from Oklahoma and that zoo. – Rick Kirkham

You hear “Tiger King” when I walked through the mall. – Rick Kirkham

Nothing compares to this series- this documentary series has become a phenomenon. – Rick Kirkham

Joe exotic is more evil and Bill OReilly is more just an asshole. – Rick Kirkham

About 3 months in I began to see him doing things to animals that I knew was wrong. – Rick Kirkham

He asked me to kill Carole at one time. – Rick Kirkham

I regret ever meeting Joe Exotic. – Rick Kirkham

The hottest Tiger King celebrity sighting location is Walmart. -Joel McHale

Watch Tiger King on Netflix now.

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