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Ready or Not Parent Movie Review

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Should you hide from this one? Or seek it out? Depends on your level of dark humor and horror. But is Ready or Not safe for kids? Nope. And here’s why in the Ready or Not Parent Movie review. 

Hide and Seek Parent movie review

About Ready or Not

Alex and Grace get married, and Grace is excited to meet her new extended family at the wedding. The family fortune was made on board games, so it doesn’t seem too crazy when she’s told they have to play a game at midnight as a part of family tradition. She pulls a card and the room visibly tightens when it’s revealed that they will play hide and seek. While Grace hides, the family arms themselves with plans to hunt her down and kill her as part of a long-ago pact. Grace needs to survive until sunrise and the chase is on. 

Rated: R

Runtime: 95 Minutes

Ready or Not Review

My first reaction after the movie: Bananapants! Yes, all one word. 

Because the last 15 minutes were exactly that. 

The rest of the movie? Not quite as clever as I hoped and I wanted more dark humor and comedy to round out the horror. 

The script is not nearly as fun as I wanted it to be based on the trailer, but hey, that’s what I get for trusting trailers! 

Ready or Not parent movie review

Where this movie does excel, however, is the cast. 

Andie MacDowell is delicious and Adam Brody has a strong role here. The one-liners are delivered to perfection and their characters were fleshed out enough to make them both relatable and likable, even as they are hunting down Grace. 

But Samara Weaver as Grace is the winner of this movie. I wasn’t familiar with her as an actress before, but I’m hooked on her delivery and scene-stealing use of the F word. While I’m not a fan of salty language just to be salty, I did enjoy her delivery of the line more than once in this crazy chase of a movie. 

Ready or Not movie poster

The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Movie Review of Ready or Not

Are There Any End-Credit Scenes in Ready or Not?

When the credits start to roll, sometimes filmmakers give us a little something to hold on to. Maybe a hint at a sequel or in the case of a good horror film, one last jump scare. 

Does Ready or Not have an End-Credit Scene?

Nope, it does not. So feel free to leave the theater knowing you aren’t missing anything except for some names of the hardworking crew.

Adam Brody in Ready or Not Review

When Can You Pee During Ready or Not? 

There are a few moments early on that are ideal for making a bathroom run during Ready or Not. 

I wouldn’t save that pee break for too long, however! Once the game gets going, you don’t want to leave unless you really have to. 

Thankfully, this is a shorter film so you are probably ok hanging in until the end!

Here are the times when you can pee during Ready or Not:

  • About 20 minutes in when the little kids first arrive and run through the room
  • When Grace tears her dress around the 36-minute mark
  • When the butler is pushing the mop to clean up a mess around the 58-minute mark

Ready or Not Parent movie review

Ready or Not Parent Movie Review

With this one, it’s pretty clear that it’s not for kids. 

The subject matter, as well as the R rating, should signal parents that it’s not for kids. 

But if you’re wondering if you can make an exception, I say no one under the age of 17 for this one. 

The language is case in point number 1: they give no Fs for how many times they all use the F word. And it’s a lot. 

The horror and gore is high level as well; there is no shortage of blood and body parts in this one. Plus a ton of inventive ways to kill people that just don’t need to be seen by younger kids. 

My final reason for no kids in this movie is that, well, there are kids in this movie. The youngest family members are indoctrinated to the family tradition and even take a stab at killing off Grace. I’m not a fan of including kids in this kind of horror in that way, so I’m voting this one as late teens and up. 

Take the kids to see Dora– I’m serious, even the teens will love it- instead of this one. 

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