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Fangirling The Rise of the Resistance | Podcast

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You know we love Star Wars around here and are 100% onboard with any and all immervise experiences. Visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge planet of Batuu just got a lot more exciting: we’re Fangirling (and reviewing!) the Rise of the Resistance on the podcast today with guest Amiyrah Martin from Four Hats and Frugal

rise of the resistance Amiyrah Martin

Fangirling The Rise of the Resistance Podcast

Star Wars. Walt Disney World. Enough said. 

Okay, so not *enough* because we’ve got to fangirl a bit about the newest attraction opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Rise of the Resistance. 

On the show today is Amiyrah Martin, co-host of The Star Wars Moms on Facebook and one of the biggest Star Wars fangirls I know. 

She’s been on the ride- multiple times- and encountered her boyfriend Kylo Ren— and lived to tell the tale. She shares a non-spoiler review of what you can expect when you head to Black Spire Outpost and Batuu this year. 

Oh and she answers the big question: what about that drop on the Rise of the Resistance we keep hearing about? And you’ll want to check out her post: Is Rise of the Resistance for Kids?

The attraction opens on December 5, 2019, at Walt Disney World and January 17, 2020, at Disneyland. 

Find Amiyrah on Twitter and Instagram and follow along as she covers the opening day of the newest Star Wars attraction at Walt Disney World. 


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