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Scary (But Not-Too-Scary) Movies For Teens and Tweens

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Spooky movies are super popular, but what’s a mom of teens and tweens to do? Let them watch Friday the 13th or force them to stick with Addams Family for a few more years? There’s got to be a middle point for the kids in the middle years. You need a list of scary movies for teens and tweens. This list of Halloween movies is for the middle school crowd who may feel too old to trick or treat but not old enough to hang with Freddie or Jason. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

Scary but not too scary Movies for teens and tweens to watch

Scary (But Not-Too-Scary) Movies For Teens and Tweens

I love a good movie marathon and binge, but the list of Disney Halloween movies isn’t quite cutting it for the teens this year.

Sure, they love Descendants as much as I do, but they’re starting to ask to age out of some of the Freeform 31 Nights of Halloween shows.

I Get it.

I was the kid watching Freddie and Jason at a way too young age (sorry, Mom and Dad!).

There’s something that a jump scare does to you that can’t be replaced by a fun, coordinated dance number!

scary but not too scary movies for teens and tweens

Horror Movies For Kids 

So this year, I’m branching out and introducing my tweens and teens to a few scary but not too scary Halloween movies.

Coolest. Mom. Ever.

My daughter hopes to make a quick round of trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, then wants to have friends over for some mild scares.

Here’s a list of scary movies that aren’t too scary for kids.

Think PG-13 horror movies; some you can find on Netflix, some you’ll want to rent or buy on Amazon.

Don’t forget to check out Disney+ for some good options too!

not too scary movies for teens and tweens on netflix

List of Horror Movies That Are More Family-Friendly Enough For Teens and Tweens

Now, let’s be clear. These are still spooky and creepy and scary in their own right.

And not all of the movies on this list will be appropriate for your family.

But I think all of them are PG or PG-13 horror movies, so at least there’s that as a barometer!

No Rated R horror movies in the bunch.

  • The Others
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Beetlejuice
  • Ghostbusters
  • Gremlins
Ghostbusters not so scary horror movies list
Harold Scary Stories to tell in the dark parent movie review
You'll want to check out some parent guides to decide if any of these movies cross your family boundaries. Happy Death Day, for example, has some sexual content though no nudity. But that might still be too much adult contnt for your tweens and teens to watch in a scary movie!
gremlins parents guide. When a PG movie isn't really all that PG anymore!

Scary But Not-Too-Scary Horror Movies on Netflix

Streaming is the name of the game these days! And while we’re waiting to stream Disney+, we’re still in love deep with our Netflix.

Here’s a short list of scary but not too scary horror movies on Netflix your teens will love.

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