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Schitt’s Creek Easter Eggs From The Finale

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This should go without saying, but I’m going to say it loudly. THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. Cool? Cool. If you’ve watched the final season of Schitt’s Creek, you probably picked up on the callbacks left by Dan Levy for fans to find. Here is a list of the Schitt’s Creek Easter Eggs from the finale epiosde that you might have missed. 

schitts creek easter eggs from dan levy

Fangirling Schitt’s Creek’s Six Amazing Seasons

I’ll admit I was late to the Schitt’s Creek party, but when I did arrive, I made sure that I learned how to fold in the cheese with the rest of you. 

I. Love. This. Series. 

And what I loved the most about Season 6 (besides the glorious Annie Murphy!) was how Dan Levy and the writers dropped love letters and callbacks to previous Schitt’s Creek seasons throughout. 

The finale of the show provided a Schitt’s Creek easter egg treasure trove! 

Here are my favorite callbacks and easter eggs from Schitt’s Creek that I found in the last episode. 

Schitt's Creek Easter Eggs from the finale

Schitt’s Creeks Easter Eggs From The Finale

I know I didn’t catch the all, so please let me know what I missed! Leave a comment or find me on the Tweeters (@noguiltlife) and let me know what’s missing. 

Man, I love this show. Did I say that already?

Patrick’s Birthday Gift To David

The framed first receipt from the Apothecary is on the wall at the motel and you can see it in the opening scenes.

Alexis Sweater At the End

Alexis is wearing a Rose Apothecary sweater at the end. The same sweater David was seen straightening in Season 4.

The Lucky Prom Dress Returns

Twyla’s dress at the wedding is Alexis’ dress from Suprise Party.

Apparently that was one she gave away in the bag of clothes in episode 12!

twylas dress is a schitts creek easter egg to Alexis prom dress

Sorry, What Did You Just Say?

After Patrick finds out about the happy ending he says “Sorry, what did you just say?”

He said that same line in Girl’s Night after David called him his boyfriend.

Schitt’s Creek Easter Eggs: David’s Sweater

David’s heart/love sweater is a callback to the sweater he wore in Meet the Parents.

The stars on the sleeves are a callback to his sweater he wore in Olive Branch. 

You can also see his wardrobe of sweaters neatly stacked in the back of the David/Patrick/Stevie scene.

ps- this sweater was made by Valentino!

Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister

Roland’s line at the wedding: “Is it me or do they look like husband and wife?” to Johnny is a callback to the episode where Johnny points that out about the town sign.

Don’t worry- it’s his sister!

easter eggs from Schitts Creek Roland its his sister

The Schitt’s Creek Easter Eggs Wedding Songs

I screamed when it hit me what was going on. This was my favorite moment of the entire finale.

The Jazzagals sing Precious Love to start the wedding. This was the song the family dances to at the end of Season 2 where they all say they love each other. Which is pretty much my most-loved moment of the series. 

Simply The Best was David’s processional song at the wedding and a callback to Open Mic and Olive Branch. #Swoon

The Rose Family Portrait is An Easter Egg 

The old one has been replaced with the new Schitt’s Creek entrance sign.

The town joked that Moira wore the pants in the family; at the very end, Moira is wearing the pants on the new family sign.

schitts creek easter eggs town sign family picture

Patrick’s Perfect Vows Callbacks

“I’d climb 1000 mountains for you” is a callback to The Hike where he proposed.

And him singing Always Be My Baby is his callback to the “You’re my Mariah Carey” moment in season 4.

Twyla’s Tarot Cards

At the end of season 5, Twyla’s Tarot Card readings along the lines of “A circle of light around your family possibly indicating prosperity. A celebration, a party with people dressed in black.”

The wedding was a black and white themed wedding!

She also mentioned something about everyone being underwater: it rained heavily on David’s wedding day.

schitts creek easter eggs and callbacks

Don’t Be A Cheap Ass- Ultimate Johnny Rose Callback

Johnny says he won’t be a cheap ass on David’s wedding day- a call back to one of his famous lines in the first season.

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